Top 10 Creative Logo Design Trends in 2020

Well, no matter whether your business is in the starting phase or a settled one. Having an attractive logo as the brand identity is necessary. Specifically for the online brand, logos can make a huge impact in the success of the business. Logo plays a key role as a representation factor of the company since establishment.

Undeniably, logos are the most vital used element to capture the attention of the people towards the company. A well-crafted logo from the logo design company can assist you to convey the message to the customer without saying a word. The design element has power to portray the message in a very interesting manner.

A visually appealing design can change the perception of the people about your brand and encourage them to avail the service or buy the product from your company. Moreover, Logo design is extensively used in internet marketing such as social media, promotional activity and many more because it’s a more eye-catching tool.

However, designing a logo isn’t an easy task. There are myriads of things that need to be taken care of before starting to work on it. Even every year there would come some new trend that also you need to take into consideration to keep your brand ahead of others. So, let’s delve into those trends which helps you to craft an alluring logo.

#1. 3D Design

3D Design

3D design in the business logo design is very impressive and enhances the attractiveness. The people would be more interested to look at these types of logos than the traditional design which is 2D.

It’s true that people are more obsessed with eye-catching design and 3D logos can fulfil this demand. By doing this you can boost the brand image remarkably which will increase the revenue of the brand as well. Specifically, if you’re looking to put your logo design in the online media then there is no such better option than this because it looks very tempting.

This engaging design will surely highlight your brand in the market and helps to beat your competitors with the well-crafted logo. Hence, consider this trend of design while crafting a logo for your brand, it gives an aesthetic look to it.

#2. Animated Logo

Animated Logo

Animated or motion design is another trending technique to make your logo more alluring. As logo design is a visual representation of the company and there is no such better option than the animated logo to make it appealing.

If you wanted to tell a story about the brand then animated can easily associate the people with it. It captures the attention of the people with creative and innovative animation in the design. Designers from the logo design company can deliver the best motion design for your brand and give you a unique identity.

Additionally, it’s the best way to create awareness of your brand among the people when you start the business. It’s highly essential to make a great first impression and that can be possible with the animated business logo design. Thus, follow this amazing trend of design to impress the customer.

#3. Gradient effects

Gradient effects

It’s always a great choice to include more than one color in design. But sometimes more color in a logo can ruin the whole design so you must use gradients where you can add more color in a very appropriate way.

Gradient is one of the most successful design trends which can take your logo to the next level. However, while using this technique you must know how to combine more than one color so it creates an aesthetic look. You can give more vibrant and real effects using the gradient in your logo design.

Not only in the logo, gradient effect looks amazing in the web design, packaging, print material and many more places. Companies can select a few colors and make it as their primary color of design, it looks tempting everywhere you use. There are few types of the gradient and based on your preference you can choose any of it:

  • Linear gradient: It’s the most commonly used form of gradient. In this type of gradient, you can separate the two different colors in a single line.
  • Radial gradient: The name suggests that in this pattern you can separate the colors in a clockwise way.
  • Diamond gradient: In this technique, the colors create a diamond shape. It looks wonderful in a business logo design and surely attracts the people.
#4. Simplicity in the design

Simplicity in the design

No matter what kind of new design trend may come, simplicity always remains the top most priority for many designers. Even the simple designs are also attractive and reflect the professionalism of your brand. So, it’s a best way to showcase your professionalism into your business logo design.

If you wish to make your company remember for a longer time then this would be the perfect and most effective way to do that. Simple logo design is memorable for a longer time. Moreover, it’s a trend which wouldn’t be outdated anytime, it always remains in demand. Many popular companies have accepted this and craft their logo with simple design. For instance, the logo of Nike, Mercedes, Google, Samsung and many more.

Once you make a simple logo then it will look alluring in any color combination. That’s the salient advantage of this trend. Your logo will look tempting even in the black and white color as well. Therefore, it’s not a wrong choice to opt for the simplicity in the logo design.

#5. Cartoon logos

Cartoon logo

Another latest trend of designing a logo. Through this design you can associatefun and optimism. Cartoon logos are the most effective way to convey the desired message in a very light-hearted way.

This technique is entirely based on the color and emotions you used in the design. If it’s portrayed nicely then surely captures the attention of people. In this case you designers from the logo design company can assist you to design in an appropriate way. Furthermore, how serious a message you want to convey this particular technique crafts it in a very funny way.

If you’re running a company which sells products for children then this pattern of logo would be best for you. Even if you want to aware people with the design only then also this approach succeeds for sure. It can display the message in an innocent way and definitely people would like it. So, this is how this trend can be useful for many purposes.

#6. Negative space

Negative space

Negative space also plays a significant role if it’s used wisely. Designers need to understand the value of the unoccupied space in the logo and make great use of it.

Basically, there are two types of white space: Active white space and Passive white space. Active white space is a space which you put intentionally in the design to make it more attractive. Passive white space is a space which occurs naturally, the space between the two letters. You can’t avoid it, you have to put it.

White space enhances the comprehension of the logo, some spaces between the letters gives your reader more legibility. Moreover, if you’re a clever designer then you can make use of it to convey the important message to your customers which makes them think for a while. It’s an opportunity for you to present something out of the box to allure the customers.

For instance the logo design of Amazon and FedEx is a perfect example of how you can utilize your negative space properly. In the logo of Amazon, the arrow going from letter A to Z displays the smile which people would experience by shopping from their store. In the logo of FedEx, the white space between the letter E and X creates a straightforward arrow, it’s hidden. You need to look at it carefully.

Therefore, this is how negative space can make your business logo design more alluring.

#7. Versatile design

Versatile design

Another important and trending point to craft an eye-catching logo. Your logo must be strong enough to make an impact anywhere it’s used. Logo always would appear along with the name of the company so there are multiple applications of it.

Your logo isn’t used in the store front, it can be utilized in the website, social media profile, internet marketing, billboards, letterhead, business card, packaging, print material and many more. You need to design by considering all these things in mind to get the user traffic from various sources. It’s highly important that your logo gives tempting visual experience anywhere it’s used.

However, the major question you would have is how to make a versatile logo? Isn’t it? So, the simple answer is that try to make a logo which is simple in design and adds colors which suits the best for the design. Even the black and white color is enough to impress the viewers. At the same time you also need to look for the details which a business needs to convey from the logo. Hence, this is how a versatile logo is needed and even it’s easy to craft as well.

#8. Focus on colors

Focus on colors

Color is the powerful element to make people look for your design. It’s most significant factor of the logo and perfect combination of it can take your design to the next level.

A correct choice of colors sets a foundation of the whole design. Based on the requirements like where you want to use your logo, you can finalize the color which suits best for you. Whether you want to use only in the online like social media, website, internet promotion and some places or else you want logo design to use in an offline way such as posters, letterhead and business card.

In addition to that colors are not just used to make your design much more alluring but it’s a salient way to deliver the message as well. It can be possible because every color has some specific meaning behind it, if you use it wisely then you can easily convey the message and make your business logo design visually communicative.

Before starting designing a logo every designer needs to spend a lot of time to identify the proper color which looks aesthetic and suits the best. Thus, do consider this point very strongly while crafting a logo or any type of other design as well.

#9. Logo with thin lines

Logo with thin lines

Designers are looking to portray their creativity in the logo using the thin lines. Give your logo a contemporary look by integrating the thin lines in it. Designers from the logo design company can assist you in this case to make a wonderful design with the help of only thin lines as an identity of your brand.

With this simple approach you can add various thin lines like intersecting, perpendicular, parallel based on the need of the design. By using these lines you can make a perfect geometric shape and font type as well. Even you can convey the important message by drawing any picture and shape as its necessary in the design.

You just need to identify the true value of lines and make the best use of it. Hence, consider this as a very important trend in the design industry to craft an impressive logo.

#10. Text logo

Text logo

Another widely used trend in the designing a logo. Well, there are many types of logos however text logos is the most preferred design style. In this approach you need to make use of text in a very suitable manner otherwise you won’t attract the people.

Just write down the corporate name of the brand or a first letter of it and it will be your logo. But in this method you need to identify the unique and creative text which nobody has ever used to highlight your design in the market. Discover some of your own text and make it your trademark as the primary font style. It will surely make a huge impact and people do notice you for sure.

Not a single logo you may have encountered without a text however apart from that there are many logos which contain only text and make it as per their identity. For instance, the logo of IBM is just a text in a very appropriate manner. So, this is how this latest trend can let you craft an alluring logo.


In this contemporary world it’s necessary to stay with the trend to grow more. Same fundamentals are applicable in this design industry as well. You must craft an alluring logo by considering the trend otherwise it won’t get attention. Business logo design is a visual identity for the brand so it must be creative and unique that gives them a stand in the market.

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