[Freebie] Shapes Mobile UI Kit

Today we are sharing with you an outstanding freebie from PixelKit. It is a gorgeous mobile UI kit that contains three complete screens called Shapes Mobile.

You will definitely like this freebie, because it is a modern and full of inspiration work.

About PixelKit


PixelKit is a great resource of professional graphics that would help you create impressive design. Using PixelKit.com is somewhat like always having access to developers who specialize in creating UI kits, but without paying the premium prices. The team behind PixelKit specializes in creating menu elements, boxes, icons, badges, and many other design elements. This is their primary responsibility, and they take it very seriously. The most notable benefit of using PixelKit is that it enables you to complete projects quickly and accurately, allowing you to swiftly move on to new projects. Everybody wins.

Is it Necessary to Worry So Much About UI Kits?

Absolutely. If you have even one tiny flaw within your finished product, your clients may find themselves asking, why did I even bother hiring you? No designer wants to be put in this position, especially not because of a small problem with an icon or button on a page. Having a quality UI design kit can greatly reduce the risk of this happening.

One of the most important reasons to place a strong emphasis on your UI kits is because these small details can mean the difference between only completing one project for a client or enjoying repeat business. Clients that do find even small problems are very unlikely to return to you in the future.

Shapes Mobile UI Kit

Shapes mobile UI kit is a magnificent iOS UI kit crafted to inspire your next app design. Its transparent elements and smooth edges offer a fresh and slick appeal. The variety of elements and screens represent a great solution for a complete mobile application. Check out some its awesome features:

The pack is released under a Creative Commons license and you can use it in commercial and private projects.

Shapes Mobile UI Kit

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Check out this special treat– the Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. You can download these modern HTML Bootstrap templates and use it to make your design even more functional and cool looking.

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