9 Call To Action Tactics – How To Capture Customers Enthusiasm?

Customers’ are quite enthusiastic when they find a website or online store worth visiting after searching for hours. They expect a lot from an online store that is why their ease of using the website shall be the utmost priority of a website in order to capture their enthusiasm.

It happens that when a potential customer learns about your website from a social media post or finds it through a search engine; he or she may leave the page in utter disappointment because of the various design features, specifically the calls to action.

The design of a website owes a significant role in making the users understand the purpose of a web page and easily take them to checkout pages as well. Exaggerating the product in extensively long descriptions without guiding the users to another step may compel them to leave the website and lose their zeal and passing of fining more about your products or business.

Attracting users towards your website is half the game, the rest depends on the user experience as how you provide the information in chunks and pieces to allow them to digest and move peacefully towards a purchase decision.

How To Capture Customer’s Enthusiasm?

How To Capture Customers Enthusiasm

Grabbing customer’s enthusiasm may differ for varying business needs of the online venture. Usually, it requires the business owners and staff to connect with the customers on multiple levels by understanding their requirements and responding with the best possible solution.

Here are some of the factors you may need to understand and acquire in order to capture customers’ passion for browsing your eCommerce website, staying there, and deciding to visit it back again. It covers the art of attracting users’ attention through calls to action.

  • Know the destination where you aim the customers to land
  • Inculcate positivity in your design and CTA buttons
  • Add visual appeal with signs, symbols, photos, etc.
  • Use inspiring and power words for persuasiveness
  • Listen to your potential customers by creating the ‘Ask a Question’ option
  • Be a master of the product or service you have to offer
  • Excite the interest of users with bright colors

Following are some of the effective tactics and strategies that can help you design, revamp, or refine the calls of action for better user engagement and interaction. Engaging them will surely empower the design of your online store to excite and capture customer’s enthusiasm.

1. Design Multiple CTAs

A prominent and well-designed call to action may hide above or below the fold when a user scrolls down the page while going through the features, or any other form of content.

In routine, the designers place a call to action button at the end of a sales copy either it is for a landing page, service description, or email. This makes it compulsory for the reader to scroll down until the end to take action.

Design Multiple CTAs

It becomes difficult for a reader to take action if he or she does not scroll down or reach the top after scrolling down and miss the CTA below the fold. To help them with easy to find and click the call to action, duplicate it or make it hover on the page regardless of the scroll percentage.

For example, you can enable a ‘notify me’ tab on products when they are out of stock. They facilitate users to subscribe for the notification whenever the product is made available. With Magento 2 out of stock notification extension, you can avail such functionality to create multiple calls to action and prevent a customer from leaving the store in dismay. Let them share contact details to intimate them about the availability of their favorite item in stock.

With multiple variants of a call to action, you can simplify the page navigation to make sure the user takes the required action without any difficulty in finding or understanding it.

2. Avoiding Overdoing CTAs

One to two calls to action is normal, whereas creating more is at your discretion. Get to know the users’ responses and avoid overdoing it on home or product pages.

Experimenting with a variety of CTAs is good to find different ways of engaging users and getting their attention, but somehow, it may harm your impression as well.

Showing more than an acceptable number of calls may include you in the list of desperate sellers and merchants. Be neat with your audiences by showing a fair amount of dialogues for evoking them to take action.

Do take the purpose of a sales copy while incorporating a call to action, because, a single CTA has resulted in increased clicks of 371% and conversion of 1617%, according to WordStream. The result may differ for a product or service page.

3. Display At a Prominent Place

Every website has a set of prominent places to utilize them for calls to action, whereas such locations may differ for your specific niche, industry, or business.

For example, on a blog or publishing platform, the users are inclined to read more about a service or product before they take action, whereas, on an online store, they quickly go through the product description and features, and add it to cart.

Display At a Prominent Place

Therefore, choosing a place for a call to action may not be the same for every business website. Though putting a CTA above the fold is mandatory and still applies to most of the websites. Here, again, you may need to decide location either to be on the top left or right, or bottom left or right corner, or in the center.

The term ‘above the fold’ comes from the print media where significant news stories, events, and ads used to be placed on the top of the front page so that these can be visible even after folding the newspaper.

4. Write a Clear CTA Copy

The CTA copy may be a word or a phrase, but it still needs to be written in brevity. Use easy and simple words to communicate more in the short space of a call to action button.

Start writing the copy with a strong verb that simply pursues the users to take action such as Shop Now, Place your Order, Join the Community, Subscribe to the newsletter, etc.

Write a Clear CTA Copy

In addition, you can incorporate FOMO (fear of missing out) tactic by displaying a flash sale or accompanying the CTA text with Sale ends today, the Last 4 items left in stock, etc.

Seeing such phrases may compel the users to place orders without any delay in order to avail of the best deal, discount, or product. Try to use numbers in the text like 3 days left, 17 hours remaining to create urgency besides the fear of missing out.

For example, you initiate a referral scheme on your store, but fail to document it on the home page. The customers will never bother to know about the program. With Refer a Friend extension, you can perfectly create and run multiple affiliate marketing campaigns with a dedicated dashboard to show user targets, rewards, and earnings.

5. Customize CTAs Carefully

Every minor customization can drastically improve or reduce the click-through and conversion rate of the call to action. Make a color or text change and keep an eye on the results. Revert to previous settings if the change is not favorable in your business and continue with further customizations.

According to statistics by Protocol, the use of red color in CTA brought 21% more conversions for the Performable, whereas the SAP boosted conversions by 32.5% with an Orange color CTA.

Therefore, choosing a color, phrase, button size, or text style is not an easy decision. It requires a due understanding of the common user behavior, business niche and norms.

Customize CTAs Carefully

6. Add a Captivating Call To Action To The Social Profile

According to Protocol80, adding CTA to Facebook profile has boosted the click-through rate by 285%. Social media plays an impressive role in capturing customers’ enthusiasm. Your potential customers may find you on their favorite social platform and want to interact with you.

A quick call to action on the profile may facilitate them to easily browse the products, services, deals, and discounts, or subscribe for updates.

Add a Captivating Call To Action To The Social Profile

7. Try Different Formats To Highlight CTAs

You can start with a simple button that sticks to its position or turn it into a hover option that keeps following the users if he or she scrolls through the page. The format of a call to action may also vary for your specific consumer needs and the norms of your business niche.

Initiate with any standard form such as hyperlinked text or a button, and moving on to the pop-up, sidebar, slider, etc. to end up with the most effective call to action option.

For promotional emails, social media posts, and home page, you may get little freedom of customizing the call to action button, whereas, for product and landing pages, you can attempt a variety of button formats.

Try Different Formats To Highlight CTAs

8. Surround CTAs By Whitespace

White space is a sigh of relief in website design. It is like giving your users time to relax their sight and easily find the content.

Among various content types, the CTAs are among the significant ones and you must surround them by enough white space to appease the eyesight of the potential customers.

Utilize white spacing to make the action-oriented buttons more prominent and distinguishable from the rest of the web page design elements.

9. Double-Check the CTAs

Adding an impressive CTA may not be fruitful if you are not counting on the difference it makes to your product or service page. Every such option is created for a purpose like increasing sign-ups, subscribers, followers, revenues, donations, customers, etc.

If the button is not performing well in achieving the purpose, it needs to be modified. To keep a check on CTA performance, you may need to test the options from time to time and seek user-feedback as if they are comfortable in using it or not.

Assign personnel to keep on testing the buttons for any discrepancies so that immediate action can be taken and potential revenue loss can be prevented in time.

Final Words

Online customers are now more educated in terms of buying things online. Therefore, they may have an ideal user experience and friendly calls to action in mind before landing on your store.

To excite them and grab their attention, you may need to look into different tactics in simplifying the calls to action and elaborate them with easy text, soothing colors, and many other design factors.

The post discussed quite effective strategies in redefining the buttons. You may find them helpful for your online venture.

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  1. These tips are really insightful. One thing I must reiterate on is the act of listening to clients/customers. A lot of entrepreneurs miss out on this important aspect. Most fail to realize that the only to improve in overall service and solution to client’s needs is to listen to the client’s story. Always use ‘Ask a Question’ option. Serious customers would use this and through it, you would tailor your services to meet their needs. In such case it’s a win win for both parties.

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