20+ WordPress Post-Edit Tips

You are passionate about content, the one who wants to increase readers’ engagement. Unfortunately, you are new to WordPress, but you are not alone. There are many like you who are working with sufficient knowledge but are still less informed about the WordPress site.

On the other hand, if your blog is rich in the content, you want your audience to pay attention to it, and that’s indeed a tough job. To gain and sustain the interest of visitors, you have to create eye-catching WordPress posts. Going for the custom WordPress design is also another option.

For all your WordPress problems, many hacks assure you of the spot’s success. So it is crucial to know WordPress hacks and tricks that help you post edits like a pro.

WordPress is used mainly for professional blog postings. Here you will get to know WordPress edit post hacks that permit you to have an improved WordPress experience.

WordPress Edit Post Tips

No doubt, WordPress makes blogging life more accessible in just a blink of an eye. It enables you to copy and paste your article in the editor quickly and prepares a whole new blog post for your audience.

WordPress Post-Edit Tips

1. Set Your Title Tactfully

The title is the first thing that comes into your sights when you read any blog. It is the most significant part of your writing piece. So it needs to be very exciting and memorable because titles tend to catch the reader’s attention. Besides, putting focus keywords in the title helps in SEO of the content.

2. Adjust Headings and Subheadings Wisely

The organized look of your content impacts differently. The unorganized and cluttered article will give a wrong impression. To arrange it neatly, divide your article into sub-headings or segments. To create headings, separate them in numbers 1, 2,3, and more per your requirement in WordPress. You can easily highlight the text and arrange it in a paragraph.

3. Underline Headings

You might assume that underlining the heading is meaningless, but it has paramount significance. All you have to do is put a line under heading text to make it more striking and decent.

4. Larger Text size Works Best

Deciding on the font is not enough; its size also matters. Always prefer a larger size in the text; the smaller text is difficult to read. Usually, readers lose focus while reading because they find it confusing. The standard size that we use is 20px; below 16px can be problematic to readers.

5. Edit Your Post in Appropriate Colors

Choose the color of your font that is clear to read. Always select a color that goes with the background. For instance, if your background is white, then dark grey and black give your text a real look.

White background always helps in giving a clear view of your content. Every website has their creatives and themes. All they want is to make their blog post clear and attractive.

6. Lineup Images Cleanly

Images are the core part of any blog post, but somehow we neglect its importance by stuffing them in a blog. Never add pictures in a series only. Scattered images will annoy the reader. Don’t forget that appealing visuals make your blog post more attractive and increase the reader’s interest.

Always position your images smartly that it will look enticing to the reader. It’s better to lineup your images in row and columns also. This will give an engaging look and make visitors able to go through pictures at the same time. Also, it is important to use original photographs and of the exact dimensions.

7. Add Text Bullet Points

It is a fact that readers like to read that informs them in less time. They always lean towards information that is in bullet points more than text in long paragraphs. It is a wise decision to put important information in bullet points. You can do this through the option of a bulleted list at the front line.

8. Add Summary

Post your article with a summary that will appear on the homepage. A summary can create a curiosity for the raiders and make them read the whole blog. It will help the page to load quickly. The main advantage of the summary is it will prevent your website from duplication and increase page view.

9. Include Lead Captures

Your blog is not something that people read; it benefits your website by catching visitors. Lead captures include lead email signups that can easily see readers’ information, and in return, you can offer free giveaways or vouchers.

Moreover, To collect email data from your website, you can assign email marketing tools like Mailchimp or convert kit, they are also known as third-party tools.

Get the code by creating a form within your tool, then copy and paste it on your website. Some of the tools use WordPress plugins for convenience; it depends on what you like.

10. Make Separate Category

Highlighting separating categories helps visitors a lot. Through that, readers can get a clear preview of what they are going to read. Furthermore, adding the category search engine also publicizes your blog to those who search for that particular category.

11. Add Meta Description

The meta description is a one-line explanation of the blog; it entails the topic’s information. Always add the information that the customer looks for and visit your website.

Meta description commerce don 160 or fewer characters, it has to be shown in the search results so that searchers will get the idea about your content. It also helps in SEO as it drives conversion rates. The tags and keywords allow finding the exact term that advances the meta description.

12. Integrate Focus Keyword

The focus keyword is the term through which you want your post to rank at the top of the search engine. Everyone wishes that whenever people search for a particular phrase, they’ll find their position. Always set focus keyphrase with the help of the plugin. Plugins still classify content and guide about how you can enhance the content.

Your specific focus keyword is related to the topic that you have been writing for. When you put the keyword in the bar given in WordPress, it will tell you its density. Always keep a check on keyword density as it is a crucial part of the content.

13. Elect Relevant Keywords

Along with the focus keyword, relevant keywords are also crucial for the content. Use keywords in writing to a specific density. Keep in mind while searching for keywords that should be closed to the focus keyword’s synonym.

14. Appropriate Featured Image

In WordPress, there’s nothing irrelevant. The featured image option is the one that signifies your blog. You can say the featured image serves as the visual description of your article. It quickly diverts the attention of searchers. You have to be very careful that your photo should not be copied or replicated. The copied image usually decreases the quality that eventually affects the overall look of the article.

15. Preview Is Must

Once you finish writing the article before publishing, don’t forget to hit the top’s preview button. Don’t post your work in a hurry. It’s better to recheck it and preview it. The preview option tells you how your article is going to look on the website. It offers chances to make corrections if there are any.

16. Internal Linking

Inserting an internal link is an efficient way to get more visitors to your blog post. A specific link in a post helps users when they click by purpose or accidentally, the article gets more exposure. Interlinking doesn’t mean that you add irrelevant or unnecessary links.

17. Add Video

Video is another element you can add in your blog post. Video can explain your article more as compared to images. It usually happens that ideas are less supportive; in that case, brief video helps. The original video is preferred.

18. Integrate Download Button

You are working on the topic that you want people to download later. Integrating the download or signup button encourages visitors. It also increases visitors’ traffic on your website.

19. Tags Are Important

When searchers look for something related to your topic, ‘Tags’ helps your post appear instantly. They are precious for the WordPress site, so choose them wisely. You can add tags as many as you want but make sure that they are relevant.

20. Design Your Blog Post Uniquely

You write good content but have you wondered if your uniquely designed content easily entices the reader to read more. Design means that your post should look visually attractive in terms of fonts or other writing options. The WordPress editor is very basic yet simple. It doesn’t have enough options even to change the font.

Design is important because it makes visitors stay and encourages them to share it online. Without knowing a bit of code, you are unable to make changes. However, you can’t learn to code instantly; it takes sufficient time to learn.

Even your designer can’t help you with this, because for every little change he will charge will be costly. Therefore it’s better to find affordable WordPress design. Plugins are also not going to work because they tend to slow the speed of your page.

WordPress design services and agency have something that can help in designing and make an appealing post. It would help if you explored as it allows you to make changes within the system without any extra plugins. Through a handy plugin, you can easily make an engaging post.

21. Introduce Tweetables

Any quote or sentence inserted in your blog post is tweetable. It offers direct and easy sharing on twitter—an indirect yet smart way to drive visitors to your website.

It is a sharable link to your blog post in no time. Readers are allowed to tweet a sentence or phrase from the blog that can reach more people.


The most used content editor now recouped with an advanced block editor called Gutenberg. It’s in WordPress 5.0, many of writing enthusiast needs complete tutorial and insight about the editor. People want to learn how this new editor works in WordPress. The Gutenberg is very different and has unique methods of creating a blog post. Before we plunge into the new editor, analyze and understand the difference between Gutenberg and classic editor.


It was all about WordPress edit post hacks. We make sure that every writer is inclined to consume each of these hacks. The massive traffic and amount of users will increase excessively. Ultimately we all want a fast running website, and WordPress is the one. The newbies on WordPress are unaware of many features, and they have to suffer that. We believe that this article is going to help many.

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