13 Reasons Why Web Development Will Take the Healthcare Industry by Storm

Developing a healthcare website is an absolute need today. Many of you strongly agreed on it until you are living in a Stone Age. The digital changes in healthcare are overwhelming, and the introduction of smartphones and iPhones are cherry on a cake in making these transformations possible.

From the developed countries to underdeveloped countries, everyone has accepted this change with open arms. And especially in this COVID 19 outbreak, it’s importance can be felt. We are in a time where a doctor visit for fever or cold & cough can bring you in contact with coronavirus infected patients.

Today the doctors are not even safe in this pandemic, then how can meeting them be? All these are the reasons that make healthcare web development vital. People are also inclined to virtual medical treatments. Can’t believe it? Let me show you real insights.

According to a recent mobile survey, it’s forecasted that the number of mobile users will reach 6.95 billion and 77 percent of people prefer booking their appointments online.

From DMN3, I have gathered some thought-provoking stats that states:

  • 77% of patients browse search engines before booking appointments
  • 77% of patients book medical appointments
  • 83% of patients use hospital sites.
  • 54% of patients use health insurance company sites.
  • 50% of patients use health information sites.

Online Healthcare Stats

From the above facts and figures, you can easily understand how web development has taken the healthcare industries at the storm.

See how they are checking the credibility and treatment quality from the search engines. Even the maximum people are looking for online treatment. Thus the storm has already come and will become more advanced in the next few years.

If still, you are thinking about the reasons that make the healthcare websites necessary, then take a look at the graph shown below.

Medical Conditions

Now let’s dive into the reasons how web development is transforming the healthcare industries. It will give you a significant glimpse of the innovations that will knock its doors in the coming years.


1. Real-Time Communication Platform for Consultations & Telemedicine

Communicating with patients for medicine is the most important thing. Yes, the interaction between doctors and patients is essential. And that’s the gap digitization trying to bridge between the patients and doctors.

On-Demand Healthcare

At the same time, there is a misconception among people that it takes away the doctor’s ability to deal with the patients in person. However, the importance of contactless importance is realized in this COVID 19 outbreak well. The implementation of digital means in the right way can provide you with excellent benefits.

See what benefits you can gain with real-time communication applications.

  • Instant Communication: With healthcare websites, patients can book their appointments online and get prescription updates. They can easily communicate with doctors or nurses from their home. You can easily understand the potency of such communication in a complete lockdown in the country.
  • Remote Monitoring: What if, you have an app to check your blood sugar levels and heart rate. These features are useful if we connect it to the hospital devices. It will serve the patients in a better plus advanced way.
  • Essential Alerts and Notifications: It can provide help to all relevant users. Doctors can get new patient alerts plus the reminders of upcoming appointments.
  • Telemedicine: Telemedicine has been in the industry for over 40 years. Today we can take its full potential with the online conferences, wireless devices, wearable and smartphones.

Medical Wearables


2. Modernizing Health IT Infrastructure

Healthcare industry needs to provide the best quality care to its patients. The stakes are high with the lives being at stake. Rigorous testing and planning are vital when you make up your mind to modernize health IT infrastructure. Better if they start giving importance to virtual reality health care.

Yes, virtual reality provides excellent support in healthcare; even the surgeon trained with it can perform surgeries faster and efficiently.

Virtual Reality

Today Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are a backbone of the organization’s health IT infrastructure. But still, it lacks interoperability, but government interventions can change the tide.

Well, upgrading to technologies such as IoT, AI, and big data provide you with a significant benefit in improving remote patient monitoring and patient management.

At the same time, concentrating on cybersecurity is also vital; otherwise, it will jeopardize the patient’s safety.

Let’s know some healthcare tech trends:

  • Cloud-based technologies could help in improving the real-time patient monitoring and patient management system.
  • IoT solutions can reduce the operational cost and improve the quality of the treatment with the virtual infrastructures.
  • With web solutions, you should also concentrate on the cyber-threats and integrate robust software solutions to ensure security.


3. Allows smooth customer service online

Before the healthcare websites, people used to wait in the long queues to book their appointments.

The medical websites have taken off the half burden of patients as well as yours. It allows you to access all the essential information that further saves time plus effort.


4. Improve Insurance Claims Management & Billing Operations

Technology is an essential player in improving the claims management, but at the same time, it can’t replace the process inefficiency. For successful claim processing, you have to employ skilled personnel who can well-monitor the whole process. By distributing the duties in your various departments, you can run your operations in a scheduled way and communicate with your patients and staff in a better way.

But when it comes to billing and claims management, you need to implement an organization model to augment efficiency in these areas. For this, there are various billing models, and you can choose the one that fits you the most.

Let’s take a quick preview of these business models:

  • Centralized Billing Model
  • Decentralized Billing Model
  • Outsourced Mode
  • Hybrid Billing Model


5. Staff Training to Improve Safety & Compliance

According to John Hopkins study, more than 250,000 individuals die in the US due to unavoidable problems. It’s a severe problem that the healthcare industries are taking lightly and one of the reasons to go for web development.

Yes, you can train your staff with online web-based training. It can help you in improving your patient safety and compliance. You can avoid errors, reduce mistakes, lower infection rates, and limit harm.

Let’s find out how:

  • Incorporate a safety & health management system
  • Empower patients with information that can provide safer treatment
  • Use advanced technology to reduce errors.
  • Develop a safety compliance plan
  • Incorporate safe hospital design


6. Mobile-Friendly Web Apps for Home Health Agencies and Remote Employees

Do you want to achieve your healthcare business goals effectively? What do you have to do for this? Simple, just keep everything necessary at a single page with the mobile-friendly web applications.

Because it needs par, excellence and web smartphone applications can streamline internal communications. Sometimes browsing the internet for everything sucks, but mobile applications can sort this issue.

Here, I have mentioned the name of top applications which are available both on the desktop and mobile:

  • Slack, a cloud-based team communication app
  • Basecamp app for sharing files and collaborating on various projects.
  • RedBooth app helps to track tasks and allows instant team communication.
  • Skype app is available both on desktop and mobile. The text, voice, and video chat help the team to stay in touch.
  • HipChat for the web or mobile platform both. You can also integrate it with Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other software.


7. Patient Education with Interactive Online Libraries

Just imagine you want to read dos and don’ts of coronavirus. What will you do? Simple, you will just Google it or browse a healthcare website.

As a healthcare service provider, you should have an online library full of useful information that can provide people with their answers. The online platforms provide instant information and educate patients.


8. Data Capture & Analysis

Big Data is one of the most promising technology entrants in healthcare. With it, you can manage, analyze, and leverage data. It reduces treatment cost, predicts pandemic outcomes and improves life quality. The application of big data analytics in the healthcare industry has myriad constructive and life-saving results.

Big Data

Today, there is a greater demand for big data analytics in healthcare facilities than ever before, and the rise of SaaS BI tools is fulfilling that need.

Take a look at some interesting Big Data applications of healthcare industries:

  • Big data can predict the number of expected patients daily and hourly in the hospitals. At times of crisis, this can be helpful and solve the staffing issue with analytics.
  • Suppose if a patient’s blood pressure increases alarmingly, then doctors can get real-time alerts with the big data analytics incorporated into healthcare systems.


9. BI Reporting for Operational Improvement

Predictive analytics in healthcare has become essential. With it and business intelligence, you can address the inefficiencies concerns of your healthcare businesses.

Deploying an embedded BI solution can integrate all reporting functionality into your existing framework. Additionally, it adheres to governance and security standards after integration too.

Your patients, in turn, can easily access the data and enjoy the simplicity of reporting. The integrated system will become flexible with embedded BI and reporting, improve processes, and reduce errors dramatically.


10. Health Apps for Patients with Daily Reminders for Self-care & Disease Management

We live in the digital era where health applications, fitness trackers and more have made it possible to stay fit and check your health status. You can also go for the different webinar software that can provide a significant benefit to healthcare organizations and others as well. They can be used for doing patient auditing, compliance and even sales.

The best webinar software can position the organization as knowledge leaders and, thus, reliable beacons of important information. And the applications are brilliant means for effective communication with the patriots and team.

Here, I have listed the name of some apps home care, private duty and home health agencies:

  • Boomr for keeping your employee’s earnings, hours, overtime in order.
  • Mile IQ to tracking employee mileage for reimbursement and tax purposes. You can track mileage utilizing a smartphone’s built-in GPS.
  • MedCha, secure live chat app, for communicating with patients seamlessly. You can also have access to all your conversations with patients and their families.
  • Elder 411, a comprehensive guide for all aspects of eldercare.
  • iPharmacy Pro for sorting medications for patients that app allows you to identify each pill by typing the imprint code, shape, and color.

You can find these applications for free and grow your home care business.


11. Competitors

In this digital age, almost everyone is aware of the perks of business website benefits. Every industry is on the internet platform then how healthcare can’ be? Healthcare organizations are reaping their benefit and providing quality service to their patients virtually in this pandemic. If you do not have a website, then your competitors will be in the lead, that’s not a fair deal.


12. Patient Insights

Analytic tools are essential for every organization. With it, you can check and identify regular information seekers and how did they reach you. It aids you in knowing your visitor’s preference and adapts your hospital to increase your market reach.

Also, you can chalk out treatment type people are searching mainly and further try to incorporate that service in your hospital. It benefits both your patients and the hospital and equally.


13. 24×7 Reach

Emergency never knocks the door with an invitation, anything can happen at any moment and that’s what makes the healthcare websites important today. At the time of emergency, patients can find you easily with your website anytime and anywhere.

It means all the business information is available after the business hours too. Your website can take your patients to you for the medical help with no difficulties.


What we have learnt?

The importance of healthcare websites is easily understood from the above points. For the past few decades, our expats have discovered the impact and significance of the internet in society. All the prominent research shows 6 out of 10 online users expect the online presence of their medical centers.

The internet is the fastest source of every information. Patients can scroll through the medical centers’ website to get all the necessary information before hopping into the building. It helps them to find the timings of the specific specialist, locate the exact address, book their appointments and more.

Let’s take a quick preview of the healthcare website benefits:

  • Provide relevant information exchange
  • Expand your reach beyond the geographical frontiers
  • Build effective advertising
  • Allows smooth online customer service
  • Educate online users about the modern diagnosing techniques
  • Enables 24/7 online presence

All these are the potential benefits and the reasons that will take our healthcare industry to storm in the coming years. Being a healthcare organization, you should have an active online presence otherwise your business will become extinct in this digital age that you can’t afford.

Better if you start concentrating on this sphere or contact the healthcare website development company. They will guide you and show you the right way.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy In This Corona Times.

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