These Top 14 Logo Designing Trends Will be Ruling in 2020

The majority of the “brand” in the world are mostly known just by looking at a logo. Whether it’s Nike’s minimalist design or whether it’s a marvel’s catchy logo, you don’t have to think twice to recognize that brand. And Most importantly, it does not depend on whether you like the brand or not.

Logos are the main reason why some businesses remain business and some become brand. (Of course, the service and product plays their respective roles.)

The new year is just around the corner, and with it, new trends in logo designing are catching up among designers and brand managers. In this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming logo trends and how by implementing it in your business could make your company stand out among others.

Let’s get started and dig deep about logo design trends for 2020.

Top Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2020

1. Customize Typeface

Today more and more brands have a penchant toward representing their values through their logo. But implementing mainstream logo design practice would not justify their brand. In addition, paintbrush styling or minimalist styling has become monotonous.

There has been a steady rise in custom typeface trend. As I have told, brands are leveraging custom made font for their logo designing to stand out among others. In the below-mentioned image, we can see how custom type adds freshness and uniqueness to the design.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

2. Motion Graphics & Video

New companies are embracing motion in their logos to represent their company’s personality. They don’t prefer to go with those static and boring logo designs. These kind of design gives certain creativity to the brand’s product or service. It engages users and control to look further and know what the brand is all about.

You could embed such kind of logos into social media, email and other platforms to make your content more engaging and dynamic.

Take a look at this company that has implemented motion graphic in its logo.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

3. Color of 2020: Mustard

Colors have their own language. They could communicate through their luminous energy. In fact, companies prefer the color based on the industry they are working in. Some color represents professionalism, while some are more funny and playful which could be utilized in the entertainment domain.

Mustard is the color of 2020 and you will see a lot of brands embracing the color to give a quirky look to the logo. Fashion and interior designing brands have already started using this rich color and you will witness more brands to incline towards it.

Mustard is also a suitable alternative for the Gold which is being used in the high-end brands. White typography and icons with the mustard background come out as an inviting design and that could attract more visitors.

4. Breaking out of the grid

Times have changed and with it using grid in the design too has evolved. Josef Muller- Brockmann has highlighted that how the grid is placed in the design, how the margins are set up can have a major impact on how these grids perform both aesthetically and functionally.

If you look at the older grid system you would find that it mostly resembles baseline grid designs. There was symmetry in the design. However, as the new designers have arrived, they have started experimenting with the grids by hybridizing.

In 2020 breaking out of the grid is the biggest trend. Rather than having a symmetrical logo, brands prefer to have design in which its elements has freedom. They are not symmetrical but they appeal to today’s generation.

Here you can see how zendesk has updated its logo to the latest trend.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

5. Mint

Yet another color that seems to take its place among logo design trends. It used to be on top of the list of brands before two years. Again it has caught the eye of designers and businesses.

This soft green hue gives your brand a perfect and refreshing feel. One of the USP of this color is its versatility. It is fresh, fun, and alluring for health and wellness brands, home maintenance, and DIY & lifestyle brands. Check out how the casino company has used mint color for their logo design.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

6. Responsive Logo

The responsive logo as the name suggests is the design that can adjust itself according to device size to give you a proper look. Whether it is a desktop, smartphone or tablet, it will always look best. If you want a professional or polished design for your brand, then a responsive logo will be a trend to watch out for.

Large enterprises are starting to realize how well their audience know their brands by experimenting with more simplified and abstract variations—as long as there’s enough of their classic logo to make it recognizable. And Responsive logo will be a prime choice for the businesses.

7. Minimalism

Minimalism as an artistic concept came into existence in the 70’s. However, its roots extend much deeper and span across many cultures. Japanese design gives us a glimpse into the minimalist lifestyles. There is a concept called “ma” which roughly translates to “the space between objects.” It can be found in the home and outdoor design, architecture, and fashion. In fact, there is a whole community who lives minimalist lifestyles.

Being a minimalist, I am more biased toward the minimalist designs! Minimalism in a logo isn’t going anywhere and here to stay. People love sophisticated and simple designs.

In 2020, brands will be using thin lines and shape with monochrome colors to attract more customers. Thin lines give your design a calm and serene feel. However, creating a minimalist logo may take some effort. You will have to adopt a trial and error approach to have the best one for your brand.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

8. Negative Spaces

More and more brands are adopting this practice in their designing patterns. Brands who want to convey more information in just a logo, then negative space design is the best.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

The positive space is the main object, but the negative space is just as important. It shares edges with the positive space, defining the outline of the object and creating something meaningful. If done properly the results could be stunning.

If you remember, back in 2009, IBM had released a smart planet campaign in which they have used fried egg spaceman and it had got staggering response. It was so amazingly crafted negative space design that it became a design rage at that time.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

9. Gradients

People love logos that are mood-boosting and uplifting. And what other design tactics could create that impact other than gradients. Brands have been implementing gradients in the logo design throughout the years but they have mostly experimented with two or three colors.

In recent years, there has been drift in using the gradient. Brands have a penchant for using an array of colors to make an impactful outcome from the design. It creates almost rainbow effect.

10. Throwbacks 80’s

People get to attract more to the nostalgia they had felt in past eras. They instantly connect with that. And today brands are cashing on such kinds of design ideas. Driving back to the 80’s logo, you could see that aesthetic appeal they used to provide. The logos used were bright, glitchy, and tacky.

Some logos reference to the 80s work, like the Joystick logo above. Others include 80s typography and design trends, like GV’s logo for LI Mowz.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

11. Imperfection is Perfect

Remember those old days when we used to sketch drawings in our sketchbook. Though those designs were not drawn with any software or digitally, it used to look great. It is surprising that in this digital era people still adore those handmade drawings and writing.

The same concept has resurrected in the logo design technique and we are about to witness more of such kinds of designs. Through these designs were never created symmetrically, it used to carry some aesthetics that gave it an organic feel. Usually, these designs have uneven lines and shading techniques like cross-hatching and contour shading.

Mailchimp – Marketing automation platform and an email marketing service have triumphantly attracted lots of clients by its amazingly crafted organic designs and illustrations.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

12. Complex Animations and Elaborate details

Today logos are not mere designs that should be on your website or app just for the sake of having online presence. Some logo design trends have gone one step further and have broken the tendency of only following traditional 2D or 3D designs.

One such type that has moved forward with its unique styles are logos in which separate designs collaboratively work together to form a perfect logo that represents company services or values.

Usually, these kinds of logos are simple and to the point, but with new technologies at their disposal, designers are pushing the envelope, playing with details and making their animations more appealing and artistic. These logo animations aim to take the viewer on a journey and tell a story.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

13. Logos with ultrathin lines

In 2020, graphical creativity on logo design like never before. We are seeing designers going extra miles with extremely delicate lines, creating effects that can only work in the digital sphere.

Because of its extreme level of detailing, these logos feel complex and ethereal—a totally new style in logo design. Now that brands can exist online, logos are no longer bound by printing restrictions.

Ultra-thin line logos are sleek, abstract, and hard to pull off without computer assistance, which is probably why it’s famous in tech and industrial branding.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020

14. Multi-layered and Overlapping Logos

In 2020, Logos are being represented in a multi-layer form. Shapes and colors will still be straightforward, but there will be more layers to play with. Designers are building more complex logos that use highlights, shadows and overlapping colors to communicate even more about their brands.

Here’s an example of this kind of logo design trend. Basically, this logo is created by placing three equal size square arranged parallelly in a strategic way. Layering crate three-dimensional effect of overlapping elements and shadows creates a tactile experience like you could almost reach out and feel the individual layers.

Logo Designing Trends in 2020


It’s a new decade and new design trends are making its way into designing domain. These logo trends are the ones that are starting a brand new era of design. Brands are experimenting with their logos that can make them unique among their competitors. And for that they don’t hesitate to invest in a best designing companies while considering their app development cost or running any imperative campaign.

We have seen top logo designing trends that are going to rock in the 2020. What are your views on these upcoming log trends? What according to you is going to be the most popular logo trends? Feel free to share your ideas.

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