Top 21 Mobile Website Building Tools (Free & Paid)

Mobile websites are no longer a luxury, but have now become a necessity in today’s business world. If your online business website is not mobile-friendly, you might be missing a lot out on traffic generating from mobile devices. According to a recent report by Google, more than 60% search engine queries are now coming from handheld devices.

If you are wondering how to build a mobile website or think that creating a mobile version of your site is way too difficult, this article can help with the task. Although hiring a mobile development agency is your best bet in this situation, there is another option if you are not ready to invest a lot of money. You can try a free (or paid) mobile website builder.

There are many free and paid mobile website building tools that you can start using, however, choosing the right tool as per your needs can be a little intimidating. This is why I have made this list of the top mobile website building tools that you can trust completely. Let’s get started. (Free)


Mobirise is a simple website creator that lets users build any kind of mobile-responsive website for free and without coding. The tool employs an intuitive drag-and-drop based builder that anyone can use for creating simple to advanced mobile sites. If you are not already familiar with drag-and-drop builders, they are automated design tools where you can create a web page by simply dragging and dropping items (blocks) from a given list. With Mobirise, you can add and edit content on your site even without any technical skills or knowledge.


iWebKit is an iOS mobile app development tool that offers users a simple and interactive framework for creating mobile apps for iPhone and iPod devices. The tool can be used by just anyone who has a little knowledge of HTML and web. It might, however, need you to do more than just drag and drop items to build a mobile app using iWebKit. The interface is not very simple, but you can get it done by reading the attached user manual. If you are feeling confused, feel free to take help of a proficient mobile app developer.

Google Mobile Optimizer

Google Mobile Optimizer

To ensure that more and more websites get mobile-friendly as faster as possible, Google has now started its own mobile optimizer platform which can simply change your existing desktop site into a mobile-responsive website in no time. The mobile version thus created is lighter than the regular website and doesn’t have bulky images, headers and graphics. Since it is a separate mobile website, there are not much customization options available here. The website, however, follows the Google mobile search guidelines and is perfectly viewable on a mobile device.

Wix Mobile Editor

Wix is a popular website building and editing tool that automatically creates a mobile version of the website you are creating through it. While many mobile web builders compress the existing desktop website to make it mobile-friendly, Wix creates a separate mobile interface that you can edit and optimize in any way you want with a new design, colors, fonts, layout and content. Apart from that, it also provides many mobile-specific features such as maps, one-click-call and more.


Mippin is another free mobile website and app building tool that lets you create apps in as quickly as five minutes. It specializes in building cross-platform applications that work on every platform. The tool is particularly useful for creating apps for media websites and businesses. The company claims that it has already created over 50,000 apps using this tool. With Mippin, you can build a mobile website/app that works on thousands of mobile devices. It also has options for analysis reporting and tracking of revenue of the website.

goMobi (free/paid)

goMobi is a web-based website builder that lets you create websites that work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. With goMobi, you can create truly responsive websites without having to do any coding or spend bucks on hiring a mobile web design company. It is a powerful web design and building tool with an equally powerful CMS that is very easy to use and lets you create awesome websites in minutes. Other features include social, local and mobile customer targeting, fast and easy site development and built-in marketing features.



Mobify tool is available in both free and paid versions. It is a mobile website editor and creation tool that helps you build user-friendly and interactive websites that are responsive on all platforms. The tool comes with an intuitive GUI which is very easy to use. With Mobify, you can build a mobile-optimized website in just a few minutes and that too without any coding knowledge. In addition, it has its own mobile commerce system with which you can create an awesome e-store for your business customers on mobile.

Squarespace Mobile

Squarespace mobile editor is actually a global website editor through which you can create websites that are already mobile responsive. This is because all Squarespace themes are mobile responsive which you can start using as it is. The websites you build using this platform will be responsive to all screens and devices and can adapt to any screen size. The Squarespace themes are designed such that they look equally styling and elegant across all platforms. Moreover, it also supports Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) that allows users to hide excess items/content on their blog posts to make it load faster.

YoMobi (Free/Paid)

YoMobi is a special kind of website building tool that lets users build mobile sites that are marketing-friendly. It has standard features like maps, directions and one-click calling. The tool has been equipped with free email marketing and SMS marketing functions.


This is a WordPress plugin that you can easily integrate with your existing WordPress website or blog in order to create a mobile version of the same. The plugin is completely free to use and provides an intuitive interface to work with. The mobile version of your website is created in no time. Also, the user is not required to have any technical skill or coding knowledge in order to work with the plugin.

Bitrix24.Sites (Free)

The Bitrix24 website builder is free to use and can help you build awesome mobile and desktop sites with even zero coding and design skills. The tool has been integrated with several advanced features and options such as chat, CRM, email marketing, web forms and sales automation which you can integrate into your own website.

Mobilize Plugin

Mobilize is another popular WordPress plugin which works more or less the same way as the MobilePress plugin mentioned above. It is a free add-on that you can integrate into your WordPress website. The plugin will render a mobile version of your website and display the content accordingly to the mobile visitors. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin. It will then automatically create a mobile version of your website and redirect mobile visitors automatically to the mobile site. In addition, the plugin will also automatically scale all your website photos to fit on a mobile screen and convert videos to the mobile format.

Weebly Mobile (Free)

Weebly Mobile

Weebly has recently introduced a new mobile editor that enables users to automatically create a mobile-optimized version of their Weebly website. It also lets you preview the site while customizing and editing it. Unlike Wix, Weebly mobile editor doesn’t create a separate mobile website but makes a responsive site that works everywhere. However, since it compresses the desktop website into a mobile version, there is not much you can do in terms of editing or optimizing your site. (Free)

Site123 is a free and arguably one of the easiest website builders out there. It can be accessed online via the given website. The builder comes with several beautiful web and mobile templates which you can pick as per your preferences and theme choice. Other features include coding-free intuitive website editor, free hosting, mobile responsive design, SEO-optimized and E-commerce compatible.


Winksite is a free mobile website and community builder platform which is mainly used for the development of mobile sites whose primary focus in on social media marketing and interaction for website promotion. The software offers many options for increasing social interaction such as forums, chat and polls, all of which you can integrate into your mobile website to help users connect and stay in touch with the business. There is also a forum tool which you can use to further engage with your audience and make it easy for them to participate.

Duda Mobile (Free/Paid)

Duda Mobile

Duda is not just any mobile site builder. It takes data and design inspiration from your existing desktop website and online profiles and creates a mobile website accordingly. So, if you are not willing to build a mobile site from scratch and already have a desktop site, this is probably the best website building tool for you. Websites created by Duda are strictly optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices of your choice. There is also an alternative tool, called DudaOne – which can create a new website that works on all devices.

Jimdo Mobile

Jimdo is another popular website builder and hosting platform that lets you create mobile websites by using its mobile-responsive design templates. That means Jimdo websites need not be optimized for mobile. Rather than offering a dedicated mobile editor, Jimdo simply offers a bunch of templates that are already optimized to work on all devices.


IXM is a free mobile website creation tool by IM creator that allows users to build interactive mobile websites within minutes. It is a web-based platform that you can start using right away. Just choose a design from the available options and get started with editing your website. You can see the live preview of your site by scanning a QR code on your smartphone. It is as simple as mobile website development can get.

Joosee (Free/Paid)

Joosee is one of the mobile builders that let you create new mobile sites or update existing ones anytime from your mobile phone. The tool comes with hundreds of professional themes and design templates, along with advanced features like mobile maps, social sharing, one-click calling, Buy Now buttons and more to enable the development of feature-rich and user-friendly mobile sites. The free version lets you create websites of up to five pages and has ads.

Webnode is a global website builder that can help you create mobile-responsive websites in minutes. The interface is quite attractive and user-friendly. In fact, it is so easy to use that a normal website can be created in about 5 minutes. With Webnode, you can create websites for any purpose, including personal, business and blogs. It also supports e-commerce web development. The customization options and added plugins make the editing part super easy and even creative for users.

Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites

Zoho is a regular website creation platform that along with free website also offers free hosting for the websites developed on it. Zoho that are completely responsive so the websites look equally amazing on all devices, irrespective of size and platform. The available list of responsive themes along with integrated tools makes the development of mobile-friendly websites a breeze. Since there is one website for all devices, the URL is also only one, so you do not have to spend on the marketing of separate website versions. Other features include unlimited bandwidth, drag-and-drop builder, unlimited storage and ad-free website.


While I am sure that in this list you will more than what you are looking for, a simple search in Google can further produce you many more website building tools that let you create mobile-friendly sites. Some of them are free while others charge a fee for premium services.

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