4 Things To Consider When Buying T-Shirts Online

Everyone owns at least several t-shirts in their wardrobe. This staple piece of clothing has become an easy favorite as this can be worn for many occasions.

Also, aside from how comfortable and versatile they can be, tees can also be used to communicate messages, brands, or simply express your personality.

The Rise Of Online Shopping

Regardless of your gender and style preferences, you have your personal reasons for purchasing t-shirts. Today, shopping for these is commonly done online through eCommerce sites, which gives you access to plenty of benefits, including convenience and a wide variety of choices.

However, the number of options might confuse you about the types of t-shirts to buy. With an array of brands, designs, and patterns to choose from, you might be overwhelmed and discouraged with online shopping. But don’t fret, this post will guide you in buying t-shirts online conveniently.

A Guide To Buying T-Shirts Online

To make your shopping experience a breeze, here are the things to consider and look for when buying t-shirts virtually.

Buying T-Shirts Online

1. Style Of The Shirt

At times, t-shirts are selected based on their printed designs, rather than their fabric types and other features. This is typical, particularly for people who love prints. If you’re one of them, you might want to check staple art designs from various creative resources like Pixels. From there, you may get design ideas and have them custom-printed onto your plain shirt.

If you want to have bold prints, astonishing patterns, and amazing artworks on your tees, take inspiration from a designer’s unique art piece. Better yet, you can create the design yourself if you’re feeling inspired. You can reach out to online custom printing shops and get your next favorite t-shirt on time or find shirt designs that match your style and make the purchase.

People like wearing shirts with great and trendy designs. However, before choosing the style of your shirt, there are some factors you also need to consider such as:

  • Colors used for printing: If you go for custom printing, you’ll need to assess the number of colors required for the design. Tees with fewer colors are typically priced lower. Gladly, you can already find unique designs even with one or two hues, especially if you’re on a budget.

  • Size of prints: If you’re going for bold characters, creative logo designs, slogans, graphics, or pictures, you need to decide on how big or small they’ll be printed on your shirt. This might depend on your preferences, but make sure that your shirt won’t be visually overwhelming.

2. Fabric And Material

The shirt’s material should be taken into consideration when buying tees online. Aside from focusing on design and prints, make sure that the t-shirt’s fabric content is comfortable and appropriate for the current season.

Choose cotton if you’re going to use your shirt during summer. Polyester might not be as comfortable as cotton, but it could be your best bet if you want a smooth texture and low-water absorbency. Know the occasions where you’ll need to wear them and choose the material accordingly.

With many fabric types available across online stores, you can definitely find t-shirts for men and women, depending on your choice. However, go for fabric materials that don’t shrink right after one wash. Some dyes tend to fade away; hence, refrain from those materials.

Buying T-Shirts Online

3. Shirt Color

Some shoppers prioritize shirt color above anything else. This is understandable, as people usually look for colors that express their personality.

Most people have a favorite color and it’s always a great idea to use this as inspiration when shopping online. Wearing a shade that represents your personal taste and suits your features will make you feel great and confident. Hence, when shopping for a t-shirt online, stick to hues that would flatter your complexion, hair color, and others.

In addition, select colors that suit your personal style. To give you an idea, look into your closet and identify the common colors in your belongings. It would be easier to mix and match shirts with outerwear and bottoms when you consider buying colors that complement what’s already in your wardrobe.

4. Shipping Cost And Time

It’s important to understand actual shipping costs and how long it’ll take for you to receive your online purchase. It’s highly recommended to order tees in advance, especially if you’re buying clothes for a specific occasion. There may be cases when the product delivery will experience delays. Thus, give enough time for shipping, as there might be unanticipated circumstances.


The tips mentioned above should guide you when buying t-shirts online. Make sure to select shirts that are comfortable, suitable for the weather, and have creative logo designs that you find interesting. Also, factor in the fabric quality and match it according to your preferences.

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