How to Refresh your Brand Identity the Right Way

It’s that time right? 2021 is here and a lot of emerging trends are coming up. You may feel like it’s time to refresh your brand identity to keep up with the times. It’s important to make changes without losing who you are in the process.

You’re probably wondering how you can do it? Here are a few ways to tackle a refresh that you’ll fall in love with! Also be sure to check out quick hassle-free brand identity design magic.

Communicate the change

This might seem a bit obvious, by communicating I really mean communicate the change. To do that you need to have a compelling narrative. What does the brand change symbolize? What value does it bring to marketing? Why should people care?

Humans are creatures of habit and people are often resistant to change. A great design or uncommon creativity may appeal to some people, but the majority will need a reason to care about the change. Symbols and metaphors are super powerful and compelling in communicating a brand’s vision and mission – use them on every occasion.

If you’re going all-in on rebranding, don’t be scared to make a huge deal about the rebrand. It’s an amazing opportunity to celebrate the company. You may plan launch activities, parties paint your social media channels with the updates, or create a PR campaign around the new brand identity. The bigger momentum and excitement you spike, the more likely people are to get engaged.

Refresh your Brand Identity

Subtle Logo Changes

Modern logo styles are very streamlined and simplified. Most contain a visual element accompanying the brand name, which may or not be part of the logo. Most logos aren’t packed with color – a combination of 2 colors is very common. Graphic adornment in the form of shadows or embossing is not a thing also.

You don’t necessarily need a new brand mark, but a bit of “flattening” of the logo might be just the fix to make your company name a bit more 2021. Most brands have adopted a method of subtle logo changes over time, for example, Starbucks. Fortunately, there are plenty of agencies that can deliver stellar business logo design, such as DesignBro.

Tone of Voice

Though a brand refresh can be mostly visual, it’s important to remember that how you deliver the message is important too. Today’s marketplace is becoming more and more concerned with not only the appearance of the brands that they do business with but also the character and the narrative that exists behind your brand.

If you’re renewing your image, it makes sense that you might need to adjust your messaging and voice too for the following goals:

  • It sets you aside from the rest
  • It creates trust
  • It can be used to encourage and persuade

The successful tone of voice should go without notice. The goal is not for your audience to remark on your great writing but, focus on your great business.

Invest in Good Video & Photography

New imagery can make your brand feel new and refreshed in an instant. Check your photo collection. Are the hairstyles or clothes from another time?

Small giveaways such as these can make your brand look outdated even if that’s not the case. Schedule a photo session that shows your brand or product in action. Make sure that all of the images are in high resolution and are cropped to every-day screen sizes and make sure to use the following tips for small budget shootings.

Photo and video styles have changed as well, with many brands opting for imagery that looks natural and includes people in the fast-paced action. Posed stock photos are out.

Include a Trend into Overall Design

Color and typography aren’t the only elements that can be part of a brand makeover. This can include anything from background video neatly placed on your website to flat out style buttons in the design. You can also try out adding trendy Instagram filters to your current photos to make the text easier to read.

There are also some risks with using a trend, these can fall out of style as quickly as they came in – but because you are only playing with small visual changes, most small businesses can handle this update.

To Conclude

Rebranding your business doesn’t have to be that compelling. Sometimes small changes can impact your brand in a big way. The greatest thing about making small design changes is that even with a fresh look, users will still connect with your brand.

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