Do These 3 Things to Succeed at Blogging

We like to think of blogging as the proverbial golden goose, why because it’s one quick way to make a lot of bucks if you know the ins and outs of the ‘blogosphere.’

Having been around this block for some time, we’ll teach you how to turn your blog into a golden egg in a short time as The Blog Starter does. First of all, we can pointedly tell you that the difference between the successful bloggers from the rest who didn’t quite make the cut is the ability to ensure the golden goose doesn’t end up dying off. And, to be straight with you, there is a spectrum of reasons for failing at blogging.

Oops. You should have realized by now that this article is not a course on how to run a successful blog. Nevertheless, we will just highlight 3 key things you should do to avoid setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

Blogging Success Tips

Decide what your niche will be:

Most novice bloggers grapple with the issue of what to blog about. They make the mistake of thinking that building an audience is by taking on different or many topics. We hate to break it to you, not everyone is interested in all you have to write about even if you write beautifully like Shakespeare. If your blog covers many areas, you’ll have a less dedicated audience.

Let us show you a great way to go about this. For example, if you are passionate about food, rather than writing on foods generally, narrow it down to a particular diet and throw your weight behind it. The key thing is to pick a single niche and stick to it at all costs.

To put it succinctly, blog about stuff you’re passionate about. However, passion is not enough. You must blog about things you have enough knowledge of. At least, enough knowledge to teach even a gorilla!

Choose the right hosting plan:

To familiarize yourself with the word “hosting”, allow me to explain it to you. Hosting simply means where we can find your blog or website on the internet. You can think of it as situating your store down a street where visitors or customers can easily find you.

The truth is blogging is work with a capital W. At first, you may be making peanuts or no nuts at all. That’s why you have to settle for an affordable host. But, this doesn’t mean you have to opt-in for poor hosting services. To determine which host to choose, study the server features and uptime scores of different companies. As a rule of thumb, go for hosts that have uptime scores of 99.5% or above. Finally, ensure to read a lot of users’ reviews! It’s a prime thing to do.

The worst nightmare for all bloggers is to have a website filled with great content nobody can find.

Familiarize yourself with SEO:

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. Good knowledge about SEO and its application will help drive traffic to your blog and increase your visibility online. For example, there are millions of websites and maybe thousands already blogging about what you know. What makes you think your blog will show up on the first 2 or 3 pages as relevant answers to your potential customers’ questions in search results?

In essence, SEO helps boost the quality of your content and rank your website high using related keywords. High ranking translates to high traffic which further translates to some good bucks. Bingo!


We can guarantee you that if you want to be a successful blogger and keep yourself above the fold; you must avoid some of the pitfalls mentioned above and basically— do these 3 listed things. Blogging can be demanding and it often takes some time before it becomes profitable but at the end of the day, it’s worth the hassle. The good news is The Blog Starter is always there to show you around the blogosphere.

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