Why People Are Opting For Expired Domains Over New Ones

Expired domains are becoming popular nowadays because of the several benefits they offer.

Expired domains are those which were previously registered by an individual, business, or organization but were not renewed. Thus, they have expired. This means that the original owner can no longer use the domain. When you type in the website link on your browser, nothing will come up.

Domains expire because the owner simply chooses not to renew it. Or, the owner may not have received an alert that the domain is expiring. When the domain expires, the domain name is up for re-registration in due course. When this happens, you can simply pay for the domain and the name is yours.

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You may ask why expired domains are valuable? Please note that not all expired domains are valuable. Several qualities make a good expired domain better than a new one.

Let’s look into those qualities.

Reasons why people are opting for expired domains over new ones.

1. Expired Domains have better Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Expired domains usually have good Domain Authority (DA) which isn’t something that you’ll find with a brand new one.

Domain Authority is your search engine ranking which determines how well the website ranks on search engines. The scoring ranges from 1 to 100. Those with higher scores rank better.

Factors that contribute to a website’s domain authority are the following:

  • The age of the domain.

    The longer a domain name has been around, the higher priority it gets in ranking from search engines. Therefore, it may be ranked higher.

  • Content of the domain.

    High-quality content on a particular topic or niche has a direct correlation with domain authority. Better quality content often means higher domain authority.

  • Backlinks.

    Backlinks are anchor links that redirect you to another website. The higher the number of backlinks you have and the higher their authority, the higher is the domain score.

    Generally speaking, those with a high number of external links are on the winning scale of domain authority as opposed to small businesses and websites with few inbound links and, therefore, lower domain authority scores.

Getting an expired domain with a strong domain authority definitely helps with your SEO since you no longer have to build this on your own. It takes a lot of effort and years to build good domain authority through getting links from other pages that are well-linked as well.

2. Expired domains have better page authority

Aside from domain authority, page authority is also vital for your rankings while running a successful website. Page authority is how well a specific page ranks in search engines. This is also known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). While domain authority measures the strength of the entire domain, page authority ranks a single page only.

Page authority is based on data that are taken from the web index and other factors. The score of page authority is also on a 1-100 scale. It’s difficult to directly influence page authority rankings since search engines take into account a lot of other factors. Therefore, the best way to help your page authority is by improving its link profile. This is something that expired domains may already have done.

Link profile means that you link your content with external links from other high-authority pages. Search engines look at these as “votes” on the authority of your page and rank you better.

3. Expired domains have better flow metrics

Flow metrics can be grouped into two categories which are citation flow and trust flow.

The citation flow is the number that predicts how many other websites link back to a URL. On the other hand, trust flow is a number that predicts how trustworthy sites link back to other trustworthy websites. Links with high citation flow will curve to the right and will rank higher in search engines.

4. Expired domains have higher social media authority

Social media authority also plays a role in your website authority. This is also one of the reasons why many people opt to buy expired domains rather than investing in a brand new one.

Higher social media authority

Social Media Authority means the number of times your domain is mentioned in a social media network. Others call this the “social signal.” Search engines don’t necessarily consider this mention as a backlink but simply take note that the domain is mentioned.

Domains with good social media authority have done the following:

  • Posted content
  • Interacted with other users on social networks
  • Established contact with the leaders in social media namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

All three of these actually take up a lot of work. It helps to post quality content that sparks conversations.

5. You can sell expired domains for profit.

An underrated reason why people purchase expired domains is that they simply want to make a profit out of it. This practice is actually known as domain flipping.

People usually do this by buying an expired domain through auctions or other websites that sell expired domains. They further increase the SEO value of the domain by continuously building backlinks to it. They also choose to invest in a domain that has already been around for a long time since it has better authority already. Then they sell the domain for a much higher price by listing them on sites that sell registered domains. The domains can also be sold in auctions.


Many people nowadays are buying and using expired domains instead of buying new ones since this gives them greater SEO benefits in terms of ranking. Expired domains usually have better domain authority, page authority, flow metrics, and social media authority. The last reason why people opt for expired domains is that they can sell them for profit. Remember that not all expired domains are profitable, and you have to do proper research before buying one. The tips mentioned above will help you decide whether an expired domain is worth buying instead of a new one.

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