Top 11 UI and UX Trends to Leverage Profits in 2019

There were 3.58 billion internet users in the year 2017. In 2018, the total number of internet users has crossed 4 billion. Since the number of internet users is increasing rapidly, businesses are understanding the importance of online presence.

The small-scale businesses and startups need to focus more on website development along with a traditional way of approaching prospects. Many businesses that deal with ‘Smart’ things also consider mobile app development. The important thing here is generating online presence and retaining the good rank.

If you run a business (small or medium or large) you can simply develop a stunning website and create your unique identity. There are more than 1.8 billion websites around the globe. This data is of the current year. With so many websites, it is difficult to create your own identity and bring out something unique for customers. To develop amazing websites, businesses need to understand certain facts. If you think that developing an ordinary website can get you, good clients, you are wrong. With such a great competition, users are going to expect more and more in the upcoming year 2019.

Since the years are passing, the millennial generation has come to a stage of being in a list of potential buyers. When we say competition, we are not talking about your business competitors. This is an important difference. Since people are searching products and services on the internet, it is important to understand that they compare all websites from different sectors.

Let us explain with an example. A user has recently visited a website of a restaurant. The website had amazing animations, special effects, virtual reality, augmented reality, excellent bright colors, and beautiful content. The user got impressed and the website has created an impression on that user. Now the same user visits a website of a boutique. The boutique is very popular but their website is not so impressive. It has dull colors and no good content and the navigation is ambiguous. In such case, there are great chances that the user get out of the website in seconds.

UI and UX Trends to Leverage Profits in 2019

When we talk about web development, the first thing we think about is a domain, platform, web server provider, web hosting provider, etc. All these factors are extremely important while developing a website. But the design has always been a matter of interest for businesses as well as users. Website design is responsible for most of the user retentions and bounce rate too.

Design of mobile apps and websites create the first impression on users. Designers who wish to get more visitors and higher conversion rates should follow UI and UX trends that are going to rock the upcoming year 2019. Let us see what are the UI and UX trends for the year 2019.

1. Typography

Typography is a way for building great visual hierarchy. Are you telling a story to your visitors? If not, then you should start working on the story and typography can help a lot. The width of the text, type of font and much more is included in typography. Designers need to provide all the files for the font styles when a website requires different typefaces. Variable fonts can save you here. The variable fonts offer numerous letter weight and width adjustments. Beautiful narration with excellent typography engages users with a brand.

2. Illustrations

How to ensure that the action was taken by the user after the certain event was intentional or unintentional? You can take help of micro animations and custom illustrations. In the year 2018, some designers and animators experimented with unaligned designs and asymmetric diagrams. The custom illustration resulted good and all these businesses experienced better user experience. Customers love interactive designs. Allow them to respond to certain designs. If you want your website and mobile app to stand out in the crowd, free forms of designs are the best solution for you. Animations help the user understand the message easily and without hassle.

Animations and illustrations can make websites more memorable and unique. When we talk about UI UX betterment, animation and illustration are always there on the list. Since some websites and mobile apps gained good results with custom illustrations in 2018, other businesses should consider this trend in the upcoming year 2019.

3. AI

Artificial intelligence is a topic that has its own space in each list of trends. Artificial intelligence is a tree with many branches such as machine learning and chatbots. Users like to interact with businesses in real time. Every business should have customer support. Users with queries and issues can contact the support and get a solution in real time. Usually, the user experience can be enhanced with excellent chatbots. The bot responds to general queries by analyzing it. Developers need to train the chatbots with thousands of examples. AI can also be used to analyze user behavior on the website and mobile app. Developers can make changes in the design if needed. In the upcoming year, AI can bring smooth and consistent interactions between user and website.

4. AR

Augmented reality in simple words: experimenting a real object with help of a computer. Taking a picture of a real object and augmenting it on a real location virtually is augmented reality. Augmented reality allows physical interaction. Designers should involve real-life interactions to blend the physical and digital worlds and should forget UI fixed to screens. ARCore and AEKit are some popular AR development platforms that can help designers. These platforms are created by Apple and Google. Designers can use the real world objects present in surrounding of users.

5. VR

Virtual reality is not going away from the list of UI and UX trends. Virtual reality gives users an experience of virtual objects with the help of internet. But designers can use VR in many ways. They can use VR to educate users or to offer them real-like the experience of products. Virtual reality effects add uniqueness to the design and users enjoy interacting with a website or mobile app.

6. 3D Graphic

Some websites that tried 3D effects in the year 2018, noticed a decrease in page loading and the effects were not cost effective. Despite these issues, 3D graphics can play a wide role in UI trends in the year 2019. These graphics change the whole look of web pages. Designers and developers are working hard to increase the page load speed with 3D graphics. Those websites with HD images can use 3D graphics to offer the real-like feel of images to the users. More the realistic look, more interesting the web pages look.

7. Opacity

If you want to surge the app transparency, you can use opacity effect. Designers can setup different transparency settings related to color or the illustrations. You can offer a vibrant glass surface to the app interface segments. Most of the designers not only use it in the design of web pages but also in logo designs. Research proves that the design of logo plays a vital role in enhancing user interaction and user experience.

8. UI without buttons

Till the year 2018, designers have experimented a lot with buttons. It is observed that CTAs play a vital role in prospect conversions. The CTA buttons should be attractive enough for receiving a good number of clicks. The best example of UI without buttons is Instagram. E-commerce website designers can allow users to drag the items to the cart. In this way, the user can get a change of action and can also avoid unintentional clicks.

9. Voice command

If you are thinking of user interface assisting voice, then you are going on the right track. Websites that interact with users on their voice commands can do miracles. By the year 2020, 50 percent of search engine queries will be seen in a form of voice commands. So it is obvious that website designers should involve voice commands to enhance the user interface and user experience.

10. IoT

Internet of things can change the game of user experiences. Since the number of IoT users is supposed to increase in the year 2019, it is expected that website, mobile apps and other smart things to interact in a human-like way.

11. Content focused experience

No matter how exceptional product or service you are offering to customers, if they do not know about your existence, it is of no point. Designers should understand the customer journey in a proper way to offer a better experience. As mentioned in the first point, storytelling creates interest in users. When we talk about storytelling, illustrations and images are secondary. The primary factor is content. On an average, an average user is exposed to over 10,000 marketing messages every day. The content focused user experience can be in the form of videos and images.


It is clear that new UI and UX trends have the potential to rock the year 2019. If designers around the globe keep following and implementing these trends in the designs, it will become easier for users to interact with businesses in an interesting way.

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