Yubo’s New Chapter: The Live Social Discovery App Grows Up, a Little Bit

In 2024, Yubo enters a new era, embracing a refreshed brand identity that resonates with its growing Gen Z audience.

In 2024, Yubo, the live social discovery app, is ushering in a new chapter with a revamped brand identity that aligns with the evolving preferences of its Generation Z audience. This strategic rebranding reflects a deeper understanding of the complexities young adults face in forging connections in an era where responsibilities increasingly encroach on social opportunities.

And, Gen Z is growing up. The brand update marks a significant milestone for the live social discovery app, which has 80 million users, 80% between the ages of 18 to 25, from 140 countries. The refresh includes a more mature color palette, authentic imagery, and revamped brand elements, all designed to appeal to a broader age range while staying true to its core values. The new tagline, “Chat. Stream. Vibe,” encapsulates the app’s essence and commitment to genuine, real-time social interactions.

It’s reshaping social media interaction by focusing on genuine, real-time communication, which resonates strongly with its predominantly Gen Z audience. Young adults who seek authentic and direct connections in their digital interactions, and the live social discovery app’s emphasis on honest engagement reflects its commitment to addressing the desires of its users, many of whom are from the Gen Z demographic and who value bona fide relationships in their online social experiences.


As Gen Z members mature, they encounter the inevitable truth that adult life often leaves little room for spontaneous social interactions. Balancing work, education, and other responsibilities, young adults find it increasingly difficult to forge new friendships. This is where Yubo steps in. The app offers a platform for busy people to connect, socialize, and build meaningful relationships, transcending the barriers of a hectic life.

Yubo harmonizes with the current social trends, offering a space where individuals can step outside their usual social networks to explore and express their true selves. It’s a safe and relaxed environment where users can have fun and be themselves.

Yubo: A Beacon of Genuine Connection and Friendship

Initially named Yellow, the app was founded in France in 2015 by three visionaries: Sacha Lazimi, Jérémie Aouate, and Arthur Patora. Lazimi met Aouate as a student in Paris, and he met Patora at the engineering school CentraleSupelec.

“At first, Jérémie and I created a hyper-geolocated group chat app. We then teamed up with Arthur and created a social app that allowed people to interact with a new person each day,” Lazimi stated in an interview with Top Business Tech, a U.K.-based technology publication. When that didn’t work, Lazimi shared, “We decided to start a new project that was basically an iteration of what we built before. This product became Yubo.”

Lazimi told Top Business Tech, “We realized we wanted to empower young people to socialize and create friendships in the digital world the same way they would in real life.”

Yubo’s unique approach to social media centers around live social discovery. This model facilitates real-time interactions among users, mirroring the organic formation of friendships in the real world. The platform encourages users to be themselves, breaking away from the curated personas often seen on social media. Unlike traditional social media, which usually promotes passive consumption, Yubo encourages active participation and immediate engagement, aligning with Gen Z’s expectation for immediacy.

“There is no difference for them between online and offline. And they have a very strong need to socialize online, as we all have a need to socialize offline,” Lazimi said.

“We strive to be a freedom-fueled online social space for our Gen Z users to build genuine connections and widen their social circle through seamless livestream technology.”


The app stands apart by eliminating conventional social media metrics like likes and followers. This approach fosters authenticity and reduces the pressure to perform, allowing users to express themselves freely and form genuine connections. Additionally, its prohibition of commercial activities maintains the app’s focus on pure social interaction.

On Top Business Tech, Lazimi said, “Yubo relies on new, cutting-edge technology and tools specifically designed to protect users and to provide a secure discussion platform where they can connect from afar with livestreams of up to 10 people at any one time.”

Yubo’s evolution reflects its understanding of the changing dynamics of social interactions among young adults. By fostering a safe and engaging platform, the live social discovery app isn’t just adapting to the needs of Gen Z; it’s growing up alongside them. As it steps into this new chapter, the app reaffirms its commitment to being a space where friendships flourish.

Safety and Community

Safety is the cornerstone of the live social discovery app experience. As Yubo matures, a significant focus remains on user safety and community standards. The app employs advanced safety features and community guidelines to ensure a positive environment. These measures are crucial in maintaining the platform’s integrity as a cherished space for young people to expand their social horizons.

The platform is at the forefront of implementing real-time audio and video content moderation, and constant human safety specialists monitoring to make the live social discovery app as safe as possible.

Contrary to many social media apps that have shifted toward dating, Yubo maintains its unique identity by emphasizing friendship and community. This focus is evident in its design and features tailored to help users connect based on shared interests, activities, and discussions.

Lazimi’s approach to ensuring the live social discovery app continually meets its users’ needs involves directly engaging with them on the platform. He dedicates significant time to interacting with users, seeking to understand their preferences, grievances, reasons for using the app, and suggestions for improvements. This hands-on strategy allows him to gain valuable insights for tailoring the app’s features and functionality to the evolving desires of its user base.

“We try to take the best of offline interactions and we add to that the power of the technology to make sure that you will instantly be connected with the right group of people anywhere in the world at any time,” he said.

As the app grows up a little bit, it holds onto its core values, evolving in functionality and spirit, truly defining what it means to be a live social discovery app in today’s digital world.

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