7 App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips to Increase App Downloads

So, have you got a great app that is entirely unique, and you think it is going to be the one which people are definitely going to love so much? Probably, now you be thinking everything is going to be wonderful ahead, BUT you are entirely wrong over here.

Do you know there are approximately five million apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store? (as per the Statista). And if you won’t make proper efforts to optimize your app on the app store, then obviously no one is going to find and install your application. Of course, you will not want this to happen with you!

Well, more worse than that would be if any of your opponent rendering similar services to your business suddenly comes in the limelight and drag all the attention of your target audience. Trust me; you won’t ever want this to happen with you.

What’s more, there is a solution to address this issue, and that is known by ASO (App Store Optimization).

In order to help you expand your mobile app business, despite the user acquisition business, I have curated together a list of top 7 ASO tips and practices that are going to make it easier for you to make your app a huge success.

So, What Is This App Store Optimization?

ASO is the means of optimizing mobile apps in order to get make them attain a higher rank in the app store’s search result. Of course, the higher your application ranks in the search results of the app store, the more apparent it would be to all the likely audience. This increased visibility leads to turn into increased traffic to your app page.

Well, the app store optimization process aims to drag more traffic to your app in the app store so that your likely audience can easily make an action of downloading your app.

But, in order to carry out this activity effectively, the ASO process demands a fundamental comprehension of your target client base, incorporating the keywords your likely consumers are utilizing to get apps just like your business is offering. Once you get knowledge of which keywords to be integrated, you will get a more solid perception of the thought process of your possible clients. Must say, this is a vital piece of any marketing strategy – and you should consider incorporating it.

Why Is App Store Optimization Important?

Through Forrester, it’s been found, approx 63% of apps are located by the users on app store searches only. As a matter of fact, this makes a search in the app store the most commonly used approach for finding and installing new applications. Earlier in one Google I/O it’s been reported that for the average working app, search actually makes up the huge majority of installs.

In simple words, this clearly states, in a case, if your business is not using app store optimization services to improve its app store ranking, then you are already missing a huge discovery channel deal for your app. With over thousands and millions of apps in app stores vying to rank higher than one there, the actuality is, still there are so many publishers who are still not investing in ASO. Here’s the fundamental takeaway for you – ASO is a huge MUST. Ensure to carry out this process and work on it if you wish to create a substantial impact on your app’s ranking and business success.

Tip 1: Design an Engaging App Icon

Design an Engaging App Icon

The app icon is the primary thing a web user will every time notice whenever he or she is looking out for apps to install on the Google Play Store or App Store. This is why to get the consideration of customers; it is important that you possess an icon that is captivating and please to the human eyes.

Nevertheless, the thing to have in mind is that your app icon must describe the service or idea of your app. Although, ensure to have the design minimalistic, engaging, yet compelling.

Tip 2: Make Your App Free Of Cost At Launch

Free apps are usually getting more installations in opposition to subscription charge apps. And free apps can further have In-App Purchases. When it happens to invest money in the recently originated app, just a few people would prefer investing in it. To be honest, who would prefer to use the money on an unknown app?

More so, this is one common reason why a maximum number of people might decide to drop the number of installations when your application is simply originated. Getting your app non-chargeable at launch will make your app up in the search results of app stores. In a case, if you have already launched an app, and you possess In-App Purchases (IAP), then prefer making them free of cost at least for some time.

Tip 3: Be Online To Boost App Downloads

Building a good website, an active landing page, or an informative blog can work great, especially when they all are of high-quality and unique. More so, this is something that should also be carried out while working on the business application, as well. At such a time, you can consider using social media; indeed it will give a great hand to boost the number of app downloads. What’s more, Social Media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are some great choices to take advantage of.

Making a concise video that concentrates on one central characteristic of the application and shares it to some of the top social media giants are certainly going to give a great push to your app up, particularly up in the search results. In fact, Facebook or LinkedIn groups will also work great for your app and will just add some great benefits to your business.

Tip 4: Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

In businesses, “success” is all about increasing public and brand awareness. This may seem easy to you in the starting; however, whenever it happens to the implementation, it gets so difficult. Among all, influencer marketing is one important element to be done.

Before getting deep into it, let’s know what “influencer” is.

Basically, it is a person who is thoroughly known is some particular niche, but he/she is not liable for fulfilling any responsibility for goods and products.

The influencers usually are well-known personalities on different social media handles like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or even forums. Therefore, the means of influencer marketing rotates around, making your app examined and evaluated by such influencers to put you straight in the head of the user base that might be engaged in your application. This is where the importance of influencer marketing extends.

While reaching out to influencers or some great public bodies is not that easy. You may need to put all of your best for reaching them out.

Tip 5: Paid Acquisition

Paid acquisition is one more great and effective alternative in order to increase app downloads. As its name implies, it is something which is about getting new customers by following some great paid methods like online network channels, advertisements, marketing, and much more. Well, social media giants like Twitter, Instagram, Apple Search Ads, and Facebook are some of the top and best examples of paid acquisition.

Once carried out in the right way, it will surely make a great impact on the download count; nevertheless, it also comes with some price tag. If you have finally decided to follow up with this process, ensure to follow all important things to make the best out of everything for your business and you.

Tip 6: Always Say Updated With The Best & Proven ASO Practices

Do you know a single change can transform the whole market a lot?

On September 1st, 2016, there was a big turning time in the app marketing arena. Actually, it was the day when Apple had modified the app name limit; initially, it was 255 characters, and then it was made 50 characters. Lately, this has led all the marketers to change their keyword strategy.

App Store.

Lately, on February 28, 2017, Google set into impact one another move in the Google Play Store algorithm. Due to this, keyword rankings underwent numerous modifications again, as Google stated that they would be remunerating the user engagement, which will result in more significant engagements in the head of the tables.

Tip 7: Measure All The Things With The Right Tools

ASO is all about data, and there are so many tools that will help you measure it. Since the time Apple App Store and App Store Optimization has emerged, a number of tools have developed to promote monitoring and covering each item linked to the distinctness of apps in the markets.

These days there are numerous tools possibly for each and everything, be it for the right insertion of keywords, tracking rankings, organic revenues, or anything else. The most consequential blunder that you can do as an app marketer is to not accurately map each app store optimization KPI linked to your app’s distinctness.

Remember that you will require having all the possible data concerning the development of important metrics to possess a more extensive perspective and create more reliable ASO choices. For this, you should consider using the latest and existing tools to hold all the details of your app and continue optimizing it constantly.

Wrapping It Up

Having an effective app store optimization strategy in place is a significant determinant of progress for all the apps. You can develop a flawless app, but without the appropriate positioning, you will never really be able to target your likely users. Once you have integrated the app store optimization means efficiently and optimized the complete metrics of the app, then keep on holding the app in this fast-paced contemporary industry.

Always Remember – The more better your ASO strategy will be, there will be more chances that it will get you more visibility, and app installs. This will thereby make you spend less on the paid user acquisition and gain more organic installs of the app.

Once you follow these proven and effective tips, chances are soon your business app will get ranked on the top!

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