Top e-Commerce Trends for 2021

We all know the top trends for e-commerce are going to be much different in 2021.

Let’s see in what way!

Big shift in online business

The year 2020 brought its share of changes to online business and has laid some foundations for 2021. Indeed, with the global pandemic still with us at the time of writing, e-commerce has evolved and companies have had to adapt to new trends.

First and foremost, the health crisis has led to a major acceleration in online ordering. According to Digital Commerce, online purchases have more than doubled in the last year, representing an increase of 44%. This phenomenon can also be observed throughout the world.

E-commerce is therefore evolving and there are trends to watch closely for the rest of 2021.

Top e-Commerce Trends

The trends of the year are very much in line with the current situation. The health crisis has led to an increase in online sales and the emergence of new e-commerce trends. In addition, most companies have adapted quickly, offering their customers an online shopping experience that meets their different needs.

In the coming months, we will see how these trends evolve in parallel with the pandemic.

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Top e-commerce trends for 2021

Now, let’s see what the top expectations are for this year in e-commerce.

Mobile commerce

This trend was already present in 2020 and is still relevant in 2021. Indeed, purchases are increasingly being made on the mobile and it is important that companies have a responsive website, i.e. one that adapts to all devices.

Companies that optimise their website for mobile not only increase site traffic, but also their sales. New payment methods give customers confidence to buy via their smartphones.

Video’s increasing popularity

Video is a new way to shop for different products. More consumers are looking for this type of content when shopping online and are more likely to complete a transaction on an e-commerce site that features video content.

In addition, Google generally gives higher search engine rankings to websites that use videos to present their products or brand.

Various delivery options

With the increase in online shopping, consumers also expect companies to adapt by offering multiple shipping options for their products. Whether it’s express delivery or delivery to the doorstep, these options encourage brand loyalty and increase the likelihood that shoppers will buy from the same site again.

Shopping via social media

In 2020, shopping on social networks, also called social shopping, was the trend of the year. Although it is not appropriate for all industries, it is certainly going to evolve in the coming months.

The fashion sector is particularly suited to social shopping and sales could be more pronounced in 2021.

Text message marketing

More and more brands are offering their customers the opportunity to communicate with them by text message. Customers appreciate this form of communication because it is simple, fast and effective. Although this new trend must be used sparingly so as not to constantly disturb your customers, it could very likely dethrone email in the next few years and obtain a better open rate than the latter.


Automated messaging services are already being used by many companies. Moreover, customers like to interact with them as they can get a quick answer to almost any question. A chatbot with quality content will certainly ensure a better experience for your customers.

However, the chatbot must be well configured and it must have answers that are relevant to the needs of consumers. A chatbot that does not meet the needs of customers could cause you to lose valuable leads.

Focus on omnichannel

This trend is not so new. For several years now, the consumer journey has been unfolding over several channels before being translated into a purchase. More than ever, companies must therefore place the customer at the centre of their concerns.

Thus, it is fundamental to understand how the customer buys, what their main influences are, which channels they use and why, and what their motivations are. In addition, companies need to understand the elements that go into making a digital experience pleasant for the customer and what elements can improve their chances of completing a transaction.

Marketing automation

Automating certain marketing tasks becomes really interesting when it allows you to maintain a customer relationship, while saving you time. Although human contact is still very much appreciated, using software to automate your marketing has many advantages, such as centralising data, minimising errors, and saving time and money.

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  1. I must agree with the fact of automating certain marketing tasks that just becomes really interesting when it allows you to maintain a customer relationship, I have been doing this for many years for my business and it does work. btw, very well written. Thanks for sharing.

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