Everything You Need To Know About Animation

The world has come to the point where everything that was only imaginative has now become an operation and a reality. We always thought how the world would be able to communicate with people in the other parts of the world and then came in the mobile phones, computers, and such other mediums.

People used to design things on paper and sketched it by their hands and then the table turned around and software and tools made it easier for people to design everything. Even people at times looking at a photo thought if it was moving it would have been better and then the animation was inducted in the structures.

Today here in this blog we will discuss this amazing development that has been brought in the world of designing which we have named as animation.

What is Animation?

Everything about Animation

You would have heard about animation too often but do you know what it actually is? Well, have you seen an object moving in a picture? That is what animation is about. The animation is a method through which designers or animators make the objects to have movement in an image. It is done by setting the frames of the picture and making those frames to portray the movement of objects to the viewers. This has been a great development in the industry of the designing and now animation is used by almost every industry to make the better depiction of their messages to be portrayed through moving images. It was started with use in depicting motion and the same is used in the current days to make the best of the benefits of designing to be used.

Types of Animation?

Everything about Animation

You now know what animation is but the moving images are not only in one type but it has 5 types and with five different type of animation could be impactful to your purposes. Here we have listed those five types of animation that have been popular.

Traditional Animation

Everything about Animation

Traditional animation is the oldest type of animation that was being used in the structures of animating the images. People used to make the contemplations on drawing the images on a traditional paper with colored pencil. The images were drawn in a series which made them depict the motion in the images. This was the type of animation which was lengthy as well as costly. The length of time was increased due to getting each of the photos of things that you wanted to depict or portray and this was also the reason behind it being costly.

2D Animation

Everything about Animation

Then came in the technology and it changed the field all around now traditional animation was seen with a different perspective. It was the thing that animation now was being done on the computer or technological devices which made it more effective. The technique was same as the traditional animation where each frame was given a movement through making the photographs of the same yet now the length of time and the cost of animation was decreased due to computers being involved in it.

3D Animation

Everything about Animation

The above types of animation were no doubt a development but there is always room for development and so the field of animation was developed more. Now the animation was being made by generating computer made images that were three dimensional. The animation was being made with the same frame by frame approach but this was more controllable and manageable due to being digital. This kind of animation is the most used in current times and is being used in a number of things currently which makes it the best development in the field of animation.

Motion Graphics

Everything about Animation

This is although considered as a type of animation yet it is a lot more different than the rest of the types of animation. It is not dependent on character or is not depicting the story but it makes the elements, texts, icons or even the whole images to become moveable. This kind of animation is usually used in business or commercial purposes. This is commonly used in animated logos which are used for promotional purposes.

These are the few types of animation that are being used in different industries for different purposes. Each of them carries some specifications that are different from others and it makes each of these type to be used for specific purposes.

Skills That are Required By an Animator?

Everything about Animation

Well, till yet you would have known what animation is and what are the different types of animation that are being used in recent days but another important thing in great animation is a great animator. Animators are the people who make animations and are professional in the field of animation which makes them efficient in the animation. There are a number of skills that are required by an animator to make the animations to be done. These skills have been listed below.

Creative Thinking Skills

Among all the skills the creative thinking skills are the most important skill for the people who are in the field of designing or animation. Being monotonous or mainstream would make your work to be outdated or to look ordinary and one thing that could make it look outstanding is creativity. Thus, an animator must be able to think creatively and should have the best skills to innovate and make things different. This will increase the worth of the animator and could be considered as a pre-requisite for entering in the field.

Attention to Detail

If you might not be able to bring the said details in your work then probably animation that you are making would be of no worth and thus an animator must be able to pay attention to the details that are being told. It makes the animator able to animate the design of the animation and make it have depth. This is what animation is about depth and detailing and thus every animator must have the ability to bring it in the play.

Ability to Use Software and Tools

Traditional or hand-drawn animation has been knocked out of the world and to become a professional now you must have the ability to animate things on the technological tools and software. People who look to become an animator in the current times must have the knowledge about what software or tool is in the business and how it is used. This is the demand of the field and it makes an animator to have his worth.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is important for every other profession yet for animators it is important in terms of getting the requirements and needs of the guidelines of the clients and implicate the same in the project they are working for. The inability to communicate will make his project to be revised a number of times or have some issues in the project which would get him in trouble. Thus, he should have good communication skills and should be able to understand the requirements and needs efficiently.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

Everything about Animation

Although this is another thing that is required in most of the professions yet this is highly important in animation. The deadlines should be met or else it could be prospective that the whole team could suffer due to just one person as many of the things in a campaign like marketing campaign could be dependent upon the animators.

If you look or plan to become an animator then you must know that these are some important skills that you must have in order to become successful in the field. Other than this one thing that you will require additionally is experience. This field is about on ground working the more you practice it or work on it the more efficiency you will have in it.

What Does an Animation Company Do?

Since animation has been inducted in the world it progressed towards becoming a professional field and now it has become a field that only professionals are able to compete in. Professional animators as mentioned above are highly skilled for it but there are professional companies that make the connection to be built between the professional animators and the clients. These professional animation companies make it happen for their clients. Here are some specifications of what animation companies are for.

Professional Services in Animation

The animation companies offer the best and professional services to the clients with making their requirements to be held in the project along with the creative methods. Also, they bring the professional animators on board in order to make the best of the animation to be done for their clients. They are in there to facilitate clients with things that are related to animation.

Standard Rates

While hiring a freelancer you might have to look at different prices according to the skills and experience of the animators but while hiring the animation company or studio you know that the rates would be standard and it would not change too soon regardless of your needs changing too frequently.

Guaranteed Work

Animation companies or any company have a name or goodwill on stake unlike a freelancer and thus they are said to give you guaranteed work which makes you assure that you will be getting the best quality and this is why people prefer animation companies in order to get the best results against their animation requirements.

These three things could be only achieved if you are working with an animation studio or company or else you might have to face some issues subjective of your requirements and needs for the animation.

Industries That Contemplate on Animation

Animation at first was only used for design purposes and filmmaking was the only industry that was using it for making things interesting and better in the field however then people started to realize the benefits that it could bring and this made people from different fields to use it as well and now it has become popular in the following fields.

Business Marketing

Business marketing was the first field after the filmmaking implemented it in its structures. The animation was used in promotions and advertisements which was able to catch the attention of the target audience making them be more attentive towards the company or product.

Architecture and Construction

After the introduction of the 3D animation, the field of architecture and construction started using animation for designing of the building and projects. It made them design more appropriately with 3d models and thus the explanation of the project to target audience or the investors.


The explainer videos were also able to help the field of education where now explanations of things were being more appropriate and more expressive giving the best of the chances to researchers and teachers to explain things with a better perspective.

The animation was never in the minds of people until someone progressed on it making it one of the best fields in the world. People started to use animation for different purposes as explained and in the recent times, it has become one of the things that are not only important but have become mandatory to be used in few industries among which the filmmaking is on the top.

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