Is Sitejet The New Face Of Web Design?

Even though Sitejet is a new player in the game, it has the potential to significantly alter the way developers work. With Sitejet, it’s not so much the fact that it has features that other tools don’t; several tools can do what it can do.

The unique thing about Sitejet is that it incorporates the features that you’d get with other tools, all into one platform.

What Makes Sitejet So Unique?

Sitejet is the first-ever tool designed by web designers for web designers. Tools are rarely developed by the users, and that’s why the designers spend a lot of money trying to understand the end-user’s needs. Sitejet doesn’t have this problem because it was not only designed by the end-users; it was also extensively tested by them.

What Makes Sitejet So Unique?

Before the tool was made available as a stand-alone product, the Sitejet team had used it to design over 4,000 websites, with stunning results. To help you understand just how suited this tool is to the needs of a web designer, let’s look at the qualities you expect from any great web design tool and how Sitejet fares on each of these points.



To say that Sitejet is efficient would be an understatement. It is not only efficient, but it also promotes efficiency in you and your team’s operations as well.

If you happen to be working on multiple projects, one of the things you’ll have to endure is switching between open tabs to get to your different sites. But, you don’t have to do that with Sitejet. You get a dashboard that gives you active control of all of your projects, from a single interface.

The efficiency of the tool also extends to how you work. Everything you need to do, from editing codes to arranging and rearranging site elements is simply a click, or a keyboard shortcut, away.

Web design is a time-consuming process, and anything that can trim down the amount of time is always welcome.



As a web designer, one of your biggest goals is to build a website that your client will love. Everything about the website needs to help them meet their goals, from the colours of the UI to the website’s responsiveness.

While you can give your recommendations, the ultimate decision is theirs to make. Sometimes you might have a different idea of what a certain element should look like than your client does. And as you probably know, redesigning a particular part of the website can be frustrating.

With Sitejet, you wouldn’t have this problem. The tool allows you to actively involve your clients in the design process, from start to finish. You can invite them to preview the progress using any one of three different device views — phone, tablet and pc. They can also leave comments specific to each of the elements.

While Sitejet does allow your clients to interact with the website, it also allows you to restrict their access. With other tools like WordPress, giving your clients access means that they might make edits that can set you back.

With Sitejet, your clients simply just click on whatever feature they want changed and post a comment on it without any unintended dragging around of icons . This way, there is also very little confusion as to what they want changed.

By restricting their access to previewing and commenting alone, you can communicate with your client without having to worry about them restructuring the elements in a disruptive way.


Sitejet also gives you active control over everything about your project. You have access to an ever-increasing number of Sitejet themes that can form the basic framework of your site.

Unlike with other web design tools, you can edit, add and remove HTML and CSS code from these themes easily and without restrictions. The active control also extends to what you do with the theme once you’re done. You can export your work to other platforms, without losing a single element.

Sitejet also gives you control over the progress of your work. You can use its time tracking feature to monitor your progress and see how much time you spend on each task.

You can then use that information to adjust as need be.

Final thoughts

So, is Sitejet really the new face of web design? The truth is, that’s a difficult question to answer. New CMS solutions come up everyday, everyone with a new idea on how web design can be optimized.

However, if you consider how much control it gives you over your project, the efficiency it provides, and your smooth designer-client communication process, it is clear that the guys at Sitejet taken some of the most important pain points of web designers into consideration.

Solving problems is the way to stay relevant in web design. Sitejet is doing just that, they look like they mean business and they’re here to stay.

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