Guide to the Top 5 Video Editors

If you have a camcorder, you also need to get a video editing software.

This is because you will make mistakes in recording movie and you will need a video editor to edit the video and remove the mistakes. In this way, the final video you upload will look professional like a TV show. The following are the top 5 video editors.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere elements is a popular program used for professional video editing. There are 3 modes including Quick, Guided, and Expert. In quick mode, it will automatically arrange the media on the timeline. In guided mode, it will explain all the features of the program. In expert mode, no training is provided since you already know how to use the program. The timeline can support up to 102 video and audio tracks.

The software provides hundreds of transitions, and special effects, you can use on your video for free. When you load your media files, it will help you to organize them by the meta data and categories. It offers presets that are optimized for different devices such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. You can upload the finished video to places like YouTube and Vimeo. Both HEVC and HEIF formats are supported by the software. The smart trim in quick mode can scan your video and automatically trim off parts that it regard as unnecessary.

Top Video Editors


Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a beginner friendly video editor that is equipped with a timeline and a selection of basic tools for editing the video. The timeline can support the unlimited number of photos, video clips and audio clips. Because the timeline can support images, you can use it to create video from photos. It has a lot of animated titles, transitions, and filters to choose from. The interface of the timeline support drag and drop so you don’t have to keep pressing the Add Media Files button to load the files.

If you click on the gear wheel, you will be able to find the audio/video setting. In the video tab, you can find options like color adjustment, Chroma key, and slow motion. The software supports a lot of conversion formats for audio, and video. There is also a comprehensive list of presets for different tablet, phone, and computer devices. It also has a built-in tool that let you upload your video to the video sharing platform. The screen recorder tool is accessible on the main screen. It also supports microphone recording for those who want to include their voice over in the video.


Cyberlink Power Director

Cyberlink Power Director is a fast video editor that you can use to edit handheld videos and slideshows. It offers options to import your media files from several sources including Cyberlink Cloud, Director Zone, and Flickr. There are several modes including timeline, storyboard, and auto mode. The Magic Movie Wizard can transform your clips and pictures into a ready video. In the Magic Movie Wizard, you must first choose your media. Next, you must select the style, background music and duration for your video. It will take some time to process your media and generate a video.

Cyberlink Power Director now has a playback window that will show you a preview of how your video will look like as you make the edits. There is a collection of plugins and effects, you can access for free. You can record your voiceover while the video is playing. It will save your voiceover recording as a new audio track. You can set a time limit to the voiceover recording to prevent recording yourself talking for too long. The video you burn can be burned to DVDs, Blu-rays, and AVCHD. It offers presets compatible with various online video platforms such as YouTube.


Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite is an easy to use editor with no adware. It is suitable for use in slicing video to remove unnecessary parts. There are 2 black markers on the player which you can move to select the part that you want to keep. You can move the clip you cut into the preferred position. When you load a video, you can go through frame by frame. There is an option to save the current frame in BMP format.

There is a tag editor that you can use to add metadata to the video. The function for editing the audio is locked in the free version. It can only open a limited number of video file formats. You can only export your video in two formats including AVI and WMV in the free version. The video conversion quality is good. Videos are converted without involving the re-encoding process. The commercial version supports more formats like MP4, MOV, and LV. In the commercial version, you can also extract the audio part from the movie.



Avidemux is a video editor with a simple and efficient user interface. Although the interface is simple, it is not as straightforward and can be a little hard to use for beginners. If you want to cut a video, you just move the A and B markers. The tools that are most often used are placed on the main page. Avidemux software can be used for append video files of the same types. The videos that you want to merge must not be encoded before. You can also perform other functions like trimming, adding filters, and moving the clips.

There is a Go to Time feature that let you enter the time that you want to jump to in a video. It allows you to save a frame as image formats such as PNG, BMP, and JPG. Files that are recently opened can be accessed in the recent menu. You can adjust a number of video settings including brightness, saturation, and hue. It has the option to reduce noises in the video background. You can also add hardcoded subtitles to help the audience understand the video.

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