Reasons Why You Should Choose the YII Framework

The Yii framework was developed on 1 January 2008 in order to combat the limitations of a popular framework, PRADO.

The PRADO framework, though being highly popular was not able to manage the fast development pace during the creation of intricate and complex pages. Additionally, the PRADO framework made it difficult to customize applications. As a result, the Yii programmer was introduced with a promise to help developers, which were not able to perform with the conventional frameworks.

What is Yii Framework?

Yii framework is an open source application that is designed with a motive to offer developers the features, which the previous frameworks were not able to provide. The framework backs object-oriented programming written with PHP 5. It is a component-based Model-View-Controller or MVC web application framework.

The Yii framework fixes all the limitations and drawbacks of the previously popular PRADO framework. PRADO was not efficient enough to support numerous aspects, which the modern and advanced frameworks need. For this reason, the Yii framework came as a handy solution.

This framework is loaded with numerous rich features and offer excellent functionality to the users. The framework has a provision to store user-contributed aspects in the extension repository. It was developed on a series of stages and took almost 10 months to get developed completely.

Finally, the alpha version of Yii programmer was released on October 2008. But the full version was introduced on December 3, 2008. The framework delivers optimized performance and for this reason, it has been adopted by developers to a great extent as compared to other PHP frameworks available in the market.

Yii has its full form as Yes. It has been given such a name as it is the fastest and efficient framework used for developing large-scale applications. As a result, it is suitable for not just building web applications but also to create social media forums, portals, and sites, which are great components for high traffic applications.

It is a secure and expert framework that offers caching assistance. Also, it serves the main aim of operating efficiently with the use of technology like AJAX. With Yii, it is possible to create vigorous projects easily and quickly.

Well, this is about the Yii framework, let’s glance at some of its top-notch features.

Features of PHP Yii Programmer

Some of the prominent features of the Yii framework are:

  • It comes with a Model-View-Controller or MVC design pattern.
  • The unit testing and functionality of Yii framework are based on Selenium and PHP Unit.
  • This PHP Yii supports time and date formatting, number formatting, interface localization, and message translation.
  • The framework supports fragment caching, layered data caching, dynamic content, and page caching. Also, it is possible to modify the medium of storage within the framework.
  • The framework is designed cautiously so that it can work efficiently with the third party codes. For instance, it is possible to use the codes from the Zend framework and merge it in the Yii application.
  • With PHP Yii, logging and handling errors are done in an efficient manner. It can be routed, categorized, and filtered to numerous destinations.
  • Also, PHP Yii programmer features management of web service request handling and intricate WSDL service specifications.
  • Yii framework provides a range of greatly intuitive and extensible tools for code generation, which can help you in rapid code generation of the code you require for features, like CRUD and form input.
  • Yii comprises numerous security measures that support in preventing the web applications from attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting or XSS, cross-site request forgery or CSRF, and cookie tampering.
  • Moreover, the framework implements a theming and skinning mechanism that helps the users in rapidly changing the outlook of a Yii powered website.
  • It offers a tutorial and detailed documentation of every single technique, which is adequate for a systematic learning.

Reasons to Choose the Yii Framework

Reasons to Choose the Yii Framework

1. Easy Installation

Time is very important in the digital world, and especially for web developers. It is essential for developers to reduce the installation time and save time for performing other important things. The Yii framework allows easy installation, convenient configuration, and is free from all kinds of complications.

2. Reduced Development Time

Being a web developer, you would never like to invest more time in a task or function repeatedly. Hence, the Yii framework is the best solution available for the users. It comes with multiple tools that help in reducing the time for repeatedly doing a work.

With the help of saved time, it is possible to carry customization of the web application. Additionally, it can be further enhanced according to the preferences of the client. The Yii framework generates specialized code for the action, CRUD controllers, forms, controllers, models, and extensions.

Furthermore, other command line tools are available that can help in creating code templates for message translations, database migration, and database fixture used for the automated test.

3. Fine-tuning for Better Performance

The Yii framework comes with a common API that offers great flexibility in different kinds of caching. It allows you to register for numerous cache components and at the same time offer support to the Yii programmer. Moreover, Yii is supportive of file systems and database caching. It provides support with Xcache, APC, Memcache, Zend data cache, and segment caching.

4. Enhanced Security

Another important aspect for a web application is high security. Yii incorporates numerous excellent security measures for cross-site request forgery prevention and prevention against cross-site scripting. Also, it offers prevention against cookie attack.

In addition to this, Yii also offers validation for both clients and server side. You can disable as well as enable validation rules for the Yii framework. For example, you might offer input to the framework that does not need validation as there is inbuilt authentication support available.

5. Compare Performances

It is possible to judge or compare the performances of the distinct frameworks on the basis of a parameter available in Yii framework. This set up is known as ‘Request per Second’ that indicates the number of requests, which an application is able to process in an hour with the support of a framework. Better the RPS, better performance you will get from that framework. This way, it becomes possible to identify an exceptionally brilliantly performing framework with Yii comparison.

Also, Yii is linked to co-deception, which is an excellent PHP testing framework. This is, in fact, a major reason, why developers are interested in the Yii programmer.

6. Convenient Customization

The web applications based on Yii framework come with simple code structures. As a result, it allows for easy customization or editing of those applications. You can obtain an extensive range of extensions and widgets that can be used as per your own unique preferences and requirements.

The Yii framework offers great benefits as well. For instance, the framework is completely object-oriented in nature, easy to expand, and architecturally clean.

7. Advance Technologies

Another reason that makes Yii a must use for all developers and programmers is the use of modern technologies in it. It uses an OOP framework and takes benefit of PHP’s advanced features. Some of such features are latest static binding, anonymous functions, SPL interfaces, and classes. Hence, developers who are looking for a framework that is based on all modern technologies, then the Yii programmer is the perfect choice for them.

8. Fully Extensible

One major reason that makes Yii framework highly popular among the developers is its ability to get tailored easily to fit the unique needs of the users. The great thing is that every component of this framework is virtually extensible.

9. Theme Using

An excellent and easy way to customize the overall look of your webpage is through theme customization. With this feature, it is possible to alter the overall appearance of a web application.

The Yii framework comes with varieties of themes. It has a directory that consists of JavaScript files, CSS files, and layout files. Also, it includes other relevant resource files to view files, for images and more.

You can find a theme under the name of its directory. All such themes are available under the same directory, WebRoot/themes. But yes, you can activate only one theme at a time.

10. Error Handling

Furthermore, Yii makes it easy and simple to handle errors. It is based on PHP 5 exception mechanism. When you create an application for the purpose of handling the request of a user, you can use the handleError method within it to handle PHP notices and warnings. Also, it registers the handleException method to handle the unidentified PHP exceptions.

When any unnoticed or uncaught exception or PHP warning occurs during the application execution process, one of the error handles takes control and begin the needed and appropriate error handling process.

11. Logging

There is also a logging feature present in Yii, which is extensible as well as flexible. It is possible to classify the messages, which are logged according to the log levels and message categories using this feature. You can even use category filters and level in order to further route the selected messages to distinct destinations, like emails, files, browser windows, and more.

12. Ideal for E-commerce Websites

In addition to easy installation, reduced development time, and high-end security, Yii framework offers an additional functionality, which makes it perfect for developing e-commerce websites too. It allows for easy debugging.

Bugs can occur at any point in time and with an effective debugging tool it is possible to identify bugs and solve them instantly saving money, time, and most importantly, your reputation. Yii makes debugging far much simpler and easier. It uses multiple debuggers that allow you to manage complex exceptions with resourceful metrics in an organized way.

13. Useful to Develop Any type of Web Application

Yii is a generic web programming framework that is ideal to be used for developing almost any kind of web application. It is because the framework is light-weight and incorporates sophisticated caching mechanisms. You can use it for high-traffic applications like forums, e-commerce sites, content management systems as well as low-traffic websites. No matter what kind of website you are creating and to which industry you belong, Yii will surely serve you in the best way and offer great results.

To Sum Up

Hence, Yiiprogrammer is one of the fast working and modern frameworks that you can use for web development. With Yii, you will be able to create web applications quickly and at the same make sure that your application performs well.

Additionally, Yii comes with rich tools that can be used to avoid creating slow websites, which are not able to perform in a competitive world. Yii framework allows testing each aspect of your website and creating highly secured sites. Also, it efficiently handles all errors and therefore offers a strong supportive environment to a website, which is needed to get the best results.

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  1. Yii is open-source in nature and supports object-oriented programming, written with PHP 5. As Yii is the framework, has a component based structure along with dependable caching support, it is suitable for curating large scale applications which include forums, content management systems (CMS), portals, e-commerce store and many more. Yii is an elite, segment-based PHP structure for growing extensive Web applications quickly. It is a non-exclusive Web programming system that can be utilized for growing all intents and purposes any sort of Web application. I really found this article an interesting and helpful one as it is giving all the important factors Yii framework. I would definitely like to read more articles from your side in future.

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