50 Self-Esteem Affirmations To Develop Self-Confidence

In today’s competitive world if you want to lead in any field, you got to have that one thing called self-esteem.

Self-esteem or, in other words, to have confidence in yourself (self-confidence).

A person with high self-esteem believes on himself, and he takes responsibilities of his duties. And these are the most important qualities required in a person to become a leader.

There are times in life when we feel low, and we doubt our potential. The reason behind your low self-esteem is self-doubt that arises from negative thought.

That’s the time when you need to boost your self-esteem. When you move out of the cocoon of your parents, you are on your own.

What Do You Do To Improve Your Self-Esteem?

Develop Self-Confidence

Self-affirmation is the answer. Affirmation mean the declaration of something you think is true. If I have to give one word for Self-affirmation, it can be Autosuggestion.

Below are given the some best self-love affirmation statements to boost up your confidence in daily routine.

1. Every morning I say thanks to God.

A Thanksgiving is a great practice. It will bring the confidence in you that your day will be good. After all, he’s your creator.

2. I always keep a smile on my face.

A smile is considered to be the cheapest makeup you can have. Always keep it, it creates positive vibes.

3. Life is short; I choose to live each moment churlishly.

You don’t know what’s going to happen next, if you wait for good time to come, you’ll wait forever. Life is right now, live it to the fullest.

4. My problems are not bigger than me.

If you ever find some problem bigger than you, remember your problem could not be as big as cutting a mountain.

5. I’m the reason for my happiness.

No one in your life neither your beloved nor your enemies are responsible for your happiness. It’s only you who can do it.

6. What others say about me is none of my business.

While people are busy criticizing you, you give your best in your efforts.

7. I’m a good person, and other’s deeds won’t make me bitter.

There’s a difference between you and others. If they do something bad to you doesn’t mean you do the same. You have a standard, maintain it.

8. I don’t need support of others.

If you are waiting for someone to help you, remember one thing they want you to do good but not better.

9. My past can never hinder my progress.

The past is a trap; it’s very important to escape from it. Just store the good moments as memories and flush down the bad ones.

10. I live in present.

The thought of past brings regrets and thought of future brings fear. Live in the present and focus on what is important at this moment.

11. I don’t fear of future.

Fear of future only brings stress. The time right now is called as a present, so just enjoy your present and throw away stress.

12. God send me to do something worthy.

No one can stop me doing that. God’s each creation has a purpose. Everyone has a purpose in life, if you don’t know what’s yours then find it and give your best to fulfill it.

13. Happiness and sorrow are a choice, and I choose to be happy.

If you think that achieving something or reaching your destiny will give you happiness, then you are wrong. Life is a journey, enjoy each moment of this journey.

14. Challenges don’t threaten me.

Challenges in life are a way of finding yourself. And maybe that’s why it’s said that “Rough roads make Tough drivers”.

15. I’m good in my own unique way.

Never compare yourself with others. This hides your unique talent. You can do something that others can’t.

16. I don’t doubt my capabilities.

If you doubt your abilities, you are half way to your failure. So if you want to win remove all doubts and believe me, you can move mountains.

17. I have control of my life and won’t let it controlled by others.

When we start thinking what others would say about us, we give the control of our lives in their hands. Take that control in your hands and do what you love.

18. I will decide what I want to do.

If you do something only because your parents or your friends asked you to do so, then regret is the only thing that will left with you in future.

19. I believe in myself.

Believe in yourself, in what you do, in how you do. Doesn’t matter if it results in failure. At least you found a way of how not to do some work.

20. I don’t work to impress others.

When you work to impress others, you can’t give your 100%. The reason is that you are being fake to impress others. Be you, be natural and you’ll attract the right people in life.

21. I don’t need others to motivate me.

Self-motivation is the best motivation. Always remember one thing, if you are not at position where you want to be, then that’s enough motivation to boost your confidence.

22. My work will be my identity.

Do what you passionate for and do it in such a way that it becomes your identity, such that there’s no one left who can criticize you.

23. I can talk to anyone.

Yes, you can talk to anyone. If you don’t believe me try it today. The only thing you need to take along with you is self-confidence.

24. I can make friends easily.

Friends make life colorful. And making friends is easy too. Just a gentle smile or kind hello can be the beginning of a life-long friendship.

25. I’m a good and kind person at heart.

Nothing attracts more than a kind heart. Remember beauty fades but it’s your kindness and your character that stays with you forever.

26. I do what I love.

When you do something you don’t love, it will only result in frustration. Even if you have responsibilities, make some time to do what you love.

27. I will rather do it than to regret it later.

You have just one life, short life to be precise. Don’t waste it thinking. If you think something is worth doing, what are you waiting for? Just go and do it.

28. I talk politely so that my words don’t hurt anyone.

Words are dangerous than swords. So think before you speak. Just give it a try, as you go polite with others, life gets polite with you.

29. I’m satisfied with what I have.

Always stay happy with what you have. Human desires are endless. Don’t think that acquiring something would suffice your thirst. So be grateful for what you have. While you are crying for what you don’t have, some are crying for what you have.

30. I’m grateful for people who love me.

When we feel low, we find ourselves alone. That’s the time when your parents or friends play their role and make you feel high. So always be grateful for your beloved.

31. I have a sense of humanism for everyone.

Humanity is the biggest thing we should have. Religion and caste can wait. So show same kindness to all irrespective of their caste or status. A human is a human.

32. I don’t judge anyone.

We all know that people change as time changes. So how could you judge someone? So don’t waste time in judging someone, just accept people as they are.

33. I give my best in what I do.

If you want to achieve something, you have to give you best in it. There’s no other way out.

34. I don’t delay my work.

Life is a mystery and you don’t know what’s next, so do it now. Remember, “While you are delaying, time speeds by”.

35. I understand my responsibilities and work accordingly.

When you grow up, you have to understand your responsibilities and work accordingly.

36. I’m hardworking.

Hard work is the key to success. For anything you want to achieve, you got to do hard work. No words of wisdom or motivation can do anything good to you.

37. I have a positive attitude and try to create same around me.

Positivity reflects. When you are positive about something, it gives you same positive results and in addition, it creates a sound environment around you.

38. Problems don’t stop me; instead they push me even further.

It’s only when you face some problems you find your hidden potential. So don’t be afraid of them. Go, face them and find a new you.

39. Criticism doesn’t pull me down; it helps me do better.

Criticism forces you to do well. If you are good, it forces you to do better. So take it positively, it works in your favour.

40. I can do anything no matter what comes.

Never doubt your abilities. Great musician Bob Marley has rightly said, “You don’t know your real strength until being strong is the only option.”

41. I look good and don’t need others approval.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer. So believe me, you look great, and if others don’t think so, then there’s something wrong with their eyes. You don’t have to worry about them.

42. I have the qualities to convince others.

This is probably one of the most important things you should have. If you can convince others that what you say is correct. There will be no level of your fame.

43. I’m passionate about my work.

No work is small is true saying. You can reach at top level in smallest of the works, but for that you got to be passionate about it.

44. I don’t set levels for growth.

Setting levels of growth refrain you from doing extra-ordinary as when you reach the pre-decided level you get relaxed. So don’t relax, let your growth be infinity.

45. I don’t compare myself with others.

Comparison brings fear and fear brings self-doubt. Everyone has their own qualities don’t compare yours with others.

46. I don’t believe in “I can” but I believe in “I will”.

There’s a big difference between I will and I can. “I will” says that you know you will do it, while “I can” holds some doubt on your abilities.

47. I don’t fear failure as it restrains my growth.

Fear of failure is the main reason of self-doubt.

48. Failure if I face any doesn’t break me and I come back even stronger.

Failure doesn’t mean that you cannot do it. It just means you need some more efforts in some other ways to get it done. Believe me failure is the greatest teacher.

49. I love to move beyond my comfort zone as it helps me find my hidden potential.

When you move out of your comfort zone, you will find new ways of your own to survive. No big work has been done easily in this world. So you have to move out.

50. I’m, and I will be a kind person, it doesn’t matter what others think about me.

Always be kind to others. It doesn’t matter if they are not same to you. More than you looks and riches, your kindness attracts others to you.


All these statements of self-affirmation help you regain your lowered self-esteem in any situation or in any field. So that when you move out of your cocoon you face this world with full confidence and set your marks for others.

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