How Will Blockchain Accelerate the Virtual Reality Revolution?

Even after the pandemic ends, it shall not come as a surprise to find out that people still prefer to work on their own with their pet and favorite coffee mug.

It can be considered as the greatest social experiment in our age of information where we can certainly conclude that the workers have not lost their productivity while working from home. This has brought down the picture to a scenario that giant companies are allowing almost all of their non-essential working employees to keep working from home.

The bounding chains of lockdown have not only affected people’s lives physically but also emotionally. However, thanks to technology the world has not and not will be restrained from meeting people and exploring the globe. In this case, Virtual Reality has turned out to be a true hero which has allowed people to access the world from the chair in their homes.

Talking further about the same subject we must highlight the contribution of Blockchain given here. We sure have not forgotten the setback it faced in 2018 but the elevation since then has been worth noticing. Scholars and researchers who have been keeping an eye on the same matter ever since and have concluded how well Blockchain and Virtual Reality work together.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality

Think about a world where you could easily be part of things that earlier only felt like a dream. There are so many experiences that either cost a fortune or are not even real. We’re talking about the kind of technology that makes being part of such things practically feasible. Shedding more light on the same, think of something like traveling to space in a SpaceX rocket, taking the long-distance communication to a whole another level by talking to your family/friends like they’re sitting next to you. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, surprise! The VR technology you can do all of the above-mentioned and so much more.

The story of this exemplary invention dates back to the year 1929 when Edwin Link developed a mechanical airplane simulation which was then termed the Pilot Maker, evidently, this was the pioneer of the flight simulation.

Since then Virtual Reality has come a long way while stepping its feet in sectors like training of airline pilots and also surgeons, assisting scientists to tackle complicated issues such as figuring out the working structure of protein molecules.

Contradictory to the real-life, a virtual reality world means automating the simulation and simulating every moment of the unreal world. Virtual Reality performs these tasks using high-performing computers and other sensory types of equipment for example headsets and gloves. In a much simpler language, Virtual Reality is the visualization of an environment in three-dimensional units of width, height, and depth, all of which further adds to give an interactive audio-video experience. Many Android and iPhone application development companies have already invested in the VR sector with the assurity of getting profitable outcomes.

What is blockchain?


As of the current situation, generally, people have entrusted their faith to carry out transactions in middlemen such as a bank. However, with blockchain customers and suppliers can make deals directly without the use of a third party.

The use of cryptography allows users to make exchanges secure. Furthermore, blockchain helps to carry out a decentralized database or a digital ledger that can be accessed by everyone as a viewer. The network that it works of is a chain of computers which compulsorily has to approve the exchange prior to its verification and record.

Interestingly this technology is good to go for every kind of transaction that involves value such as money, various other good, and in some cases even property. Talking about its uses, they are limitless. One can use blockchain to collect taxes and even send money to families in countries where banking options are unavailable.

How well do VR and Blockchain pair up together?

  1. Blockchain assists the process of decentralization of VR content without having to sacrifice its security. With the use of blockchain, one can create a full-fledged virtual world. The Virtual world is based upon the user’s creation and their rules without any interference from the developers. In such cases, the power truly lies in the creator’s hand and users can be a part of it without any threats.
  2. Even after being decentralized one doesn’t have to worry about copyright protection. It will remain intact in its place because of blockchain, ie, in case someone tries to pry on the credit for someone else’s hard work, it will all be recorded in the blockchain.
  3. When you merge the profitable cryptocurrency the market makes virtual reality popularization even more efficient. People must realize that the VR world is not only an amazing time pass solution but they can also work with it to make money.

The following advantages explain further why Blockchain accelerates VR:

  1. When it comes to implementing a world full of virtual reality components, there is no other platform that could work better than Blockchain. The major highlight that Blockchain wins an edge with is that the user doesn’t have to depend on the platform developer. Adding on more to the list of advantages, we must mention the facility that Blockchain provides the decentralization of data to propagate the data exchange with the virtual world while also make sure that the data is in safe hands.
  2. While users take assistance from blockchain, they ensure themselves with all the aspects of security. In cases when someone tries to steal someone else’s creative work, Blockchain makes sure that it gets recorded. One can say that Blockchain provides a huge help in saving the credits of creative works.
  3. The significant profits that cryptocurrency is currently making can not go unnoticeable. Tech giants and other companies have fathomed the advantage that Blockchain provides them within the business ecosystem.

Now that we are well aware of the advantages of Blockchain and Virtual Reality we can also take a look at real-world examples that prove how VR and Blockchain thrive together.

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is the birth result of the amalgamation of VR with Blockchain. Decentraland is a virtual world platform that allows people to process cryptocurrency transactions to buy land and then go with the construction as per their innovative imagination and creativity. This virtual world also gives the users the assistance to create their very own neighborhood and then place it with their virtual objects. The major highlight of Decentraland is that it allows users to create imaginations into reality by turning their virtual world into an architectural wonder and then create loads of profit from it. Decentraland users also have the option to host social parties by inviting people over and having a gala time. The significance of this platform is that users do not have to deal with brokers to buy land. Yes, that is right, Decetraland users get 100% of the compensation they win.

2. Cappasity

Cappasity has emerged as a platform that allows people to buy, sell, or even rent VR content with the assistance of Web Applications. It comes integrated with a Blockchain interface that makes sure that the copyright and creativity of the content are always safe. It has proven out to be a major help for content creators and developers to showcase their works and talents on other mobile applications to create an audience or a market.

The Cappasity platform comes with the following elements-

  • Decentralized copyrights storage
  • CAPP wallet
  • Internal exchange
  • Free utilities
  • API solutions for third party developers

The world is getting computerized at a high speed and organizations that neglect to adjust will fall behind. Specialists propose that clients are requesting innovations that make the online experience sensible. Cappasity gives a dependable biological system fueled by Blockchain and VR that are initiating this unrest.


Virtual Reality Revolution

CEEK is at the cutting edge of utilizing a blend of Blockchain and Virtual Reality to permit individuals to take part in live occasions. Vocalists can arrange VR shows where a huge number of individuals can join from any place on the planet without actually going to them. It likewise takes out the necessity of an incorporated tagging framework. All things being equal, members can unreservedly pay to utilize the virtual world’s cryptographic money with no outsider’s mediation. Also, Blockchain keeps a record that stores every one of the exchanges that have happened previously. Consequently, no one can mess with the chain, and the records are protected, clean, and. also secure.

4. Victoria VR

An outstanding example that shows just perfectly how great blockchain and VR line up together with all of its advantages can be seen with Victoria VR.
Victoria VR is a blockchain-based program that junctions together various VR platforms and puts forward a world that is loaded with photorealistic content created by the users, recorded in the blockchain. This further implies that with Victoria VR users can work, go to places, be a part of meetings, concerts, and even play games without having to be physically present at the venue. Adding more to this note, users can also earn money, not the virtual kind but real money, by participating in trades and business in the virtual worlds.

What makes it even better is that with Victoria VR one can earn a passive income to a sum of 20 percent annually just via staking. What users need to do is just hold VR on their DEXFIN and then users will be able to stake it.

Blockchain has completely turned the tables for how contracts are made and then the changes are implemented for the same. With the savvy tech of blockchain it allows users to make contracts and then follow the created guidelines.

There are some factors on which the guidelines depend, there are:

  1. Government policies
  2. Natural disasters
  3. Trends in market
  4. Contracts of the parties involves

It gives companies the leverage to make amends in the contracts which may give possible productive events in the outcomes. These contracts have made the paper pen contracts a matter of the past.

360 Blockchain

360 Blockchain is another organization in the VR-Blockchain space making gigantic commitments to the VR-Blockchain space up until now. 360 blockchain plans to change how organizations are led, conveying security, cost investment funds, and efficiencies at an unrivaled scale. 360 Blockchain is building an overall blockchain biological system that improves the ideal advancement of public and private blockchain innovations. This includes cryptocurrency, smart contracts, decentralized data ecosystem management, and cryptographic security.

360 Blockchain’s accentuation is to put resources into advances that are utilizing blockchain in changed and inventive manners. Subsequently, the organization is at different phases of procurement concurrences with blockchain organizations. This is proven by its declaration made toward the beginning of November 2017, on its plan to procure 60% of the exceptional portions of SV CryptoLab, a social programmer local area space by day, and a cloud-based cryptographic money mining association around evening time.

Blockchain For Virtual Reality Conclusion

To put it all together, blockchain technology has its ways to assist users to boost their performance in making connections and communications, be a part of a community, and give in important contributions as well. As VR advances and is embraced by the standard, it will help blockchain keep offering new vivid encounters and openings for improvement. On the off chance that VR goes standard, it is accepted that virtual encounters will move from limited conditions to that brought together universes. Subsequently, it tends to be strongly said that the blockchain with decentralization abilities, will be a marvelous innovation that will bring about a revolution.

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