Make Learning from Home Bearable: Tips and Tricks

Has your school or college switched to remote learning for the fall term? As it happens all over the US, students keep suffering from the inability to learn and enjoy their free time while being stuck at home.

We believe that quarantine is no reason to undermine your productivity. Check out these tips to better organize your routine and make your new way of life okay or even enjoyable.

Find yourself a comfortable place

You won’t be able to stay concentrated for hours if your working place isn’t nice. Choose yourself a cozy spot at home and make sure you can sit comfortably there. Organize your working place so that there is no clutter—a variety of your personal things on the table and everywhere around will pretty much distract you. The more comfortable your place is, the less you want to stand up and wander around the house.

Make learning from home bearable

Plan your day

The fact that you stay at home doesn’t mean you have forever to finish your homework. You normally need a few hours for online classes or lectures and a few more hours to do assignments on your own. Put your tasks on your schedule in the first place and keep your nights free from any studying.

Create new habits

Obviously, quarantine is a new experience for most of us. Even if you are not planning on going to campus this term, you still have to finish courses, communicate with friends, and have fun in some way. You can develop a habit of getting your tasks done earlier and use spare time to meet with a friend or two. If you need more time to study, take a break and go for a walk somewhere in the middle of your working day—this will give you a boost of energy for the rest of the day.

Ask for help when you’re stuck

If you still cannot manage to do your homework as fast as you want, don’t let devastation consume you. Ask your teacher to assist you online or use college essay writing help that is available at any time. The more you procrastinate, the harder it will be to actually finish your task before the deadline. Asking for help is an essential thing even if people you need are not in the same room.

Delay texting for later

It’s easy to get depleted by procrastination in the digital age because there are so many things to distract you. Messages from your friends make just one of them. It seems so natural to put communication first when you don’t have enough opportunities to meet people in person. However, you need to postpone your online and offline contacts until your break and bond with peers then. Switching off your phone is a great trick to get closer to the end of your homework.

Stick to deadlines

Need to finish an essay by tomorrow but have a chance of extending the deadline? Don’t do that. Tomorrow will be full of new challenges and papers that have to be completed, so you don’t need this one to get in your way. Put every task on schedule even if it has no deadline and do your best to finish it according to your plan. Remember that you have hobbies and some personal life that is a part of your schedule too.

Keep moving

Remote work and studies made a terrific contribution to a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you aren’t supposed to go on campus, you should manage your daily physical activity on your own. Take any sports available in your area, subscribe to online yoga classes, or enroll in any activities that you can access from home. A regular movement is a condition for being content with your life, which is the thing we often lack in quarantine.

Don’t sacrifice eating and sleeping

These are two essentials that will make your life so much better. Make sure that you eat good “slow” food three times a day and don’t trade it in for snacking. If you eat well, you have more energy and distract less. You can say the same about sleep. Staying at home, you don’t need to rush as much as you used to, so you may try and sleep some extra hours.

Ability to get things done when studying remotely takes some time. Humans are perfectly capable of adapting to various circumstances, and you will be capable of managing your homework soon. Just make sure that studies don’t consume all of your time, and you will have enough motivation to go ahead.

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