19 Web Development Trends to Look Forward in 2019 (and Beyond)

Do you know that the user only takes 0.05 seconds to make an opinion about a web page once it is loaded? So this is the shortest time for you to impress your prospective client or customer. The biggest thing is how to do that. Well, if you really want to be at the top positions then you should follow what the leaders are doing.

If you want that your purpose of website building is shorted out then you should ensure that the user stays at your web page for the longer time. This would be possible if your website is up-to-date and following the latest norms. Undoubtedly, this is the era of mobile app development but businesses are finding their possibilities in web development too.

As of the year 2016, there were nearly 290 million internet users in the USA making it one of the largest online markets worldwide. If you wish to make your business perceptible to the masses then you should ensure that you are moving according to the inclinations. The website development process should be the enclosure of the latest trends and technology then only you can sustain in the race to become the best.

You will find daily advancements in technology. In order to hold a tight grip, you need to be updated and so as your website. We are going to mention the 13 web development trends that you should be looking forward to 2019 and beyond.

#19 Illustrations

Illustration, fonts, and forms are though part of designing but they go hand by hand with development. Illustrations make the website more user-friendly, hence it is a trend that we should be looking forward in 2019. They have the power to convey the message more effectively and minimize the use of text. Apart from this, they make a website more appealing and interesting.

#18 Static Website Generator

Web developers use the static website generators when they wish to develop a static website with simple text. This technology lets the developers design a simple website with user-friendly functionality that includes fast loading, better security and effective traffic management. As the website developed with it are less interactive as compared to the dynamic websites, the technology is expected to evolve and provide a great user experience.

#17 Browser Extension

Google Chrome extensions are in demand nowadays. The best example of this is Grammarly beta extension. Using the same, the user can check the spelling and grammar of content without actually visiting the site. This saves a lot of time for the user. But, due to the tendency of extensions to read a lot of online activities, users started considering it as a to their privacy. In case you wish to develop your extension, you should ensure that it fulfills all security and privacy concerns of the user.

#16 RAIL

Response Animation Idle Load, this is something we are going to witness in 2019 in the field of mobile app development. However, this designing trend is into existence since 2015, but we are expecting to see a thrive in 2019 and beyond. As it is known that the concept of RAIL is associated with a faster website loading time (approximately under 1 second) and performance of the website, this automatically boosts up the user experience index of the website. Tap, drag, scroll, etc. are just the perfect examples of RAIL on a website. For the designers who follow the user-centric approach, the concept of RAIL is really useful for them.

Web Development Trends to Look Forward

#15 Push Notification

Alike mobile apps, push notification can help you reach a vast audience and leverage the benefit of online marketing. It is one of the powerful tools that help businesses to engage both visitors and customers. However, you should ensure that you are not overwhelming your users with push notifications. Only to inform them about special offers and discounts should be in the cards of your online marketing. It is one of the trends which is popular in the market now and we hope to see great inception of this trend in the entire 2019.

#14 Progressive Web Apps

With the progressive web apps, the user can get the same functionality and experience as native apps over the webpage. The concept of progressive web app is based on HTML 5. One of the best examples of the success of progressive apps is Flipkart which is a big e-commerce company in India. It has been found that the company experienced a 70% increase in conversion after PWA.

#13 Artificial Intelligence

Robotics has changed our lifestyle. Cortana and Google Assistant are no more alien to people. Artificial intelligence has taken aback the world and now it is the time to inculcate it in your website. Mobile apps are already using this trend and the biggest example of this is Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Including features and functions powered by AI is the need of the 2019 web development trend.

#12 Motion UI

In order to increase the conversion rate of a website, Motion UI is the trend that the web developers should follow. This tool supports animation and transition in web development. It is one of the attractive ways to hold the visitor in website through motion picture and animations which in turn may decrease the bounce rate. Give your minimalistic website a life with motion UI because it is the need of the present technology trend.

Web Development Trends to Look Forward

#11 Internet of Things

Do you know that by the end of 2025 there would be 75.44 billion connected devices (A report by Statista)? For sure the enormous growth of these connected devices will impact web development process too, as all the devices would be connected through desktop or laptop. To ensure great security it is necessary to integrate these devices with the website.

#10 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a futuristic technology which has the capacity to change the way of interaction in a website. Through VR, you can offer an immersive world to your users. Tech giants like Google, Samsung are already on their way on experimenting with the technology over the web, this omits the risk factor for your investment. Using VR in web app development will boost up the user experience.

Web Development Trends to Look Forward

#9 Single Page Applications

The considerable decrease in page loading time and simpler user interaction are the two biggest advantages of Single Page Application. Apart from this, SPA expedites dynamic loading of a page or a partial content, within a given page. These all are probably the reason why SPA is popular among developers and why it should be looked forward as a future trend in web development.

#8 Accelerated Mobile Pages

In order to deliver ultimate user experience, Google developed AMP. This is an open source platform which increases the speed and performance of a website. Following this trend for 2019 web development and beyond is going to provide your users ease in browsing through your website.

#7 Chatbots

Every potential visitor to a site counts. Chatbots is the instant messaging feature incorporated in a web or an app that helps to communicate easily with potential visitors or users. It has changed the way of communication in a website. Most of the websites have AI integrated Chatbots that are providing them ease to interact with the impending clients through AI or executives. Chatbots enabled people in making a quick decision, as a result, it is going to increase online sales. Definitely, it is one of the trends that web developers should follow in 2019 and beyond that too.

Web Development Trends to Look Forward

#6 Augmented Reality

Almost similar to virtual reality, augmented reality is about showing a virtual world in the real world to the users. Augmented Reality is going to increase the user’s experience as it uses existing reality and physical objects to deliver computer-generated augmentations over the top of reality, in real time. Web development company and developers are looking forward to this trend in 2019 as it is directly related to user experience. It is going to change boost up retention rate in a website. The user could easily take a dive in the virtual world and can make his decision to go for the product or services.

Web Development Trends to Look Forward

#5 Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is expected to bring drastic changes in the thriving web industry (success of Bitcoins is the best example). As it offers safe and secure online transaction while eliminating the necessity of intermediaries, it is a web development trend that the web development company must consider in 2019 and beyond.

#4 Voice Search

The text-based search is now replaced with voice search. Siri and Alexa are the perfect examples to quote the success of voice search. Web developers should follow this trend in their development process all because as people will get more and more familiar with the technology, they would tend to look out the feature on a website too. Definitely, in the coming years, people would be exposed to interactive websites all because of the voice search technology.

Web Development Trends to Look Forward

#3 Cybersecurity

It is always a critical topic for the internet. Although, there have been regular developments and gradation with respect to cyber security but data breaches and cybercrime is still a matter of concern for the developers. Web developers should look forward in this to ensure safe browsing through their website to the user.

#2 User Behaviour Tracking

When we say user behavior tracking, we are definitely not discussing rocket science. Through the mouse movements, pattern of choice, number of clicks, user interaction and there are many numerous ways through which the behavior of user can be tracked. With the intensifying competition, the companies strive to provide a pleasant user experience. And, it can only be achieved if they are able to track the user’s behavior. Web developers are advised to inculcate this technology in order to stay ahead of curve.

#1 JavaScript

JavaScript has dominated the technology market in the year 2018 and is going to remain in a good position in the present year as well. JavaScript is responsible for developing dynamic web applications (as we know that static website is a big ‘no’ as per the latest technology trends). It is very well known that JavaScript facilitates the developers to build clean, robust, and more responsive websites. So, saying this won’t be wrong that this technology is going to dominate the web development industry in 2019 and beyond.

In a Nutshell

When we say ‘trend’ then there are so many things to follow. But, what you should include always depends on your business needs. If you are planning to develop your website then during your consultation with web development services provider company or developer you should ensure that the desired features are included. A website with a good user interface is always a good choice to make. The latest trends would aid you to achieve this goal.

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  2. There are some serious trends listed. VR, Augmented reality, cyber security, user tracking and others are becoming very big and will be the future. Cyber security will only keep growing as the world becomes more connected. User tracking is big data for companies to improve services and know more about us. The world is changing very quickly.

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