15 Things You Need To Know When Purchasing A Premium WordPress Theme

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers 38.8% of all the websites on the internet. It means more than one in a four that we visit are likely powered by WordPress.

On a slightly more technical level, WordPress is open-source content management which means anyone can use it free without any cost or charges. Basically, content management is a tool that helps you to manage important parts of your websites in a very good manner-like content. In WordPress, there is no need to learn about programming.

Mostly we know that these websites can be made only by learning to program like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the main parts through which we can create a website. But here through WordPress, anyone can create their own website which will be accessible to anyone even person is a developer or not.

Through WordPress we can create many types of websites like business websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, portfolios, resumes, forums, social networks, membership sites, and much we even dream about.

Difference between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com

WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com


WordPress.org often know as a self-hosted WordPress. It is free for all, open-source WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web host to create a website. Later which will be 100% yours.


This is a paid service. It is very simple to use and easily we can understand but we have to lose much of the flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress.

Reasons to Use WordPress

So 38.8% of all the websites which are available on the internet are using WordPress. Including some famous or well-known entities are also powered by WordPress like Microsoft and the white house.

Well no matter what type of website you want to create, WordPress allows you to create any type of website. Here are some reasons to use WordPress.

WordPress Is Free:

One of the main benefits is there is not any type of charges we have to pay. WordPress is totally free for all, open-source. But you have to pay a little amount of money at the time of hosting. Along with you can also get some themes and plugins for your website which are also free but limited quantity.

WordPress Is Extensible:

There is no need to become a developer to create a website on WordPress. You can create a website even though you are not a web developer.

Plugins: Plugins are primarily changed how your website functions.

Themes: themes primarily change how your website looks. This means you have to select a very professional theme to look at your website professionally.

There are many plugins and themes available to create your website but if there is not any type of theme available which you want. Then you purchase premium themes. You have to pay to purchase it.

It is not easy of selecting an appropriate premium theme because there are thousands of themes available. So definitely you need more exact criteria to dwell on when making your choice.

So, we have created a checklist for those who have not any knowledge where to start and which type of things should give first priority. So before purchase, you have to know about these things:

1. Purpose Of Your Website:

Before you pay some money on a premium WordPress theme, you need to know what type of website you want to create or need to have a defined purpose for your website. Your purpose should be the first thing that will help you select appropriate WordPress themes according to your website.

Whether your website is about a car dealership, bike dealership, travel company, or any other basic plain old e-commerce, you will get some themes and you can select one of them easily. If you want any helper or like there are services available on the internet. This service is available for your assignments in which you need to pay some amount of money and you will get your assignments done. There can be a developer available which you can hire to build a custom theme for your website.

2. Aesthetics:

There are many themes available and most of them you will like them. But mostly themes that look great but score poorly in the features department. So you should make a balance between aesthetics and functionality.


If you think this theme is perfect for your website but does not please another person so you can modify or can make some changes to this theme. But changing in the entire theme layout is very difficult so you need to choose wisely, do not rely upon changing because it is a too difficult task.

3. Pricing And Licensing

First, you need to see what is the price of the theme you have selected. If you think this is a reasonable price according to your website requirement and also you have to see your budget also. Depending on your needs, you should check the pricing and licensing terms to get a theme that works for your business model. There are some shops available like elegant themes, studio press, etc. through which you can buy your themes at a reasonable price.

4. Easy Theme Customization

We have to possibility to change the layout of our theme but this not easy. Because when you change the layout of one page or some pages then it can affect all other pages. As a result, our all designs could be messed up.

Before you are stuck with a WordPress theme, ensure it can accommodate customization easily. The first thing to check for is a theme options panel or support for the WordPress theme customizer, that will be invaluable especially when you can’t find your code or CSS. You need to check that is there any problem occurs when changing occurs in the header section. If you can’t do that, choose a theme that gives you full control over your header section.

5. Monetization And Ads

We know marketing can help us to grow our business to the next level and marketing can be done through advertising. Because the advertisement is a source of passive income. There are many users of WordPress who earn a living with ads almost exclusively.

If you will monetize your site using Google AdSense, it is best to go with a WordPress theme optimized for monetization. You can earn a very good amount of money and you should but along with you should not forget to go with a theme that complements your business goals.

6. Reviews

Before buying any WordPress theme you should check its ratings and review. Because most people share their ideas. If someone dislikes the theme which you want to select then you will know he/she disliked it. And also you can see how many people had bought this theme and can check reviews and you should buy themes according to ratings and reviews.

7. User Friendly And SEO-Friendliness:

When reviewing WordPress themes you should always check that theme you want to buy is user friendly and also SEO-friendly. Because SEO is important for marketing purposes. While you can make your theme SEO friendly after purchasing it. But to save your time, and extra money and effort you should that you buy which is already SEO- friendly.

8. Social Media Integration

You can use any of the social media plugins to add social media buttons. Social media integration helps you to do marketing of your site and helps the users when you add more buttons to social media. Most themes come without social media buttons added to it but some themes, however, come with built-in social media buttons.

Social Media Integration

Basically, it is good to have a built-in social media button on your themes. It will save your time, efforts, and money. Social media is a great source of traffic, engagement, and brand awareness.

9. Should Have a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme means which can be accessed on any type of device, like mobile phones, computer, or any other gadgets. With a responsive WordPress theme, you can create a website that looks awesome and performs amazingly on all devices. So it will save your time and money when you have a responsive theme and you don’t need to build a separate mobile site from scratch.

10. Functionality

Along with other specialties, you should always focus on your theme functionality. Too many contents and elements on your page can distract your visitor which will later become less traffic. So try to go further with a theme that at first place includes the standard you know for sure you will use.

The theme should contain some widgets to help your visitor to access easily and should be sidebar ready, with a customizable header and footer.

11. Support

A support system is very important in any type of website even it is a business, travel, or any other related field website. Because in starting some people can’t understand your website processes so they need some help and only they can get help from your support system. So you need to choose a theme that has a support system button or widget.

12. Language Translator

It is not important to have visitors with having only one or two languages. we know every type of person can visit your website so there should be an option of language converter or having features of multilingual so that people can choose language whatever he/she wants. So make sure the WordPress theme you like is ready to be translated into your language with a help of any translation plugin like WPML (It helps WordPress websites to run in Multilanguage).

13. Check Compatibility

Before purchasing any WordPress theme you should have an idea that on which type of browser you want to run your website. Because there are multiple browsers available on which you can get access to your website. Like if you want to access your website in chrome browser so you should buy a theme that is compatible with the chrome browser.

Check Compatibility

Another compatible we should check which is running on devices because we know there are many version on devices so we should buy a theme which can be supported by as many versions as possible. So that more people can visit our website. Because visitors to your website all types of browsers and devices to access your site. If your website is incompatible with, at least, the major browsers, it will become a bad experience for your visitor.

14. New Or Old Theme

Old themes have old-fashioned styles which could be less interested in the new generation. So brand new themes offer freshness and the new design but might have plenty of bugs. But we know everything has some bugs but they can be resolved in an updated version. The advantage of choosing a brand new theme is you can tell if the former is great just by glancing at the number of sales and buyer ratings.

15. Theme has been on the Market for 3 or More Months

WordPress themes are software like any other. If it is new it can contain some errors because of new in the market we could not know it’s errors and after buying we will become worried about our website. So at the time of purchasing, we should know everything about the theme. It’s market value, when it has launched and when it comes to the market. Because if it has been on the market for some months, most people had already purchased it and some of them give feedback so we can review feedback. If their feedbacks are positive then we think to buy the theme otherwise select another one.

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