10 Biggest Logo Design Trends for 2021

A logo can tell a brand story. If done well, they signify business expertise and poorly designed logos often confuse audiences. They thus need to be taken quite seriously.

We herein describe the latest logo trends that are touted to ace this market space and entrepreneur choices in the times to come.

Brand Logos are generally simplistic images made part of all public or on-public written or digitally published communications of a brand. They form an important part of the business fabric in terms of marketing and brand image. It is what the user begins identifying the brand with. For instance, the ‘tick mark logo’ can be identified anywhere and everywhere, as being part of the Nike Upholstery.

Why does your business need a Brand Logo?

Every business and business owner is now aware of the fact that they hardly have any time to impress the user and grab their attention. Everything is supposed to happen in a matter of some split seconds. A good brand logo with its visual appeal ensures that a brand gets noticed by its intended audience. In terms of business scope, a brand logo entails these benefits:

  1. Helps to cast a good first impression within the eyes of the user and first impressions often go a long way in decreasing overall user acquisition costs.
  2. A logo, if made well can well become the brand identity for any business and as a matter of fact, customers too expect a decent logo with every good business.
  3. A logo connects the user to a brand, with its easily identifiable features and retention scope
  4. A brand Logo also helps businesses mark their space from their competitors.
  5. Having a brand logo ensures that your products and services enter their respective markets with a certain sense of virtual consistency attached, enabling customers to connect with it instantly as well as stay loyal to it.

Getting a logo done generally does not add on a huge burden on the overall cost of developing react native apps, ionic apps or any other technology framework supportive apps. It can be easily done even using DIY platforms, even when you might not have the funds to hire an explicit logo designer.

All-in-all, a business logo is a miniature virtual business card for your brand, featured in all its communications; be it flyers, brochures, posts on famous social media apps or advertisements to name a few.

Logo Design Trends for 2021

Latest Trends in Logo Designs

A logo is the first thing that a customer sees when viewing communications or advertisements by a brand. So, it’s the first step that ensures that your customers intend to connect with your business in the long run. Thus, it needs to be made impressive at all costs. The following logo design trends will help you finalize the most suited one for your business:

1. Simple, Clear Cut Logos

The concept of ‘less is more’, has been reigning in world markets and is nowhere touted to go.

Clear-cut logos with simple names typed in specifies the value that a business gives to its business name.

The customers too seem to have a clear inclination towards these minimalistic designs that are not over the top in any way, including color, shape or, form inclusions. They generally utilize one or two monochromatic colors to mention the brand name. The brand name mostly, in these cases itself is the logo.

Several startups and other businesses seem to prefer this trend, as you cannot go wrong with them. Though they may seem pretty simple to design, for effectivity they require a perfect balance of color combinations, open spaces, words as well as typography. Incorporating a minimalist logo design helps you and your consumers avoid the chance of having to view a gaudy design time and again, through your several communications. It might help you seem like a contemporary option than your less sophisticated competitors and help you develop as a modern brand. The concept has particularly found takers amongst the various lifestyle businesses like the best apps for women’s shopping (Zara, etsy, etc.), online grocery stores (Grofers), retail platforms (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.), to name a few.

2. The 3-dimensional logo design

The three-dimensional time is here. With images, videos; all going the 3-d way it is what helps companies easily grab eyeballs. So, if you are a startup, willing to enter the markets; a 3-d logo could help you attract users to a novice business.

  • They are undoubtedly eye-catching as they have an additional dimension of depth within the design. With the ideal color, design size, and attractive message, 3-d logos are an effective way to keep your viewers engaged for a longer period. Also, you would have to keep in mind the effect of the light and its projection angles on the design outlook.
  • A trendy 3D logo design, helps you score better on varied media platforms like a website, a mobile app, social media, and even video streaming websites.
  • A 3-d logo is sure to draw customer attention. 3D logos generally include attractive lettering below the signage along with an attractive theme color that can help any business tangent their brand.

Having analyzed its benefits, you could opt to use services of several DIY 3-dimensional logo makers like design free logo online, graphic springs, brand crowd to name a few.

3. Stained Glass customizations

There seems to be a knack of depth in the way glass stained backgrounds seem. They culminate the renaissance-type architecture (due to its ample usage in the medieval churches) and historical look with the modernistic logo image or text upfront; making it a really smart design choice altogether. When applied to modern designs, the fracturing of images into shards of solid color lends ordinary concepts a touch of the abstract.

When synchronized with innovative images and artworks, these stained glasses seem to own a language of their own, that shall make customers inclined towards your business.

4. Facilitative Fonts

The way you present a dish sure is half the battle won and the same is the case with the look and feel of fonts utilized to develop a logo. These logos generally do not have an accompanying image, and centers around the name of the brand itself, just written in a special way!

Ace Marketers and innovative developers are even known to create customized fonts. Ink Style drawings, with innovative font designs and stylized signatures, are sure to make you step back and admire them, and eventually, that alone is enough for a logo to become successful for a business.

5. Logos with Perspective Designs

Design and development of a perspective drawing in accordance to a brand and its vision is another famous, yet complex task to accomplish.

One of the most famed and potential-inclusive logo design forms; perspective drawings intend to give a visual edge to the brand connect. It helps businesses to pique user interest, without having to overdo colors, their complexity, etc. When working on perspective designs, you could choose options such as the hand-drawn ones or the ones with straight contemporary designs, or even a historical outline. Remember to focus on detail, focus on quality and look to develop individuality for your brand through the logo.

6. Picturesque Portraits

When you are looking to add a pinch of personality to your logo as well as the relative brand image, there is nothing as effective as a portrait that might symbolize the business or value that you stand for. Moreover, as these are next to impossible to replicate; they have been a favored logo option for businesses for several decades.

Cartoon and other portrait logos seem to hit a chord with the viewers, as they not only effectively converse about the business, but also about the people behind it; leveraging a reason for viewers to connect on a personal basis. For instance: as per global psychologists, the faces of caregivers is amongst one of the first things that an individual learns to recognize and respond to when they are even infants. This is mainly due to some prewired tendencies we humans have and some innate longing for connection that draws us to a face. This is why using pictures or caricatures work so well in connecting people to your brand. It is due to these reasons that several successful marketing campaigns with portrait images have been successfully grabbing user attention.

When developing portrait images, remember not to go overboard in terms of colors and design specifications. Try to keep things simple and fun. A simple smiling face of your choice would mostly get the job done!

7. The element of gradient colors

Look carefully. Some of your favorite brands including Instagram, Firefox, and Tinder have been utilizing gradient colors to suitably highlight their logs in a very understated manner.

A gradient is a seamless blend of two or more colors or shades of the same color, helping to add character to your simple or flat-looking logo. Gradient logos are a definite value add-on to the overall app UI design cost, as they tend to give it a definite uplift with a hint of color. They not only look classy but have an inherent effect of a head-turner as well.

While developing a gradient effect, try using subdued tones to develop a sophisticated effect. Take our advice and do not make your logos difficult to read, due to the added colors. The point of your logo herein should be to ensure your users take interest and in no way get overwhelmed by the same.

8. Negative Space in Logos can make things look positive

When you want your logo to speak in design, without written words; you should be utilizing ‘negative spaces’ for the task. It has been a major logo design trend in the year gone by and it touted to stay dominant in the current year as well.

Did you notice the African map imbibed within the legs of the elephant logo?

This is how exactly designers can play with empty spaces and their shapes in logos, to send out a clear-cut message about the brand identity and its vision. Simply stating, ‘negative space’ is the blank space in logo designs, left around an illustrated object; that ultimately helps designers to define the overall logo better. When a designer utilizes negative spaces innovatively, they seem to add to the creative value of a brand and add depth to its overall view. The absence of negative space can lead to a logo that might just look too overcrowded or overdone to the users.

9. Unusual Positioning of logo elements

One of the most famous logo design trends amongst developers has been off playing with its characters and other elements in an innovative form, that might effectively attract user attention and provide the brand a sense of uniqueness.

The inherent asymmetry in terms of logo designs is known to harbor a sense of excitement within viewers to decipher its actual meaning. They thus tend to retain them better. As asymmetrical logos tend to arouse the users, their suitability to create an overall exciting brand image is unavoidable. Therefore, they are an exciting and innovation-intent logo option for businesses dealing in creativity in terms of lifestyle, user products, digital assets, etc.

10. Logos with Symbolism

Logo designers have always been excited with the idea of developing logos that tell a story rooted in traditions and logos with somehow twisted historical and traditional symbolism, which seem to be a favorite option for most of them.

These logos seem to find favor amongst long-standing businesses and brands that value their history, are proud of it, and wish to market the same to their future users.

An experienced logo designer may play with the elements of these vintage designs like colors, shadows, etc. to give them a contemporary twist. With a modern-looking emblem logo, you can communicate similar values to a vintage or traditional mark, but without the connotations that can come with looking too old school. The transition of the GE logo from a plain white background to now inclusion of a circle, waves, and blue color (indicating water) is a vital example of the way these businesses and brands have evolved.

Your Logo Should Tell Your Tale

Your logo is not just there for the sake of presentation. It should tell the viewers what you stand for, your business, and its mission. If you are a brand with several products and services in the lineup, your logo should describe your brand values in muted words. They should be balanced and attractive to the users in a polished way. The above-stated trends will help you decide on the most suited option for you and your business. Your logo shall stay as an identity to your brand for a long time to come. Give it the due diligence and effort it deserves.

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