7 Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid in 2019

Do you get impressed when you see a logo or a banner of a brand at the first peep? Well, then you would surely get a surprise when you know the hidden story behind them!

The logo on your website and the overall graphic design has a lot more to do rather just depicting your brand identity; it showcases the history and reliability of your brand. A little blunder in designing your website could be the sure shot reason for increased bounce rate and lower conversions.

So, did we mean that your logo or brochure design is the reason for the decreasing number of leads besides offering top-notch services and products? Undoubtedly, yes! Can you imagine a logo that isn’t appealing enough to build trust would be influential enough to compete with the ones that are creatively designed? You have your answer with you!

The first impression is always the last one especially when you have to build your online presence. A little analysis of your business and the targeted audience could lend a hand in designing a logo or a website that engages users at the first glance.

So you would be probably having little idea regarding the aspects that we would be covering in this post. Dive in to know more about the graphic designing blunders that won’t be accepted in 2019.

# Improper Color Combinations

One of the biggest blunders that you should avoid is choosing inappropriate color combinations! Users simply don’t rely on a website or a brand logo, which has too shady or faded colors. Adequate color schemes could be the reason for your next lead without squandering your efforts and investment!

Developing a brand aesthetic simply relies on leaving an impression on the right customers. Spending adequate time in making the best color combination could be rewarding enough to leave you with the right leads.

Most of the times your design and message couldn’t be conveyed with the improper usage of colors as they initially build a trust over the users. Certain do’s and don’ts eventually apply when you pick the right color combination that we would be mentioning here:


  • Always prefer more than one color
  • Design a black and white logo first then try hands on different color schemes and combinations
  • Do research regarding the trending brands and their engaging logos
  • Watch a tutorial on fusing colors that goes with your brand or products


  • Never add too many colors (it would surely make it a mess)
  • Don’t choose a clip art or a design that isn’t fresh
  • Make sure your colors aren’t too darkso that it isn’t able to depict the actual meaning
  • Don’t mix fonts. Use a single font only

These are some crucial aspects that you should strictly follow when picking the right colors for your business logo designing or creating layouts for your website.

# A Spelling Mistake

You just can’t afford your logo or the infographic that you are about to use for promoting your brand contains text that isn’t spelled correctly. Isn’t it? Well, there are numerous brands out there that are creating banners and pamphlets that contain typos!

Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid

This could be the worst thing for a brand that is already striving for brand awareness in the competitive market. It is strongly recommended to proofread your posts again and again so as to shun any chance of misspelled words or sentences that aren’t grammatically precise.

There is no hard and fast rule that a good graphic designer ought to be a good writer! There could be some flaws in the content that you wish to display on the website’s banner or an infographic that you designed for your website or a digital marketing campaign.

Apart from this, it has been seen that your brand name’s spelling could resemble a word but with a slight change in the spelling. This is the common area of the flaw where the designer can eventually leave you embarrassed in front of your audience. Make sure you proofread precisely before your final submission. Moreover, some spell check tools could be reliable in some scenarios but it is good to perform the same on your own.

# Invoking Your Creativity

Gone are the days when you could provide a short description of your product and that was enough to promote your brand. One needs to catch the attention of the users within a fraction of second! Yes, we are again talking about the first impression of your post, logo, or website that you can’t manage to be a negative one.

Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid

Ample graphic designing professionals are available in the market that is capable of delivering out of the box designing services for varied designing needs. Hiring a professional would surely impact your users and can boost your business with organic leads. There is no point you can expect that you are creative enough to showcase the desired creativity and experiment on your brand awareness itself.

Also, you don’t want to create a design that is understood by you only? Isn’t it? Sometimes you need to rely on third-party creative teams that work precisely on altering the brand name or logo that isn’t influential enough to engage the audience. This would be the best way to make your logo or an infographic more engaging by minimizing your efforts and saving a lot of time.

# Sticking to the Boxy Design

If you think your logo or the website design should follow the conventional boxy design in order to meet the competition; you need to think again! Users are always on a hunt for the brand or services that can steal their eyes at a single go. For this, the old-school design is already out of the trend and you need to work precisely on creating an out of the box thing!

A little curvy or a slight flamboyant design could leave a question in the minds of users that would surely engage them towards your brand. You can take the help of numerous portals that can provide you an idea about the trends in designing or how you can convey the story of your brand through a logo.

Just make sure you don’t copy paste the old designs by changing the brand name and expect that you would be the next market leader. Nothing is going to happen if your first impression on your audience isn’t great even if you know your services and products are far better than your competitor’s!

This is the main reason why most of the people spend a huge amount on designing their website’s landing page, logo, and enhanced user experience. If you too are still stuck to the old design of your logo or website’s layout, it’s time to add some curves to it and enhance your brand awareness.

# Jumbled Fonts

Do you think that you would catch the attention of the audience by considering variations in your text’s font? Well, to some extent, you would, but in a negative aspect! There is no point you can expect your brand’s image to be showcased in a catchy way if you use different fonts until they depict some purpose.

Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid

There are brands that convey a strong message or story through precise utilization of defending fonts, which is totally a different case as compared to yours. One can’t deny the fact that without research about the targeted audience and the type of product that they need to sell one cannot play with the fonts.

A great example is of brands that only utilize their name in their logo with a hidden message that smartly enhances their brand awareness. We are not saying that you should copy the same but at least you can take a hint regarding the best possible ways to improve the design of your graphics or logos.

As per the designing experts, one cannot ignore the fact that their brand name can be used as the perfect way to design the logo. For instance, the initials of the company’s name could be used and designed in the shape or size of the product that they sell. This is the smartest way to ensure that you get the right attraction from the audience.

# Unnecessary Filling the Whitespace

Another common mistake that is repeated is the unnecessary filing of the whitespace with the elements that actually ruin your graphic’s overall appeal. As per the designing experts, the adequate utilization of white space is perhaps art that can’t be just stuffed with any element without considering its overall appearance and thinking about the user’s perspective.

As per a survey, the audience is always searching for brands that can depict a lot about their reliance and expertise in offering certain services and products. The one with an average logo design or website layout could be seen striving with issues like a higher bounce rate. So, what to do with the whitespace? Do you think it should be filled unnecessarily or it can still look decent? Well, why not consult an experienced graphic designer!

Since the logo or website layout designing entirely depends on the type of products or services that you are offering; you can still follow some strict rules that can help in making engaging graphics:

  • Avoid unnecessary elements that don’t promote your brand or the company’s history in anyways
  • Adequate utilization of white space is the crucial step of creating a masterpiece, hence, you should use it wisely
  • Invoking 2D or 3D transformations could be a decent yet powerful way of creating engaging graphics
  • Less is always more; don’t add more text, colors, and certain elements in the logo, website, or info-graphics
  • Try to place the text and graphics in a way that they don’t overlap and affect their individual significance
  • Never use long lines of text when designing an informative infographic
  • Follow proper hierarchy when conveying a message to your audience by highlighting the most crucial part of the campaign on the top.
# Don’t Follow Trends, Create Yours!

Last but you can’t say least! Your logo designing strategy rather an idea shouldn’t be encouraged from a popular brand. We don’t recommend that you shouldn’t check out the concept behind the most stunning logos in the town rather emphasize creating your own benchmark!

Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid

A logo designed to complement your brand in the most astounding way is far better than a trending logo approach that can’t even guarantee a single lead generation. The same goes for the designing of the landing page of your website. It would be a great decision to invoke the best out of your creativity and precise use of text, elements, and colors to showcase a positive and convincing image of your brand.

One can ask for feedback from the audience by launching a beta version of its website design, logo, or mobile application design. This would help in analyzing the flaws that can affect your brand awareness and needs to be fixed before you can launch your product or start marketing.

Final Verdict

These are some common designing issues that actually impact your brand image and market repute of your company. The simple steps mentioned in the post are more than enough to ensure that you get enough client engagement through your website, posts, and logo.

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  1. Hello Henna,

    I agree with your blog which is very informative for graphic designers and others. Definitely, I follow your tips and thanks for sharing such useful information.

  2. Hello Henna,

    I agree with your blog which is very informative for graphic designers and others. I definitely follow the tips and apply in my website. Thanks for sharing with us.

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