Sweater Weather – Why Fall Makes You Fall in Love with Snug and Cozy Photos

Why is it that every year around this time our hygge senses start to tingle and a new set of cozy themes start to dominate the photos we take?

What causes the rekindled mass love affair with XXL cocoa mugs, plaid blankets piled up on pallet beds and people staring sentimentally out of windows?

It’s sweater weather that does this. It’s the romantic early phase of fall, the time of year that for a brief moment gives us the best of both worlds – when it’s chilly enough to be bracing but mild enough to get properly cozy and snug. It’s hard to resist the allure of this unique time.

What’s behind our obsession with sweater weather photos? CanvasDiscount.com investigates.

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It’s Peace and Tranquility

They’re the two things we can miss the most in our modern lives, and the two things we can return to in a serene and peaceful fall moment. Just pull on an indulgently thick pair of socks and you start to regain that sense of mindful living. Then just put some marshmallows on top of your hot chocolate and you’ve got the recipe for autumnal nirvana.

After our intense adventures and packed schedules in the summer, we feel drawn towards imagery that promises just the opposite –serenity and a bit of down time for reflection.

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It’s a Sense of Harmony

And there’s a third quality that feels increasingly out of reach in a world that’s over stimulated and oversaturated with social media. It’s the harmony that we feel with nature, in relationships and within ourselves.

Sweater weather photos can give you that feeling of harmony. Perfect autumnal photo memories can change your mood at a glance –which is why it’s good to have them close by at all times.

To make this a reality, you should seriously consider investing in canvas prints. Along with DIY dried flower wreaths and candles in mason jars, these simple interior decor items are the quickest and most wallet-friendly way to bring some of that fall love to your home.

With that in mind, let us introduce CanvasDiscount.com, a printing service with a couple hundred thousand sweater weather prints already under their belt. If you’re opting for a fall interior makeover, we strongly recommend a visit to their site!

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It’s the Hint of Festive Wonder in the Air

It’s tempting to look at summer as the focus and highlight of our year. And to treat the other seasons as one extended time-out, when we recuperate and gather our energies for the next three months of sun-filled bliss.

But summer can’t compete with fall and winter when it comes to big holidays. The onset of fall starts the countdown towards Halloween and then the Christmas period itself.

Promising plenty of time spent by the fireplace, snuggling sessions under blankets and a prodigious number of candles, for most people these two holidays have got to be the highlights of the colder months.

Once you’ve slipped on those fleecy slippers for the first time, and the leaves have picked up their first hint of red, you can’t help but start to get hyped for the holiday season. The promise of another beautiful winter tide is just too enticing!

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It’s Just Pure Romance

You could say that of these qualities boil down to a single all-encompassing one. We’re talking about romance. Whether overt or subtle, there’s a certain romantic dreaminess attached to most photos taken in the sweater weather months.

The idea of fall as the sentimental season is only strengthened by the rustic interior decor choices and the plaids, sweaters, and cocoa mugs you expect to see in every third fall photo.

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Flipping through an old family photo album or your vacation snaps from the summer just past? Getting nostalgic about the past or tentatively hopeful about the future? It can’t get more sentimental than that. And it’s completely OK to feel that way.

The fall will be lingering on for a while yet, so our suggestion is to make the best of it. You don’t need to settle for looking at evocative fall photos on Instagram. Bring that autumnal mood right into your home with a canvas photo print and you can feel the sweater weather vibe every day.

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