Evolution in Vape Industry Development

Vaping is cool. Perhaps, you are a senior vaper who has been inhaling flavored e-juices for years. But, did you ever think about the device in your hand? It is an outcome of a lengthy evaluation.

The vaping device’s journey started about 17 years ago, which was a revolutionary invention for smokers. In this post, we will share the history of vaping evolution gradually. Let’s explore the background.

How big is the vaping industry?

Due to the constant market demand, vaping has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the last few years. The present status and market of Vaping devices and other relevant products are huge. According to multiple reports, the vaping industry is growing rapidly and is believed to reach 50 billion USD by 2025. Since it is equipped with modern technology and less harmful to the human body, the industry can beat the next decade’s traditional cigarette market.

Let’s check out the evolution of vaping products.

Vape Industry Development


In the early ages of vaping, vaping devices were similar to traditional cigarettes. Perhaps the manufacturers wanted to make people habituated with the new devices without shocking them. Vaporizers were called cig-a-likes, which required no complicated usage and maintenance. It was a combination of a battery as well as a cartomizer. Most of the devices were disposable and a few were refillable. Though the journey of e-cigarettes was not smooth, people started to believe it was an alternative to tobacco and traditional cigarettes.

Second generation

When a group of people became cig-a-like, manufacturers introduced vape pens to users that are more portable and energy-efficient. Vape pen worked as a flagship to grow this industry gradually since it offers multiple features that users really wanted. Unlike cig-a-like, the vape pen is refillable with e-liquids. This device allows users to fill its tank with different flavored vape juice for a personalized experience. Besides, some of the vape pens let users change the voltage for a particular experience. The vape pen is more durable than cig-a-like as well, which turned on the market again. Many users still prefer the vape pen due to its portability.

Third generation

After a glorious era of the vape pen, manufacturers offered MOD, a more updated vaping device. MOD is named as the short form of “Modified” that comes with more improved technology. It provides more battery life as well as a personalized vaping experience. Some of MOD’s excellent features are controlling the temperature, advanced safety features like short-circuit protection, and a long-lasting battery. MOD is still a popular vaping device because of its portability and durability.

Fourth generation

Despite the device evolution and improvement, people had a desire for more customization and control over vaping. In the fourth stage of evaluation, the dream came true. Users nowadays tend to pick APV, also known as Advanced Personal Vaporizer, which is the latest version of vaping devices. Since vaping turns into a hobby, people want a more personalized vaping experience. APVs provide almost all features according to the market demand. These devices consist of coils and tanks that make vaping more modified. Tanks help to manage airflow and coils let users control temperature precisely. Setting an accurate temperature is crucial for vapers. Since these devices provide the desired facility, the number of users is growing gradually.

Like all other electric products, vaping devices are being technically advanced day by day. Besides, e-juice manufacturers are producing harmless e-liquids and encouraging nicotine-free vaping, which will gradually change the entire vaping and smoking habit. The evolution is still going on and thus, we have a cool vaping experience.

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