30 Tips to Learn Web Designing in 45 Days

Do you want to learn web designing but still confused about how to start? Why do you wait, just get started today? In this article, you’ll find 30 tips and resources to start your new career path as a web designer in just 45 days.

Are you graphic designers, or print designers, looking for a career change and need to learn web designing? Don’t ever procrastinate, if you’re not taking any steps then ultimately you’re one step behind every other learner’s.

Follow these 30 steps to start learning web designing and become a successful web designer in just 45 days!

1. Start a Website

The best way to learn web designing is by doing it. If you have a personal project like a blog, then it can help you to a great extent for practicing skills and you won’t be backfired for little errors while learning new things.

You don’t have to put all your mind and start trying so many things in one go. A little step is enough, start from learning about how your website works and few things related to code and you will get familiar with website design eventually.

2. Read Everything You Can

Read Everything

Reading can help you to shape up your goals. If you are reading this blog, then you’re on the right track to learning the basics of web designing.

You can start reading about website design, latest trends, web designing techniques, and best practices. Learn from expert web designers that you admire on social media platforms.

3. Be An Effective Communicator

If you aren’t sure about communicating with people, make sure to get the practice of those skills. As a web designer, you have to communicate with different groups of professionals.

Website designers communicate with their clients daily to find out their problems and solve their design needs. Communication is really important for a web designer to solve clients’ problems.

4. Subscribe to Tuts+

You can subscribe for Tuts+, it allows you to access different learning resources in one place. Using Tuts+ you can learn courses related to graphic and web design, basic web techniques, by using trending approaches and developments. It’s a self-learning platform handled by expert instructors.

5. Think in HTML

HTML (hypertext markup language), is the backbone of website designing. By learning HTML, you can create the structure of your website. Learning this programming language will pave your way broad into the world of website designing.

6. Play with Code

Play with Code

Learning HTML is fun, with interactive games and activities. You can easily learn the programming language at free learning websites like Codecademy. This free tool will teach you “how to code” in the most interactive and interesting way.

You can learn subjects like web development, programming, data science, HTML & CSS, Python, Java, SQL, Ruby, and many more.

7. Learn to Understand CSS

CSS (cascading style sheets), is the definition of a document written in HTML, or XML and SVG.

CSS will help you to understand how elements will work on screen, on paper, speech, and other media. Learning CSS will help you in the long run of your web designing career.

8. Apply Your Design Skills

If you aren’t new to the creative or graphic design field, you can start applying your knowledge in web designing also. All these designing principles will help you to understand the design theory better, all these visuals will come to your handy in this digital technology.

9. Pay Attention to Websites

Make note of the websites that you admire. Try to analyze the things that are visually appealing to you. Pay close attention to it and replicate your ideas,

  • Typography
  • Navigation
  • Use of images and space
  • Design of forms
  • Animation and scroll effects
  • Color
10. Draw a Wireframe

Wireframing is a web designer’s mind mapping, it’s a sketch of how your website will actually look. It’s like a blueprint in web designing, drawing a wireframe can give you more information regarding the structure of your site.

11. Learn Sketch

Sketch (vector-drawing tool) is a designing tool that helps to create web elements easily. There are so many expert designers using Sketch to create their UI elements and design blocks. It allows you to create plugins and export codes very easily.

12. Stay Up to Date

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up to date with new technologies like AI, VR, AR, 360-degree video, bots. But no other go, as a web designer you have to learn all this. You can start with the Technologies that you are comfortable with and start doing projects related to your knowledge.

13. Learn SEO

Learn SEO

The web designers have to know the basics of SEO, don’t think that an SEO specialist will do all their job and make your site ready for search engines but the truth is SEO is closely connected web designing.

From images uploaded to create code including meta descriptions, and page elements, the designer must think everything related to a search engine.

14. Use Website Builder

A website builder can be useful to build and design websites using tools, templates, customize elements, and add code snippets. Many website builders are free, you can create a portfolio or website to serve the basic platform for you.

15. Find a Mentor

The great option for learning new things is to get a mentor and start gaining his skills for picking the right skills in the industry.

Find a mentor who is willing to help you learn web designing and motivates you to build your unique web designing skills.

16. Join a Community

Once you start understanding coding and programming, join the community. There are so many open-source community platforms that help you to share or edit code snippets using your social media networks.

17. Take a Class

For most of the learners, formal teaching will be most practical and helps you to understand web designing basics easily.

Join a web designing institute in your locality and learn from the mentors more practical.

18 Google for information

If you are a beginner to the world of web designing, male use of Google and YouTube videos that have a solution for almost every problem.

You can find many tutorials and videos, all you have to do is find the right source for your problem and make the best out of it.

19. Create User Experience

There is no replacement for the best user experience web design. You have to plan and understand the foundation of UX design.

User experience (UX) design helps to create products meaningful with relevant user experiences.

20. Pay Attention to Design Trends

Create website designs with modern and trending designs to make your projects unique. You can have an eye over other designers and learn other designers’ work. Make a note of their design styles, colors, and features from the websites you admire more.

21. Create Without Color

Start your web design without color. A great web designer can create amazing websites using black and white, if you could create one then you have mastered the skill.

In the starting stage, you can design in black and white, then gradually move on using colors that give perfect contrast and associate your emotions from colors.

22. Learn Google Fonts

Learn Google Fonts

Google Fonts are really helpful in customizing the ability to browse, and see how web design plays an important role in creating a website. Don’t worry about licensing and typefaces, or check for compatible devices. Just learn the basics of Google fonts and use them of your choice.

23. Pick a UI Kit

You can easily download a user interface or icon kit and check your website code, see how design elements look, look at how well they are organized and choose the color mixes, etc.

You can test downloading various kits and then customize using two or more elements of your preferences.

24. Become a Typographer

Modern website designers must have a strong understanding of typography. From headers with bold words to the text that carries the user to design. You have to understand every principle, type of element, and text blocks that are constructive.

25. Jump into JavaScript

When you feel that you are good at web designing, start to learn Javascript. As we discussed earlier, learning HTML and CSS is important, likewise learning Javascript is also essential for web designing.

26. Update Your Portfolio

Make sure to update your portfolio with web designing projects, this is simple and effective to showcase your potential in designing to others.

An updated portfolio must include all your current projects and your potential clients will get insights in an attractive way. You can showcase your layouts, colors, style, typography, and other techniques.

27. Challenge Yourself

There are many shortcut snippets to help you with fixing website issues. Make sure to learn new techniques in web designing and keep updating, this will help you to improve your skills.

Web designing is evolving every day and you will get so many new things to learn.

28. Maximise Your Experience

To learn web designing, you have to start designing a website first. You can start very small and do projects in teamwork. All this experience will motivate you to improve as a better designer, practical experience is the key to learn any designing courses.

29. Ask for Feedback

Ask for Feedback

Once you have done with your web designing projects, ask for feedback from peers, clients, or any communities. All this feedback will surely make you understand the accidental mistakes that happen and you can rectify easily.

30. Keep Learning New Things

To be a great web designer, keep learning, keep trying, keep playing with designs, and strive for your excellence. You have to communicate with others in the web designing field to reach the top position. Make sure to update your skills and learn new things that are in demand.

Final thoughts

No matter how good you are in a certain field, learning is the only key to achieving your goal and setting your career-focused. If you want to know about learning web design in 45days, the above is all you have to know and understand. No more procrastination, just follow all these steps and achieve your goal.

Best wishes for your learning path!

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