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Founded in 2012, Webdesigner News is a curated collection of the latest news for web designers, web developers and also tech news among others.

The site is brought by the same team behind webdesignerdepot.com, a very popular web design blog established in 2008.

The Webdesigner News team of editors constantly scours the web for the latest relevant news for designers and developers and remove all the ‘noise’, so you’re sure to only get the best and most relevant stuff out there in an easy and digestible format.

Webdesigner News

You can submit relevant stories you found on the web or if you have your own blog or Medium account, you can submit those too for free and enjoy some extra free traffic.

Check out webdesignernews.com here.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    As a web designer myself I think it would be great to read all the latest news about design and development at one place.

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