Power Of UX/UI to Design an Engaging and Effective Chatbot

Chatbots are an incredible mode of communication in today’s digital world. Right away from forging good customer relationships to making your smart sales teamwork smarter, leveraging strong connectivity between business and consumers to making the website more engaging and interactive.

Chatbots play a pivotal role in improving Customer Relations, driving Sale Ratio, and facilitating streamlined Customer Service.

So, to summarize, the benefits of Chatbots are:

  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Better lead generation
  • Mitigates Customer Service
  • Fetch actionable and meaningful insights
  • Strategize the marketing plan
  • Bring human touch
  • Meet customer expectation
  • Simplify the onboarding and offboarding process
  • Smooth customer journey at every touchpoint

These have been the reason that chatbots solutions and service providers are bottle-feeding the digital enterprises with all the cutting-edge benefits to let them soar high in the competitive marketplace.

UI is the saddle, the stirrups, and the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.

-Dain Miller, Web Developer

Power of UX/UI for Conversational UX Chatbots

Conversational UX Chatbots

The collective terminology of UX & UI stands for User Experience and User Interface that enables the formation of an effective chatbot. Be it a simply designed chatbot or a Conversational AI, UX/UI deploys a prominent role for the same.

Let’s analyse how UX/UI helps design an engaging and effective chatbot:

Defines the set of action

A customized and AI-enabled chatbot would readily answer the industry-specific questions. For e.g., An Amazon or other E-commerce chatbot would inform the customer about the delivery of the product, return on refund, offer availability, and a lot more.

Thus, a UX/UI designs the chatbot as per the solution required in the respective industry. Bigger will be the industry; broader will be the bandwidth of information.

Bifurcates the type of responses

A chatbot is devised for the customer’s types and diversity of responses. It can be:

  • Direct answers to the user’s question
  • Following a list of probing and cross-questioning session
  • Follow a series of decision-tree and command the users to select from the given option

So, the category of responses assigned to the chatbots depends on the UX/UI used to build the facilitation.

Personalize the robot

Personalize the robot

A chatbot turns out to be effective when a name or identity denotes it. The respective customer at the other side of the chat feels that he/she is talking to a normal human being. This is an effective attribute of good UX/UI implemented to design the following chatbots.

More depth is the in-person experience of the customer; better is the operational attainment and customer service deployed by the business.

Create a tone for each solution

A good chatbot development company would use the power of UX/UI to set a tone of communication for every scenario and solution. The customers might come up with a simple query or a grave problem. An optimized AI-enabled chatbot is set to deliver the solution with a unique tone for every case.

Design for errors

Design for errors

Good usage of UX/UI by Chatbot development solutions and service providing companies designs well-written text for error messages. It focuses on

  • Proper communication
  • Understandable error messages
  • Simple error planning
  • Smooth and clear impression

Chatbots UX Remarkable Practices

Chatbot Avatar

Chatbot Avatar

It has been observed that a chatbot with an interactive human face deploys better customer satisfaction. This is the reason that companies and enterprises are immensely investing their revenue and resources in creating an avatar for the Bot that delivers a user-friendly and trustworthy experience. The first thing that any user will verify is what how the Bot looks like?

Outstanding Conversational Interface

A chatbot development solution must always be concerned about deploying an excellent conversational interface as a vital part of its delivery. The power of UX/Ui can be channelized to design an engaging and effective chatbot with exceptional interactive features. One should always keep in mind that conversation with the chatbot is not a mere communication but a brand-building bridge between business and customers.

Better Context & Understanding

Better Context

Apart from the welcome chit-chat and conversation, a bot has a lot more to do. An AI-driven chatbot always brings a better understanding per the context of the problems and queries of the customer. It immensely focuses on the keywords to solve complicated queries and enhances the overall communication with a personalized human touch. The user should find himself/herself comfortable, which is only possible if he/she perceives that the robot can deliver a better understanding of the issue.

Enhanced Functionalities

For better user experience, the chatbot must be leveraged with better technical functionalities like:

  • Answer queries
  • locate product
  • Initiate transaction
  • Third-party integration
  • Password reset
  • Locate purchases
  • Identify returns
  • checking product availability
  • Track product status
  • Alter delivery address
Better Escalation Opportunity

Better Escalation Opportunity

No matter how much capability you have induced in the chatbot of your company, one cannot deny the fact that it can never replace the human touch of a live customer service agent, thus any chatbot should always be empowered with an escalation button that would directly transfer the problem to the respective executive via call or chat. You must keep in mind that the eventual objective of designing a chatbot is to upgrade the customer experience. Hence if the customer or user is looking for a live agent, it should be the sole responsibility of the Bot to get him/her connected at the earliest.

The Ultimate Benefits of Chatbot using Conversational UX

Round the clock Availability

Round the clock Availability

Often the customers don’t want to wait for their issues to get resolved. The digital world leverages businesses with fast, excellent, and 24/7 availability. This operational excellence is possible when AI-driven chatbots are incorporated into the business with a phenomenal user experience and user interface. AI Chatbot Development Companies in the market are leaving no stone unturned to make you accomplish this vision.

Quick response

Quick response

An engaging and effective chatbot designed with excellent user experience and the user interface is ready to give a quick response to its customers. A Custom Chatbot development service adheres to giving all-time responses to its clients and users irrespective of the time they drop down the issue. This instant responding strategy gives a great structure to customer service, making the business reliable, trustworthy, and improved return on investment.

Consistent Answers

A great customer experience depends on the consistency in answers given by customer support. To build and enhance the brand values and upgrade the experience and perception of the consumers, chatbots are forged with continuous answer capability that falls extensively under the proper usage of technology and UX/UI attributes.

Cross-Channel Availability

AI-driven chatbots come with a cross-channel supporting model that helps customers communicate with business procedures via numerous channels like social media, Facebook, websites, etc. So, every chatbot development company should ensure the omnichannel conversation mode of chatbots for efficient customer service and higher business productivity.

Personal Touch

Personal Touch

In today’s digital world, every chatbot is supposed to ensure the personal touch by initiating a one-on-one conversation with the customers. An interactive session made with the users builds excellent customer service that upgrades the brand value of the product and services. Delivering a natural and human-like conversation is the key factor for the same.

Multiple Language Communication

An AI Chatbot Development Company can ensure bilingual or multiple language communication to answer queries and solve the customer’s problems. The wide bandwidth of language makes the Bot effective, engaging, and user-friendly.

Automated Assistance

To bring automation in chatbot service is a remarkable phenomenon that a chatbot development company can ensure. A customer can book, order, cancel or return the product. On top of that, they can know about the offer, discounted value, and ongoing cashback with the help of an automated chatbot.

All these functionalities and benefits can only be ensured by a chatbot development company that is benefited by advanced technologies, i.e., Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). To be the top performer in the market, you need to partner with the best service provider. Any Gold Partner of tech-giant Microsoft has the potential to reinforce your customer support with effective UX/UI used in the process.

Chatbots: A Great Conversational Marketing Tool

Conversational Marketing is a customer-centric behavior that engages on-demand, real-time, personalized interactive sessions with the customers regarding multiple channels they are using, products, and services they are ordering for to nurture a tailor-made experience for buyers and customers.

The process of conversational marketing is quite different from digital marketing, where the customers and users are fed with content without analyzing the actual need and demands of the consumers.

The eventual goal of conversational marketing is to create a robust, long-lasting, and reliable relationship with the customers, empower their needs and experience, generate a high return on investment, and draft a sale and marketing campaign within the budget margin.

Incorporating such a marketing approach needs a real-time element across every marketing channel like website, social media, personal messages, email, and a lot more. These can be possible only with Artificial Intelligent chatbots in the business. With 24*7 customer support and quick response capability, chatbots can promote the product and services via conversational marketing.

How Do Chatbots Benefits the Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing

With 24*7 digital interaction with customers, these virtual agents serve as an essential component of digital marketing.

Simplify, streamline, and mitigate the repetitive tasks that make the process frustrating.

Helps in implementing the conversational marketing strategy, hence reducing the extra usage of time resources and expenses.

A live chatbot initiates a one-on-one session that builds a natural and human interaction that encourages product, marketing, and sale campaign.

Research shows that text communication is one of the favoured channels for customers, and it’s nothing unexpected since it’s more casual than a call and gives them greater secrecy while emulating a characteristic face-to-face communication.

Callbots: The Future Face of IVR


IVR stands for interactive voice responses. Whenever a user or a customer gets connected with the support team, he/she is given multiple options to make the issue clear and precise. Although the process streamlines the issue, users get frustrated. Think you are willing to talk to a voice agent to deliver your urgent product, and IVR is playing around with multiple options before letting you talk to the concerned team.

To avoid this kind of situation, enterprises are counting high on AI Chatbot Development Companies to device a callbot.

A callbot would directly interact with the customers, making the process fast, effective, and accurate. The customer can directly pitch the issue to the respective robot that will decode the problem in its language and further get the user connected to the respective team if required.

The invention and incorporation of such technology boon are yet in the pipeline, but making such things happen, especially with UX/UI, would be a next-level customer service deployment.

Final Thought

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most confused and misused terms in our field. A UI without UX is like a painter slapping paint onto a canvas without thought, while UX without UI is like the frame of a sculpture with no paper Mache on it. A great product experience starts with UX followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success.

So, one must understand and channelize the power of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to create efficient chatbots that could leverage the digital business with cost-effective and cutting-edge capabilities.

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