10 Tips that Change Your Content into Remarkable Works of Art

In today’s digital world where the internet is everywhere, being creative is no easy task. Everyone wants to shake the web with dazzling ideas and impressive blog posts, but it’s no easy thing to achieve.

In this article, I am going to share with you 10 tips to help you create remarkable content.

It’s not easy to change your content into remarkable works of art but there are techniques you can adopt to create amazing content.

And that’s exactly what I am going to talk about in this guide.

Like art, remarkable content can tell a story, relate with people’s feelings and can move the audience- with a good call to action the reader will have no option but to click the share or buy button.

Change Your Content into Remarkable Works of Art

I will show you how to achieve this by coming up with good content but before that here are a few things you should read.

Content Marketing That Drives Results

When it comes to content marketing, there is more to talk about than driving traffic to your website.

As a rule, you need a solid strategy that drives results. You don’t just need traffic but you need quality traffic that drives leads and conversion.

And this is especially important if you are just a start-up with limited resources. You don’t have a huge budget to implement powerful content marketing campaigns.

Implementing a solid strategy will increase your chances of generating the best results for the least amount you spend.

And when implementing a content marketing strategy, it’s important to understand that there is plenty of content to churn out including blog posts, video, reviews, eBooks, how-to and DIY tutorials, etc.

How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

To develop a solid content marketing strategy, you need to answer these questions.

  1. Who are you targeting?
  2. Where can you target your potential customers and how?
  3. What inspires your target audience?
  4. What are your content marketing goals?
  5. What product or service can solve your target audience’s problems?
  6. What’s the public perception of your brand and how do you present yourself?
  7. Who are your competitors and what are they doing successfully?
  8. What’s your budget?
  9. How will your marketing strategy satisfy your business goals?
  10. What your unique selling point?

With that, here are the tips to change your content into remarkable works of art.

1. Research

As a rule, although most people break this, before writing your blog content you should start with thorough research. Unfortunately, many people just go online, collect any information they see on the internet and create content.

To craft content that drives results, you need to do lots of research. But don’t spend more time on this stage.

When you research, you will understand what content your target audience wants to consume.

a) How to research without spending too much

Many people spend more time on research that they end up not having enough time to write the content.

Here are a few tricks to help you gather your research without taking too much time.

b) Write down notes as you research

Assuming you’re writing a blog post about “The Best Dog Food”, when you search this topic on the internet, writing down the key points you want to cover in your article. There are many tools you can use to take notes Google Docs, Ms. Word, Evernote are just a few.

In your notes, you can list the ideas so that you can come back and elaborate more on them.

c) Read the top ten articles in the SERPs

Of course, if Google has displayed the articles above every other one, it means the search engines trust and values them. These are the articles you can use as sources of inspiration. Just take a look at the writing style, keywords used, etc.

Reading the first ten articles on Google will help you understand how the writer outlined their article and whether there is a need for improvement. Write down interesting points you come across as you read as well.

d) Get inspirations from comments on the best blog posts

Oftentimes, people will speak their minds when writing a comment. Many people will say what they loved about a topic or whether there is a need for improvement.

And some will write comments on what they didn’t like. Those comments are good sources of information. You know exactly what people want or what they don’t want. You can then implement that in your content strategy.

2. Create Viral Blog Posts

Content is king when it has the following ingredients.

a) It must be relevant

Having researched thoroughly, you must have learned what content your target audience wants to read.

A topic you find interesting doesn’t mean it’s what the public wants to read. When you write content your target audience wants to read, they will be more than happy to share it with their friends.

b) It must be helpful

When people go online, they are looking for a solution to their problem. Think about a searcher looking for information on ‘How to Cure Coronavirus’.

The searcher is looking for information that can help solve a problem. In this case, he or she is looking for content that’s not just outlined properly but one that helps them achieve what they want.

c) It must be organized

No matter how amazing your content is, if you don’t present it in a way that users can chew without painfully grinding their teeth, it is of no use.

These days, people don’t read, they scan content. And because no one wants to read blocks of text, keep your content organized properly.

d) It must be personal

Content personalization is important if you want to write content that connects with your target audience. If your content lacks a personal touch, no one will read it.

e) It must be engaging

Remarkable content sparks conversation. It makes people want to share their thoughts by commenting and leaving feedback. People will like to comment and share and most importantly, they will feel like you are one community.

f) It must be comprehensive

When people land on your blog post about, ‘How to Make People Laugh’ they expect to find all the information possible to make people laugh.

A mistake most people make is to rehash vague advice to increase the number of blog posts on their sites.

You need to show your readers every helpful advice necessary that will help them solve a problem giving them sleepless nights. If you have to add videos, images, infographics, etc. to achieve that, then do so.

g) It must be unique

You don’t necessarily need to be the first person to invent a certain technique or method. Even the experienced writers use the available information on the internet to craft compelling content.

3. Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Even though you must write content for your target audience, you also must not forget search engines. 9 out of 10 online searches are done on Google. That means if your content isn’t found on the internet then you aren’t achieving your content strategy.

So, you must write content that ranks better in search engines by integrating keywords people are using to search for information the right way.

4. Write About a Topic You Are Familiar With

I can’t write about how to go to the moon or how to leave underwater. Even if there is plenty of information on the internet, I will be deceiving my readers to write about search topics.

So the general rule of content marketing is to write about something you are interested in. This way, it would be easier to gather relevant information and craft remarkable content. It would be easier to beat writer’s block. And the best thing is that you don’t have to be an expert in what you are writing about.

5. Write Content About Your Brand

It would be easier to connect and engage with your target audience if you write content that articulates your brand’s vision and mission.

Tell your target audience who you are, what you do and how you do it and why your products or services can solve their problems, etc.

6. Use Catchy Headlines

Here is the bitter truth: Your headlines are what make readers to click or not to click. No matter how good your content is, no one will click if the headline is lousy. Catchy headlines attract clicks, increase social sharing and drive sales.

Another bitter truth is that people share headlines and not the article.

But here is the challenge: coming up with great headlines has never been easier. In an analysis of 100 million article headlines, BuzzSumo found out that articles with the following headlines get the most social shares:

  • How to…
  • X things to…
  • X ways to…
  • The X best…
  • X reasons why…
  • Here are the…
  • Etc.
7. Make Your Content SEO-Friendly

Creating helpful, relevant, engaging and reader-friendly content is important, but optimizing it for SEO is also vital. When people search for information on the internet, let’s say, for instance, a searcher enters a phrase like “How to Stay Safe From Coronavirus Outbreak”, Google gathers all the information related to the search request and displays it.

It’s the same way you enter into a hotel and order pizza or any other food. You don’t expect the waiter or waitress to serve you with different food from the one you requested. And that’s the same technique, Google uses to display information on request. Now to achieve this, you need to target searchers with the keywords they are entering on Google when looking for information. That’s where keyword research comes in.

8. Create Educational Content

Even though the end goal is to make a sale, when creating content, don’t sell, but teach your target audience. If you want to sell, make sure content useful first. People will not hesitate to buy your offers after learning how to do something. This applies to informational and how-to articles.

Don’t just focus on adding affiliate links but teach your target readers first.

9. Keep Everything Simple

It’s important to understand that your content will be read by people with different understanding capacities. Some people can grasp information faster while others take the time to understand a concept. Your blog posts must care for all people.

Here, you need to put vocabulary for another time. Use simple language that a 6-year old can understand. You are not in a dictionary competition. Unless you have other motives, your blog post should be founded on educating and informing your target audience in the best way possible.

10. Polish Your Writing to Perfection

Unless you are superhuman, which you are not, you are not going to publish the first draft you make. Many people make a mistake to publish their blog posts immediately they done writing.

The next thing?

You are seen as being unprofessional or your target audience will feel like you don’t care about them. Read your content several times. Even if you have to scrap 50%, do it, polish your blog post until everything is top-notch before hitting the publish button.

What Is Next?

There you have it: As you can see, nothing is complicated. To change your content into remarkable works of art, you just need a working strategy that follows all the following stages:

  1. Research
  2. Use Catchy Headlines
  3. Create Viral Blog Posts
  4. Optimize Your Content for Search Engines
  5. Write About a Topic You Are Familiar With
  6. Write Content About Your Brand
  7. Make Your Content SEO-Friendly
  8. Create Educational Content
  9. Polish Your Writing to Perfection
  10. Keep Everything Simple

Your content strategy doesn’t necessarily need to follow the order in which I have outlined in this article. However, the final goal is to come up with content that:

  • Educates,
  • Inform,
  • Engage,
  • Entertains your target audience.

Once you have checked all the boxes above, you rest assured of getting great results with your content marketing strategy.

Good Luck!

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