11 Benefits of A Custom WordPress Theme for Your Online Business Platform

A brand should be unique in all aspects. Developing a brand takes months of hard work.

Nothing can be more devastating when the specifications of a brand match with another. It might leave the audience confused and baffled. The similar features will automatically end up losing their importance and the identity of the business will be lost. This is why the experts always suggest creating a customized theme for the business website a client wants to host.

A brand-specific online presence is mandatory for businesses these days. It will require a new theme for the website, a business-specific logo, and a set of striking features that will create a positive mark in the mind of the targeted audience. It has been found that a visitor spends not more than 8 seconds on a website to find his necessities. Within this time span, the website has to create a great first impression so that the visitors can be engaged for a longer span of time and increase the rate of lead conversion. In the beginning, most of the online ventures seek for a free theme to develop their websites. As time passes by, it is very important to make sure that the brand has its own unique identity. The customized website themes are the best answer to all these questions.

WordPress is the most vividly used content management system that accounts for over 26% of the entire internet. You can possibly imagine how many websites are developed and launched if WordPress is the vastest platform used by the developers around the world. Logically, there is a high chance that the free themes might have been used many times by the developers as per the necessity of the clients. This is where the identity of the businesses is diluted. To create a unique world of business, a WordPress Development Company prepares a new theme for the clients to make a unique mark in the world of internet.

Premium themes, free themes, and customized themes: What is the difference?

Premium themes, free themes, and customized themes

Various WordPress Services will suggest taking three different options depending on the necessities of a client. A website will be created either by using the free themes available on the internet or found by default in the content management platform. The website can also be developed using a premium theme that costs between US$ 50 and US$ 100. These themes are better in configuration and features from that of the free themes. In rest of the cases, the clients seek a WordPress theme development service to fabricate a brand-specific theme so that the business can be established from the very beginning with its own identity.

A reputed website development service hosts more than 1000 websites alone using the WordPress platform. Imagine how important it is to create a new theme or customize a theme as per the necessities of a brand in this market. Depending on the time and budgetary concerns of a client, a theme genre is chosen so that the developer can provide apt results within the stipulated amount of time. Despite all the factors, the expert developers always suggest their clients to go for a customized and unique WordPress theme so as to stand out of the crowd. Choosing a service for development of best customized WP themes will become an asset for the company in the long run.

Reasons behind Choosing Customized WordPress Themes

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons behind choosing a dedicated theme for the website development for your business. Imagine a crowd of people wearing the same dress! How hard it is to find a child in a school uniform in a crowd of pupils? This is the first step of developing a self-identification for online businesses. Here is why it is very important to create a customized WP theme for your business.

Premium themes, free themes, and customized themes

1. Consistency

Like a person’s handwriting, every theme developed is unique in its own sense. The approaches vary from one developer to the other. The consistency differs even if the core pages are similar in the themes constructed by a developer. The codes might also vary and may not meet the specific demands of a website planned.

There will be differences in CSS mark-up, HTML structure, PHP code, etc. There are many other reasons that will compel a developer to start creating a new theme without going for so much hassle on the first place. When there is an urgent requirement of a website, using a pre-developed theme might become essential or else, creating a WordPress theme from a scratch is ideal for all website development projects.

2. Uniqueness

There is a lot of noise in the world of internet. Most of the businesses lose their identity in this noise. The overcrowded market has a huge number of businesses in the same genre. It shows how important it is to create a unique website platform for a business and develop a brand identity. It is very easy to get lost in this noise when you do not have a unique identity. This is where the necessity of WordPress Theme Customization comes into the picture. The brand awareness in this digital world will need a new face or a unique landing page, a website, a logo and various other elements. A stand-out theme will be ideal for the establishment of a business among the targeted audience and win an extra edge in the competition.

3. Stop hacking, start enjoying

Developing a new theme is a different experience. It is far better than hacking the code of an existing free theme to get it matched with the necessities of a business. It will take ample time to understand the code used by the previous developer so that new codes or features can be introduced. Why work hard on something that has already been created and used many times? The same effort will bring a better and unique output and the experience will be excellent. Working with a WordPress Theme Development service is also a unique experience or the clients as there are so many segments for the inclusion of original concepts. More satisfaction is on the way when you design your own theme with a service provider. The team will give you enough ideas to work on. You can also make your own report by doing research and make your desired online platform more engaging and interactive.

4. Executing exact design

There are themes that might match the specific requirement of a client in a unique way. In most of the cases, it is hard to find such themes pre-built. The reputed WordPress theme developers often work on the framework beforehand so that they can easily execute what the clients need.

Once the framework is built, the basics are done and left to that mode where the modifications can be done easily. These different WordPress themes developed will be ideal for customization. It becomes a lot easier to create a website that a client wants in the very first place. The customized themes are the best means to get what you want without wasting time and resources. Starting from a scratch to every pixel added, a customized theme is what you need to kick start your website in a better and most efficient way.

5. Security issues

A pre-developed theme is not a good choice for security issues. This is why the majority of the WordPress Website Development services choose to go with a customized theme. The loopholes and security gaps will not be present in a customized theme. Despite the fact of improbability that the security of a website can be solidified, the chances of leaving loopholes are reduced to a minimum.

There will be fewer bugs, almost no loopholes, and the service provider will be aware of every element included to create this new website. It means that the patches will be easier to provide and will also ensure better security to the content of the website.

6. Compatibility

The biggest and most important issue that a WordPress theme developer faces is when he has to incorporate a plugin that does not match the criteria of the pre-established themes. As the business will grow, the necessity of new plugins will arise in the future. In most of the cases, it has been found that the developers find it hard to introduce a new plugin in a pre-defined theme.

The WordPress Plugin Development service will become more convenient when the service has previously developed its own theme to construct the website. The known features and codes of the website will be known to the developer and it will become a lot easier to prepare a compatible plugin for the business website in no time. It is hard to make changes on a pre-developed theme whereas; a customized theme gives immense flexibility to make different changes in the future.

7. Avoiding feature overload

It is not unknown to the developers that almost all the 3rd party pre-developed themes are full of different features. The reason is pretty simple. The theme developer does not know where his creations will be used. This is why they create a better pitch for the theme users for a better and convenient outcome. This can be a big drawback for the website development service. A website with more features than necessary will automatically confuse the visitors. There will be unwanted navigational hindrances faced by the users. The website developers, on the other hand, will have to work elaborately to exclude the features that are not needed as per the standards set by the clients for a project. In fact, the more features present in a theme, the more time the website will take to load. The reaction time of users will not permit to increase the organic traffic flow to your website. It is better to exclude the unnecessary features which will also attract a lot of extra work. This is where a WP theme customization service is ideal for the developers and the website owners.

8. Building functionality of plugins

This is rather a huge benefit for the developers who like to create their own WordPress theme. The plugins that are necessary to run a website will not be required as the customized theme can be prepared by including the same functionalities that the plugins incorporate. Customizing a theme will not make the website dependent on 3rd party plugins. Hence, the website will be faster. It will load quicker and will deliver a better rate of satisfaction.

9. SEO compliance

When it comes to competition in the market, SEO is the best tool for a website owner to win. It has been found that only a customized theme is ideal for better SEO results. The limited source code used to create the theme is a plus point to enjoy excellent SEO compliance. On the other hand, the requirement of very few plugins will also add an extra edge in SEO compatibility. The WordPress customization service will offer a platform built on lean coding with limited features, thus helping you to create a better SEO compliant website to reach out to the target audience.

10. Maintenance

Imagine you have built an engine starting from a scratch. How easier will it be to maintain the engine and enjoy its functionality? The same stands true in this customized theme development scenario. The developer will find it easier to maintain the website, edit content, make necessary changes, and keep it functional. In fact, it will also come with regular updates, timely maintenance, bug fixing, etc.

11. Price

The only constraint in this scenario might be the price related to the development of a customized theme. You have to consider the services needed when you opt for a pre-developed theme such as plugin development, source code management, transforming the theme to match the business features, etc.


Above are the reasons why the Best WordPress Website Development Services always consider preparing a customized them based on the specific requirements of a business. Create a unique identity for your business. This one-time investment will bring a higher return in the future.

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