19 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

Is traffic important for the website?

It certainly is but why?

Better traffic better will be the conversion and sales on your website and this is the final goal of any website. How to ensure double search traffic on the website?

There are advanced SEO techniques for this and to know about this keep reading the article.

Advanced SEO Techniques

How to increase website traffic?

This is the common question often asked by website owners.

Is it a magic or a mastered technique? Can traffic be really increased by SEO?

There are several questions that keep on knocking your mind when you are worried about your website traffic. We, often wonder that is SEO and traffic actually correlated?

The answer is a big YES.

Understanding and applying fruitful techniques of SEO on your website can actually bring traffic to your website. Traffic arrives when people find you in search query results.

SEO enables optimizing a website to rank in top results for a set of keywords that users are actually searching for. This is the reason why owners opt for Professional SEO Services.

What is the actual success of your website?

For most of the website owners, traffic is a success but further, this must be the traffic of potential users which can be converted into leads. SEO help brings traffic from potential users.

There are 19 SEO techniques which can help you double your search traffic and they are discussed below in the article:

1. Learn To Conduct SEO Audit

What does SEO audit include?

  • Check for metadata, title and descriptions
  • Check pages are SEO optimized or not
  • Check URL structure
  • Check internal linking
  • Check alt tags

Auditing is essential for the website as it helps find out the reasons behind insufficient search traffic. SEO audit includes all those techniques that can help you analyze the overall performance of your website.

2. Work On Content Creation

Content Creation

Content is king in the online world. It is content that can help you connect directly with users. A well-optimized content can help you reach users’ mind easily.

It is true that once a user’s end up to your website, he/she is more likely to stay on your website if you have included meaningful and attractive content. Appropriate content on the website can also lead to conversions.

What can content do?

  • Help connect to the user
  • Help convey all about company
  • Help convey about products
  • Help gain ranks in search engine
  • Help boost traffic
3. Know Your Users

Users are really important for a website, isn’t it?

But, how to know what users want.

  • Keep a track over social media platforms
  • Check Google Analytics
  • Keep comment section open on your blog

If you wish to grow your business in the right way, it is important to know your users well. Once you know what your users want, it is easy to focus on the potential users.

When your website will provide exactly what your users need, you can ensure better traffic of potential visitors.

4. Make On-Page Effective

While you are taking measure steps of optimization of your website, you must never forget about the On-page optimization. All these can be helpful for gaining ranking in search engines so that users know about your website and open it.

What does on page include?

On-page is the optimization of title tag and Meta description tags. It further means adding alt image tags to all the images, adding XML sitemap, etc.

On-page optimization does not only makes your website more effective but it also helps you convey everything about the website to the search engine crawlers so that it gets crawled easily and ranked in major search engines. With the right ranks, right traffic can be ensured.

5. Work On Deep Links And Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Do you really need deep links?

Yes, deep links or internal links is the practice of adding anchor text in the current page to link to other Webpages. You need this because when crawlers or users get to access your single page, it can direct to other Webpages as well. This helps in ranking and traffic.

It is easy for a website to receive huge traffic on the homepage but ranking their internal pages can be a struggle sometimes. In such cases, internal linking creates a structure of your website such that when crawler comes to your homepage, it can easily get to your internal pages to rank them as well.

6. Outbound Links And External Links Do Matter

Difference between the outbound links and external link:

  • Outbound links are the links that come to your website from other sources.
  • External links are backlinks that you get from other high page rank websites.

When you receive an outbound link, it acts as a direct indication to search engine crawlers that your site must be indexed for good ranking results. Further, it also helps in attracting users directly to your website.

7. Understand Importance Of Backlinks

Essentials of backlinks:

  • Not quantity but the quality matter
  • Obtain linking only from high page rank
  • This is among suitable SEO techniques which can help enhance traffic

When it is about gaining better ranking in search engines, backlinking is a key factor. Like content is king, backlinks can be said as queen in search engines.

In order to gain ranks, focus on gaining quality links from high page sites. In search engine quality of backlinks is more important than quantity.

8. Work On Dead Links And Broken Links

This is something that should not be ignored. The website must not have broken links or dead links. This acts as a negative image for your website both for search engines and users. Before launching your website for final users, you must make sure to check this twice and thrice.

If your site has broken links, it will degrade its ranking over search engines and will also lead to an increased bounce rate. If you wish to maintain website accuracy, a big ‘No’ to broken links.

9. Make A Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-Friendly Website

Why should you invest in a mobile-oriented application?

  • It is a standard need and no more a luxury
  • It helps reach potential users easily

Mobile-friendly website is a need of the day. Website owners prefer designing mobile-ready websites because no one wishes to lose potential users scrolling websites on mobile sites because they are important enough.

10. Don’t Forget Social Media Marketing

What to do on social media platforms?

  • Connect to users on social networks
  • Post interactive posts
  • Create a social profile
  • Be active on company group
  • Learn to promote products with social posts

Which social media platform to target?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

When you wish to attain maximum traffic on your website, you can never forget the essence of social media platforms. Such platforms do not only help gain credibility but also help ensure better traffic over websites.

11. Do Some Competitors Research

When you wish to rank in top results among your competitors learn about their techniques. Stealing can be a crime but not in the online world. This will help you gain knowledge about effective techniques that you could apply on your website for better ranking.

When you conduct this research you can easily find with which keywords your competitors are ranking on major search engines. This will help you frame fruitful strategies to increase traffic on your website.

12. Promote Old Blogs With New Ones

Make a habit of updating blogs on a daily basis. This helps you keep your website updated. An updated website is more likely to be crawl by crawlers and thus help gain better ranking over search engines.

One of the common practices that you must follow is adding internal linking to your new blogs of the old and existing blogs. One can also make a practice of providing linking of existing web pages with this blog for users.

13. Work On The XML Sitemap

What is XML sitemap?

XML sitemap is a small map of your website. It is an architecture that entails search engine crawlers about all the web pages of your website. This is an important element of a website that can entail the complete structure of the website.

Why XML is essential?

When you add XML sitemap to your website, you can actually instruct crawlers that how to crawl the website. This will help obtain a better ranking over search engines. When you have XML sitemap on your website, it is more likely to be indexed.

14. Don’t Forget Infographic

What are infographics?

Infographics is expressing of content in an interactive manner using charts and pictures. Your users may get bore reading large contents and thus infographics help you convey meaning in an attractive manner.

Why user infographics?

  • It helps enhance the traffic
  • It conveys better
  • It is more likely to be read
  • It expresses complex information in an easy way
  • Graphics can penetrate users mind easily
15. Believe In Website Updating

Website Updating

When you are looking for SEO benefits, keep updating your website. An updated website is more likely to be indexed than dull and old websites. After all, innovation is key for success in the online world.

Why update the website?

  • It helps get noticed by crawlers
  • It helps stay connected to users

Users may get bore using the old website again and again. By updating the website, you ensure that your users continue to enjoy using your website for a longer run.

16. Be Aware Of Recent Search Engine Principles

The algorithm and principles of search engine keep on changing, so, how to obtain rank?

Keep yourself updated about recent changes that occur in Google and other search engine and keep bringing innovation in your website accordingly.

This helps you stay ahead among major search engines. With a change in principles, the algorithm of major search engines also changes. This affects the ranks of websites in major results of search engines.

In order to remain in leading results, it is important to bring in regular changes in your website for ensuring better traffic over the website.

17. Create Landing Pages

Is there any difference between landing pages and the homepage?

Yes, landing pages are pages used for marketing and promotion. They must be:

  • SEO optimized and user-oriented
  • Convey everything in just a few words

Landing pages ensures a direct way to promote your business and help you connect with your potential users directly. It also helps obtain their information easily which can be used further for establishing long term relationships with them.

18. Use Google Ad Words

What is Google Ad Words?

Google Adwords let you promote your products and services right on Google search engines with amazing ad copies. It helps you create keyword-specific ad copies which will be listed in major search engine for your users.

Does it help?

Yes, while you are appearing in top ranks over major search engines, your ads will be clicked by users and conversions is possible. It helps create well-optimized copies that will target users directly to your website.

19. Work On Keywords


Keyword is what users search on search engines. When you wish your website to be clicked by your users, you must include those keywords with which you wish to be ranked in search engines among your users.

Rules of using keywords on the website:

  • Include long-tail keyword
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Focus on main keywords as well
  • Use keywords in headings and titles
  • Use keywords in SEO titles and meta description
  • Try to include keywords after proper research


The above techniques of SEO can actually help you increase traffic on your website. If you really wish to target better traffic on your website just include these effective Search Optimization Services on your website and see the difference.

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