When Websites Design Themselves through Artificial Intelligence

There have been a few human inventions that brought in huge development and change in the human experience. Fire and wheel were probably the earliest ones, and then later came electricity and the internet.

In the modern day, artificial intelligence is one of the following kind of inventions that is going to change human experience of existence to a great extent.

Artificial intelligence seems to interfere every industry and it is very much possible that it will soon be a necessary part of our everyday life. It has so much potential that it is said that it can be developed to replace human beings. However, currently it is pacing towards replacing the need of critical thinking for carrying out many complex tasks in many industries.

The transformation that this replacement can bring forth is anticipated to be larger than the transformations that came with fire or electricity. Yes, you read it right. However, currently the world is dealing with the internet and the world has almost turned into a digital realm where survival without the internet is very much difficult. The transformation of the world into a digital realm is happening really fast and the internet has already become a crucial part of our lives. Amusingly, one of the most AI influenced domain is the internet and its digital components such as website development and design, and tech designing. There are AI based systems that can independently generate websites. Let us discuss this in detail to explore how AI in functioning in the website industry.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Website Industry

Websites Design through Artificial Intelligence

Websites rely largely on what kind of the user experience do they provide to their audience, for success and AI has become a helping hand for the websites to improve the user experience. AI helps websites in a number of ways and this article is to provide you with a detailed information about the advancements of AI in the prospect of website development. Here are a few major benefits that websites are having with AI advancements.

Automated Website Design

Websites Design through Artificial Intelligence

With a collaboration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, experts have come up with a software that can create web designs all by itself. The Grid, for instance, is a website that offers to design websites completely based on Artificial Intelligence. The system analyzes every aspect of the design on its own and chooses what it ‘thinks’ fit best. It examines the input and analyzes different layouts to select the best, puts appropriate pictures, chooses recommended color themes, and create the whole website design without needing any outside help. It can even adjust the picture sizes to fit them in the design appropriately.

Of course, creating a website takes a lot of decision making and it is difficult to understand how machines can make decisions that will beat humans’ critical thinking and design sense. However, there are several capabilities and functions that are incorporated in the AI system to make it capable of operating in a way that is highly similar to how mind works. Let us explore further.

Cognitive Abilities

As we mentioned above, websites are largely designed to satisfy the users and that means that the website design needs to be created with much thought and creativity. Designers put forward a lot of effort to create well-designed websites. This is a job that needs inspiration that designers acquire from their surroundings by observing and contemplating the environment. Now how can AI imitate that?

The fact is that AI can imitate cognitive abilities of humans and that allows them to perform the job of a designer efficiently. AI systems can perform design jobs because they can perceive the environment around them with the help of sensors and IoTs. They can be made to hear the voices and images and store them in their memories. Their surroundings become an imitation of the fantasy that a human designer could be carrying in their minds. And thus, they can use this to create effective designs for the websites. Moreover, machines are capable of using the internet for assistance when they have a connection to the internet. In fact, AI uses internet almost exactly how a human designer would use it.

Websites Design through Artificial Intelligence

Understanding of the Context

Humans have been teaching machines to repeat learned processes by keeping a record of them. However, the complex part is the one where a machine is taught several processes and they can tell apart when to use which one. What makes good AI based systems with smart algorithm stand apart from an inefficient AI program is the ability of the program to understand the context.

A bad AI system will activate the same sequence of tasks every time it is asked to do a certain job whereas, a smartly programmed AI will pay attention to the context of the information. For instance, if you ask a bad design to fill a certain color into a specific design frame, it will simply follow the instruction. Compared to that, a well-programmed AI will suggest suitable color themes considering the whole context and theme of the website, and even choose the right shade of the color to go with the information and other details of the website.

No doubt AI has advanced significantly in website designing but there are tasks with more intricacies that AI has not perfected yet. For instance, logo designing is still not done as efficiently by an AI program as it is done by humans. Logo designing needs detail-oriented design sense along with specified outcome demands. These designs are supposed to influence consumers’ buying decision and that needs an understanding of potential customers’ liking and disliking as well as the knowledge of market and competition. AI has not advanced to grasp and process these details yet and thus, many experts recommend that logo makers are fairly a better option up till now. There are a number of online websites that offer the users to make logos online with a free logo maker software that requires minimum input and works through that to come up with effective designs.

Personalized Content

Content is one of the most crucial aspect for any site as it shapes the user-experience to a great extent. If the content is good and relatable for a specific user, they will like to scroll down the page and stay engaged, and vice versa. AI can function to tailor the content on the site for the audience by observing and recording their behavior.

For instance, sites like YouTube and Facebook tend to learn the behavior of their audience by assessing their past activities and search engine records on the site to anticipate what kind of content they would like. This is a wonderful achievement of AI as it can help websites provide a very pleasant experience to the users. They are presented with a content that they can relate to and they are comfortable with it as well. It makes it easier for the websites to increase their traffic as well.

Consistency in Design

One of the major factors that largely contributes in website failures is design inconsistency. Often there are inconsistencies in a design that affect the user-experience immensely while the designer fail to detect it. AI designing programs have the expertise in detecting design inconsistencies and fixing them as well. This efficiency is not just in the case of website designing but also effective with computer graphics. For instance, if there is an image that has a human being with two noses, the AI not only will detect it but also fix it as it has the understanding of how a human face looks. It is possible for AI to perform this task within no time and this feature AI is due to both, its cognitive abilities as well as the machine learning.

Voice Search Optimization

Websites Design through Artificial Intelligence

Consumers always want easier and effortless user experience and that is why mobile phones have evolved from keypad-based designs to touch-screens real quick. Now the entire aspect of typing is about to transform into a more effortless trend. A trend that websites are tending to adopt quickly nowadays is voice search optimization. A large number of internet users have been shifted to mobile phone devices from desktops and laptops in the past decade and that is the very reason why voice search optimization has become more common than ever.

Voice search optimization functions with the help of AI bots who can assist a user in providing them what they need just by hearing and analyzing the language. These AI bots can be designed to understand any language and the user can speak in their mother-tongue search something or to command the bot. This trend is specifically helpful for users who suffer from certain inability or cannot type for any reason.

One of the very good examples of this technology are Siri and Google Talk. However, voice search optimization needs more effectiveness in order to become a feature that users will choose to use on a regular basis. It has already improved greatly over the past few years yet, it can still be made to work better.

Structure Identification

Pictures and structures are easily identified by modern AI systems because of the smart algorithms that are backing these systems. They are capable of grasping pixels, the basic unit of what images are formed with. Pictures are formed with small units that are called pixels and even the slightest shift or difference in the setting of pixels can destroy the picture quality. Even though AI is not as good with the pixels as a human is, but it is still good enough to detect structures. It can tell apart different pixels and identify the difference. When an AI program is made to record several pictures of animate or inanimate objects, it records the pixels and the structure and can recognize it when it comes across it later.

For instance, security cameras are good example of what AI is capable of. This can be implemented on the websites as well. If the content has a picture of a human, AI will detect the facial features and the structures and use it later. Similarly, an AI system can detect pattern or methods of a certain code (or language) and can recognize it later. For instance, if it is presented with several air ticketing websites that have a booking form, it will be able to detect all ticketing websites with the help of the specific block in the website code that forms the booking form.


Artificial intelligence can revolutionize web designing greatly. It can give the industry a potential that will improve the user experience tremendously and unlock an entirely new level of technological development. Features like automation and responsiveness are already having massive shift in users’ interaction with a website. With smart algorithms and effective AI programs, websites can amplify the traffic on their websites by being more user-friendly.

Companies are experimenting with Artificial intelligence in great many ways and it seems that a lot more is to come in the near future to show us the wonders of the Artificial Intelligence. However, web designing is not the only aspect that is influenced by AI and there are many other domains as well. Major fields that are effected by Artificial Intelligence include healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and automobile companies. These fields are influenced by the AI systems for good so far. It has helped human beings in saving a lot of time and effort for performing simple as well as complex tasks. Yet, there are experts who present the idea that AI can be made to replace humans and that is a bit scary.

Nevertheless, with all the features that we just discussed above, we can be very sure that Artificial Intelligence is going to take over not only the domain of website designing, but also a number of other industries. It is influencing the human experience in numerous ways and it can introduce a whole new level of personalization in human to machine interactions, and that is what the users demand eagerly.

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  1. Would love to explore the software that can create web design by itself. The only problem I could think of with AI designing the website is making a difference, whereas possibilities are that most of the designs would be similar.

  2. Artificial intelligence will improve the potential of the web. It can bring a significant change to the web. But the point to see is that till how are we able to explore and manage the potential of both the things together.

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