Best Website Design Tips for Fitness Websites – Which Are the Best Templates?

New Year will mean new you and this mostly applies to personal health and fitness goals. If you can apply such strategies to your health, why not employ the same to your company’s website?

It goes beyond saying that your website is the initial interaction which anyone has with your company and so it is worthy updating and optimizing the design of your website. As we’ve stepped on to 2019, now is the best time to consider designing your website in an appropriate manner so that it appeals to the maximum number of people.

However as the trends of web designing and user experiences keep changing constantly, you might feel overwhelmed to decide where to start from. It is not just the feel and look that is important but your website also has to be inbound-friendly so that it could easily maximize the revenues.

Who Is Going To Design Your Website?

Are you planning to redesign your website? If answered yes, both you and your company can take 2 different paths, designing it on your own and outsourcing the designing part to a third-party company. It is only you who knows your brand best and hence communicating your ideas to the third-party company can often cause headaches. At the same time, undertaking the major task of website designing can also overwhelm your in-house team. Regardless of whether you’re designing for a fitness brand or a dementia care company or a healthcare firm, you can’t achieve your designing goals unless you have a dedicated team who work relentlessly hard.

Using a third-party firm or an agency has its own sets of challenges and benefits. When you work with an experienced firm, they have the skill and expertise to help you design branded and user-friendly websites. In fact, they will also work their best to guide you through the process of creating a seamless experience. The representatives will make sure that they keep up with the ever-evolving web design trends.

General Yet Important Elements That Your Website Should Have

There are several components of designing a website which are basic and no matter what, they don’t change over time. For the year 2019 and beyond that, maintaining a proper user experience is crucial and including a responsive design is a must so that your website can be opened effortlessly in any device that the visitors are using. There are few companies which often design keeping in mind the desktop version but they usually lag behind on mobile devices. If you too are one among them, you should immediately learn what responsive designing is and leverage it in your web designing approach.

Through the content of your website, you should be able to address the pain points of your audience. If yours is a company which requires placing forms, make sure you place contact forms which are easy-to-use in a strategical approach all over your website. Moreover, the syntax and style of your copy should also be consistent as the visitors usually jump from one page to another thereby increasing your website’s bounce rates. Hence, the design of your website should work in your favor and it shouldn’t ever make the audience distract from the key message of your website.

Fitness Website Design – Which Are The Best Practices?

Do you own a fitness gym for which you’re trying to design a website? One of the most important ways in which you can promote your gym is by designing a worthy website. Gym websites have become way too common as this is the first way in which people find out which gyms are close to them and what services they offer.

Fitness Website design

Designing poor fitness websites can damage your success in lead generation and in growing the memberships of your gym. The first impression that people make about your gym is through its website. Hence, it is always a wise idea to keep up with the design trends to make sure you become the most luring choice for people. Here are the best practices to follow.

  • Responsive web designing: When a website is responsive to mobile devices, this makes the user experience much better on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. By a responsive website, we mean that the site will have a capability of automatically detecting the size of the screen on which the user is opening the website and it responds automatically. This also means that the web design will look perfect no matter which device it is being opened on. Moreover, Google also prioritizes responsive websites than those that are not.
  • Offer timeless and relevant content: When you try to make a website for your gym, your ultimate goal would be to make your visitors keep coming back to your site. What is the ultimate mantra for achieving this? Well, you need to have valuable content which the users are watching out for. You should provide information training programs, the times of training sessions, the durations and if you really want to take your website a step further, you should try your best to create educational content. You may also use inbound marketing to focus on utilizing content to draw more people to your website.
  • Clean and modern design: Regardless of whether your website is an Australian home care site or a gym-based site, you can never overlook the fact that your website design will always have an impact on the user experience. For someone who is searching for a gym in his area, your website is definitely the first impression that it can create for your organization. In case your website looks disorganized and dated, the visitors will move over to another option. Hence, having a clean and modern design is a must and it should also have a clean and simple look.
  • Make sure your website objective is clear: People who visit your site are usually looking forward to having definite information. You should ensure that your website’s objective is clear enough so that people get to know exactly what you offer and whether your gym has got whatever they’re searching for. Focus on the main areas on which you focus and tell them what they will get when they start their membership with your gym. Also be vocal about all promotions and offers. It is also necessary that you have enough detail on the buyer personas to give them content which they will wish to see.
  • Include reviews from other visitors: By now, did you take a close look at your online reviews? If answered no, this would probably be the best time to start looking at them. Bright Local had studied that 90% of the people who search for companies and services online first check the reviews to know the quality of the services provided by the same. So, this is the main reason why you should take a quick look at the reviews and post both positive and negative ones so that the visitors find it credible and authentic.
  • Use pictures that inspire people: Using the best photos can either make or break the designing part of your fitness website. Don’t you want your photos to look inspiring and interesting? Photos usually have a huge impact on the emotional response which the users have when they visit your website. Leverage photos which show off the gym equipments and also the trainers who work in your gym. You have to be inspiring enough if your want to grow your gym memberships.
  • Create a fitness blog: Once you search online, you will get lots of fitness information but do all of those come from credible sources? One of the best tools that can help you show your expertise in fitness training or whichever area you specialize in. A blog is also one of the best places to answer few of the common questions which people keep asking. In case you’re struggling to find out topics to write on, keep in mind the questions asked by people.
  • Utilize CTAs: If you thought that your website is just an online business card, you’re wrong as there’s more to it. Nothing can be worse than someone visiting a website only to find that there is nothing but the contact info. So, you can use CTAs or Call to Actions which are icons that can redirect a visitor to some other page in order to enhance their user experience. These words would possibly help them find out whatever they’re searching for.

The Most Energized Fitness Sites on the Web – Take A Look

For novice web designers, the best way of being able to create brilliant works is to learn from the best website designs that are found on the internet. As you belong to the fitness industry, here are few of the most energized fitness websites that you will ever come across on the web. Take a look at them so that you can learn.

#1: Amenzone Canada

Amenzone Canada

Responsive, photography, fullscreen, sound/video, minimal and portfolio – these are the top features of this site. This website uses a very simple color combination of red, black and white and with these 3 colors; they succeed in sharing and spreading their message with a minimal and clean look. Their content is presented in great layout and the users can easily navigate from one section to another without losing track.

#2: Phive Health and Fitness Centers

Phive Health and Fitness Centers

Parallax, flat design, minimal, photography, animated, SVG, responsive and sound/video – these are the top design features. This website has been voted as SOTD at CSS Winner, Awwwards, Phive is a website that is built to showcase their 2 health and fitness centers in Portugal along with their gym activities and personal trainers. This is a trendy concept and the design usually flows well all over the site with fun animations and other sound effects which are on fleek.

#3: Virgin Active

Virgin Active

Full-screen, single page, photography, minimal – these are the top features of designing of this page. Virgin Active is a multinational health club which has gyms that are located in many different countries which include Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand and South Africa. This is a clean and easily navigable website and hence a user will never feel overwhelmed while gaining user experience of the site. They have a color combination of grey and red and this has proved to work time to time.

#4: Amir Khan World

Amir Khan World

Photography, minimal, portfolio, typography and single page – these are the best design features. We all know that Amir Khan is a pro-boxer who is utilizing his personal website in order to build his brand. The site’s minimalistic approach is something we love and along with the minimalist approach, they also have a bold typography. This is one of those websites where less means more. At Amir Khan World, they use the best quality photography.

#5: 20 Minute Body

20 Minute Body

Single page, full screen, colorful, photography – these are the top features of this website. If there is a fitness website which is mainly focused on selling product packages, a long page layout might look fine. There are few fitness and health websites which emphasize on selling products and this is one such site. This is why this is a website which lets us think of using the most effective call-to-actions through which the user will find all sorts of details before he makes a purchase.

#6: Create Pilates

Create Pilates

Create Pilates is next on our list. The moment you check out your website, you will feel the dynamism and energy oozing out seamlessly from this website. They mainly work on Pilates and hence you can experience other elements like yoga and nutrition also on this site. This website ranks high in usability and can capture a fun vibe like the precious protein bar which every fitness enthusiast needs to start their day with.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can design your fitness website in such a manner that is attracts more visitors, take into account the above mentioned tips and strategies.

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