Yubo’s User Achievements Program Rewards High-Engaging App Users

In today’s interactive digital landscape, at least 128 social media platforms are clamoring to attract users from key demographics. Paris-based Yubo is one of the premier digital platforms geared to Gen Zers aged 13 to 25. To date, the Yubo live social discovery app boasts over 60 million users from more than 140 countries.

Like other online businesses offering a product or service, Yubo encourages users to regularly engage with the platform. Most recently, the company introduced a User Achievements Program that rewards users for reaching specific in-app goals.

The Yubo User Achievements Program’s Two Key Goals

Yubo’s User Achievements Program has two well-defined goals. First, the company wants new users to complete all fields in their platform profile. This provides Yubo’s leaders with useful demographic information. Users who complete their profiles will be eligible for desirable rewards. They are also likely to continue socializing on the Yubo app.


The User Achievements Program also applies to existing Yubo users. When these Gen Zers engage with the Yubo app, they can also earn certain rewards. In turn, this leads to higher user retention and reduces the chances that a user will jump to another social media platform.

Types of User Achievement Rewards

Yubo is still finalizing the achievement rewards structure. Currently, the proposed achievement rewards include:

  • Boost
  • Coins
  • Fast Add
  • Pixel
  • Spotlight
  • Turbo
  • Bundle (a mix of the above rewards)

The Yubo User Achievements Program: Phase I

Yubo’s User Achievements Program (Phase I) will target new platform users. First, these Gen Z users will be encouraged to complete their profiles. They will receive rewards for completing this and other tasks. New users will also earn “virtual badges” for meeting notable milestones (such as adding a certain number of friends).

In each user’s profile, the “Your Photos” section contains the user’s achievements. If they wish to view their accomplishments, they can scroll horizontally through the app screens.

The User’s “Complete Your Profile” Achievements

Each user’s “Complete Your Profile” Achievements have an established default order. All completed achievements appear first. When the user taps the “See More” button, they will be taken to the achievement list screen.

When the user taps “An Achievement,” they are routed to the achievement list screen. If the user taps a specific achievement on the list screen, the screen does not display anything.


How Each User Achievement Stands Out

Each user achievement has a distinctive color scheme. This color appears in three places:

  • The Left Section
  • The Progress Bar
  • The Background Color (when the user claims the reward)

The Progress Bar’s Function

Each achievement has its own progress bar. When the user completes a specific requirement, the progress bar is filled a bit more. For up to 10 achievements, the progress bar has individual segregations. For over 10 achievements, the user will see a continuous bar. Finally, when the user completes an achievement, the progress bar transforms into a button.

Existing User Notification

An existing Yubo user will only see the tasks they have not yet completed. Once they have completed all their tasks, they will no longer see this section.

When the User Completes an Achievement

During this first iteration, the user will not receive an in-app notification when they complete an achievement. However, they will see a red badge on their profile icon.

If the daily reward is also active, the user’s badge will read “2.” When the user views their profile, they will see one badge on their Yubucks balance. They will see another badge for the completed achievement.

Each time the user completes another achievement, the counter will go up. The Yubucks badge will no longer be accompanied by a counter. Finally, the coin icon will change based on the user’s reward amount.

When the User Claims a Reward

When the user completes a reward requirement, they are free to claim the reward. When they do that, the reward is credited to the appropriate account balance. When the user claims all available rewards, they will no longer see the achievements section on their profile.

Note: Yubo is currently preparing animations for each reward. Multiple Lottie animations are also in process.

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