Ways to Lure Customers into Buying Something They Did Not Plan For

Customers are the most precious element of any business, thus, working on customers is really crucial. One of the main reasons behind the big successful businesses is that they keep working on their customer’s interest and demands! But in that case, growth is at a consistent rate for long term.

But now-a-days, startups are using other ways to get a quick rise in their revenue growth. So, if you are a budding ecommerce startup, you can now lure customers to spend more on your ecommerce website. I have mentioned here some of the most effective ways to accomplish it!

Social Media Is an Amazing Platform to Sell Your Products

Now-a-days, social media has become the favorite place of people. People like to stay active on these platforms for hours. There are several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But Facebook is the king here. It has the world’s largest social community with over 2.4 billion registered users worldwide.

Look at the stats given below. This image is from Business Insider.

Sell Your Products

Now, you can also look at the number of active users of Twitter.

Sell Your Products

According to statista, Twitter has 321 million active users per month. Social media platforms make it very easy for people to talk about your business. They can share or tweet about your products and services and it allows you to easily engage with them. Hence, these are the best platforms to market and sell your products.

Online Advertising Can Turn the Game

Now-a-days, people use the internet for information purposes. People are more engaged with youtube rather than television. People like to read news websites and online magazines instead of the paper versions.

Even big eCommerce giants have recognized this shift and are now investing more in online advertising over the conventional ones.

Furthermore, a low cost way to advertise your ecommerce is through an affiliate program. Affiliates advertise your store on their website and they earn a commission on each sale they generate. All traffic, sales and earnings are tracked by the system.

Offer Free Shipping, Hassle Free Returns and Other Incentives

Offer Free Shipping

To increase sales, you can provide purchasing incentives such as free shipping, time sensitive discounts, bonus samples, extra free features and hassle free returns. ALl these can reduce buying friction and engage customers into seeing their purchases through. There are certain web developers that can modify your online store in such a way so that it becomes more attractive for them.

Sweet Talk Your Existing Customers

In the race of more conversions, never overlook your most valuable asset. Research consistently finds that it takes more time, effort and money to attract new customers as compared to convince existing customers to keep utilizing your products or services.

And that is why it is important to follow up with customers after they have made a purchase. Thank them for buying and add them to an autoresponder sales funnel that keep notifying them with the chances to take advantage of past product offers, buy upgrades for products they have already purchased.

Create Noise

Advertising is a must to sell a product. No product gets sold without some kind of advertising. And products that take benefit from high quality marketing campaigns often sell the best. Use several methods to create excitement around your product such as content marketing, influencer shares, publishing press releases and email marketing.

Universal Platform Service

Mobile and web optimized is a very different concept from responsive design. While responsive design is very good at rearranging elements of a page so that they fit nicely within a user’s mobile or computer screen, that may not be the best way to present information to a mobile user with a small screen size.

Maintaining Expectations Consistency

The best performing websites are very good at maintaining the expectation of their visitors as they transition from outside the website (ad, social media post or other links) to the landing page where conversion are expected to happen.

This gives visitors the psychological signal that they were in fact in the right place, that they didn’t get redirected to a malicious website, and what they were looking for was right there in front and center of their screen.

The Other Essential Factors And Tips For Ecommerce:
  • Store Design. Consider whether you are ready to design your own store (using a template) or whether you will need professional assistance to design the store. Many of the design templates are relatively easy to use, but may not be a good option for you if your time is limited. Licensed software packages may include online technical support and step-by-step guidance to help you with design.

    Show your customers that you are a reputable business. Consider using third-party endorsements. Make purchasing as easy and stress-free as possible for the customer.

  • Shopping Cart. Make sure visitors know where they are in the checkout process. Progress indicators on screen let visitors know where they are in the checkout process. Keep the checkout process streamlined.

    Shopping Cart

    If the checkout process is too long and there are too many steps you will lose customers. Provide clear instructions for how to proceed through the product selection and checkout process.

    Make sure the shopping cart buttons clearly indicate the next steps. Provide warranties or guarantees for your product. Make sure warranties or guarantees are clearly visible, particularly during the last steps of the checkout process.

    Make sure that an “add to cart” button is clearly visible on the product page.

  • Ensure orders are accurate. Provide online receipts for all transactions. Clearly display total costs including shipping costs. Show stock availability and estimated delivery times. Ensure timely shipping of products.

  • Security Features (e.g. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), password protection, access privileges for site Administration, data center security, risk tools that can help flag fraudulent orders, etc.) clearly show how you will protect the customer’s personal information. There are certain software development companies that can add security features to your online ecommerce store.

    Security Features

    Let them know about transaction security features and services used by your e-commerce website.

  • Order Processing. The service provider or software package may provide a number of ordering features such as viewing new orders by email, online, or fax, automatic notification to customers alerting them to any changes in the status of orders, etc.

  • Product Promotion. Consumer loves promo and coupons which increases their tendency for more consumption. Apart from aforementioned feature you can include discounts or coupons, gift certificates, discount pricing, volume pricing, auto responders (automatically sends out offers by email).

    Some packages offer cross-selling functions (e.g. similar or complementary products are recommended when the user selects a product).

  • Integration with Back-Office Business Processes. If e-business is a critical part of your business you may want more advanced integration features that link your e-business to your regular business operations (inventory, ordering, shipping, and accounting).

  • A shopping list (i.e. list of selected products) allows users to track the items they want to purchase. A shopping cart image is generally used to show what items the shopper has selected for purchase.

    In order for the shopping cart to function properly the user’s computer must be set to allow “cookies”.

  • Website analytics and reporting features. Can help you keep track of your sales, pages viewed by customers, referring sites and keywords customers use to find your product.

  • Level of Support. Practice good customer service. Customer relationship management software can offer regular customers extra support and service.

    It can also assist first time buyers in making a purchase and help infrequent buyers become regular customers. Respond to customer queries in a timely manner.

Crucial Questions Which Must Be Tackled for a Successful Caring of Customer in Ecommerce
  • E-Commerce Website Design

    Is your e-commerce website easy to navigate? Is it easy to find information on your website?

  • Product / Service Catalogue

    Is the catalogue easy to use? Are the choices easy to identify?

    Is it easy for buyers to add or remove selected items prior to purchase?

  • Transactions

    Has a system for capturing orders and validating payments been established?

  • Shipping

    Have you set up procedures for shipping? Will you be offering shipping? Will local pickup be required?

  • Inventory Management Systems

    Have you considered automating your Inventory Management System to help minimize human error and to provide up-to-date stock availability to your website customers?

  • Taxes

    Have you considered what taxes apply, particularly if you are shipping to other jurisdictions?

  • Maintenance of E-Commerce Website

    Have you determined how your website will be maintained and updated? A webmaster can help you maintain and update your website?

  • Marketing your E-Commerce Website

    Have you identified the online and offline marketing strategies you will use to bring people to your website?

  • Tracking your Progress

    Have you identified what information you will collect to track your progress (e.g. number of sales, what products sell the most)?

If you have answered all the aforementioned questions satisfactory then congrats you have learned the art of attracting the customers and taking care of both your consumers and ecommerce business.

Now-a-days, entrepreneurs are looking towards creating custom ecommerce platform which has all the necessary and trending features. Nosto declared that Personalization has been a leading factor in ecommerce.

  • 43% of purchases are influenced by personalized recommendations or promotions
  • 75% of consumers prefer brands to personalize messaging, offers, and experiences
  • 94% of companies see personalization as critical to current and future success

By tracking user’s behavior either session by session or by account, fashion sellers can create Netflix like personalization into the onsite experience.

This rapidly growing industry houses various kinds of businesses, and while each end user of these businesses is unique, certain classifications can be developed to optimize the kind of customer service that is offered and the shopping experience as well.

The challenge for online sellers lies in learning how to identify customers, attracting them for the first sale and retaining them by building a long term relationship.

Yes, it is a little difficult, but not impossible! By following all the ways mentioned in this article, you can easily attract your customers. Store design, security features, incentives, gifts and other kinds of product promotion can help you to make an interesting image in your customer’s mind.

Wrapping Up

I hope that now you got a clear idea about what things to take care of in order to make your store able to attract customers. Moreover, you also would have got enough knowledge on which tools to use to do a little research to know about your customer’s interests.

In case you want any kind of design and development related services for your ecommerce store, there are various eCommerce development companies in India that can make a completely new eCommerce store for you or they can modify your existing online ecommerce store in the way to attract more customers.

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