Awe Inspiring 2020 AI and Machine Learning Trends

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the most flourishing and revolutionary technologies in the world. These technologies are entering almost all the fields in the world and are set to influence in the fields in interesting ways.

There are tons of reasons that make AI and ML two of the most wanted technologies in the world.

These technologies have the power to change the way how the planet functions. And, there is no doubt about the fact that there is something or the other that keeps happening in the world of AI and ML. In this article, we will talk about a few of the top AI and ML trends that will shape the New Year: 2020. We will also touch the topic of facial recognition technology and its use cases for 2020.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will touch the skies

First of all, we would like to highlight the point that the revenue related to the Artificial Intelligence solutions is expected to touch the $97.9 billion mark by the year 2023. This means that AI seems to have a lot of potential. At the same time, there is a lot happening in the world of machine learning as well. And, the demand of the machine learning solutions and systems is expected to be pretty high as well. As, at the end of the day, the world has realized the numerous benefits that can be derived from AI and Ml.

2020 AI and ML Trends to Look Out For

AI and Machine Learning Trends

Artificial Intelligence based advertisement and media

Though, mostly Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been associated with the enterprises. The main use of AI is for the automation of the dynamics 365 operations. However, there is no doubt about the fact that AI can positively influence the creative industries as well as the creative tasks as well. Artificial Intelligence seems to have a lot of potential in the world of advertisement and media as well. AI and ML have already played a vital role in the making of the creative advertisement and stories. Also, many agencies have started using ML and AI for scriptwriting as well. In 2020, we will see more use of these technologies in the creative agencies and the media houses. In fact, even the creative crackerjacks will try their best to make the most of these new technologies.

Manage customer interactions and boost loyalty

Real-time marketing efforts will require AI based solutions. As, the marketing teams will be interested in making efficient, real-time strategies, therefore, the role of AI and ML will be pretty evident. AI and ML offer all-embracing benefit to the customer support, marketing and sales teams. A lot of new tools have also AI based features which are aimed to enhance the quality of the customer interactions and the marketing campaigns.

Additionally, it is believed that AI based business decision making leads to better customer acquisition and retention. As, AI and ML seem to have a positive impact on the customer lifecycle. With the help of the latest corporate solutions that are powered by AI, the companies are able to understand the customer better, thus, personalized campaigns and plans could be made. Therefore, automatically, the chances of retention increase significantly.

The relation between AI and Model-Based Design

Artificial Intelligence is already playing a significant role in the world of wind turbines, aircraft engines, self-directed vehicles as well as various industrial plants. The overall impact of this new technology has been noteworthy, especially, in the intricate and multi-domain systems. The new-age designers are interested in the Model-Based Design tools. As, they help the designers to simulate, integrate as well test the AI system continuously. Also, with the help of the stimulation techniques, the designers and engineers are able to identify how AI influences the system. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that model-based designs have a very positive role in the society.

The impact of AI and ML on the Blockchain industry

Blockchain may touch the $ 1.5 billion mark pretty soon. As, the businesses across the world would be interested in investing in it, thus, Blockchain seems to have a huge say in 2020 and years after that. The technology has already created a lot of of buzz and there is a certain momentum associated with it. Now, the technology is expected to become all the more powerful as it is blending with both AI and ML. Thus, in 2020, you can expect newer Blockchain tools and techniques powered by AI, and a few of the advantages of such an amalgamation would be, much improved transactions, far better quality of the data and a plenty of other things.

Automation in the workplaces

In 2020, AI and ML will be seen more active in the offices. Though, already, there have been a plenty of discussions related to the fact that probably AI and ML will completely transform the offices. However, in this coming year, we will see more use of AI and ML. And, we may also observe that probably AI and ML will automate the operations in the workplaces. Though, it doesn’t mean that human workforce will be replaced completely. But, some of the manual work will be automated for sure. Therefore, we can expect more productivity and efficiency in 2020.

Listed above are a few of the top 2020 AI and ML trends, apart from these trends also, there are a few of the things that will excite the world. Like more use of the facial recognition technology. It is powered by AI and ML and this super accurate biometric authentication will be improved in 2020. Also, the utilization of facial recognition will be more than earlier.

The technology is more fascinating and intriguing and have many use cases including tech, markets, vendors, etc.

Facial recognition is a process in which verification or identification of a person is done using his/her face. The technology analyses, captures, and compares patterns on the basis of facial details of the person.

How it Works?

Facial Recognition

There are three steps followed by facial recognition technology:

  1. Face detection
  2. Face capture
  3. Face match

Face detection is the initial step of the process that detects and locates faces of human in images and videos.

Face capture is the next step of the process that transforms facial details into a set of digital information on the basis of features.

Face match is the last thing that verifies the faces and matches with the person.

Never mix “identification” with “authentication”. Both the terms are different and have different meaning. In biometrics, the technology is used to identify and authenticate a person with the help of recognisable and assured data. Identification is simply “who is the person” and authentication is “verification if he/she is really that person”.

There are top three application categories that employ facial recognition technology for final reports. Let’s discuss these top three categories.

1. Security – Law Enforcement

Security market is making new solutions to combat and fight against crime and terrorism. In this market, facial recognition systems are beneficial or detecting and preventing crime. Here’s how the technology is used by security market:

  1. The technology is used when issuing ID documents and most of the time combined with other biometrics like fingerprints.
  2. Face match is done at border checks to know if the passport’s digitised biometric matches with passport holder’s face.
  3. Face match is also used to run searches against databases of driver’s license and ID pictures.
  4. Drones are installed with aerial cameras to offer facial recognition in large areas where mass events happen.
2. Health

It has become possible with deep learning and face analysis that today, healthcare industry can use facial recognition and biometrics for multiple reasons. The healthcare organisation is able to:

  1. Track use of medication among patients more precisely
  2. Detect genetic diseases with 96.6% success rate
  3. Support pain management processes
  4. Marketing and Retail

Most of us wonder why marketing and retail sector requires facial recognition technology. Since it was least expected that marketing and retail ever leverage this technology, and if so, then how. KYC (Know Your Customer) will surely become a debatable topic in 2020. This upcoming trend is being used with the advanced marketing strategies in customer experience.

When the cameras are placed in retail outlets, store owners and managers are able to analyse the shopper’s behaviour and enhance the purchase process to deliver the best shopping experience.

Asia welcoming Facial Recognition with 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan)

Facial recognition technology will be applied by officials at Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo to identify authorised individuals/players and allow them access automatically.

Sydney is running trials for facial recognition at airports to help move people via security in safer and quick way.

In India, the project of Aadhaar is the largest biometric database across the world. The Aadhaar card offers unique digital ID number to residents of India, that is over 1.2 billion. And as per the sources, India could release new largest face recognition system in 2020.

What If Facial Recognition Be Fooled?

Facial Recognition Be Fooled?

There are many instances that explain how this technology can be easily fooled. Let’s discuss some of the examples:

  • In Russia, Grigory Bakunov has created a solution to confuse face detection devices. He has developed an algorithm that involves use of special makeup to fool the software. However, he decided not to bring this product to market since criminals can easily fool facial recognition solution with this.
  • In the end of 2017, a Vietnamese company used a mask to hack the Face ID face recognition function installed in Apple iPhone X. However, the hack is more complicated to use by hackers for mass exploitation.

In other words, a user could take help of a filter to modify specific pixels in an image prior releasing it online. These changes are micro and unreachable for human eye, and at the same time, they are confusing for facial recognition solution.

AI and ML are two of the most powerful and impactful technologies. These technologies have the potential to enter different fields and create an impact. We cannot claim to predict all critical topics that will emerge in the next few years. But these technologies are slowly reaching different markets and fields. AI and ML technologies are already used in several experiments by the market professionals. You are also using this technology in mobile phones for unlocking. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that we will be able to witness a lot in the coming years.

Is there anything you would like to share about artificial intelligence and machine learning? Please share it by commenting on this post.

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