Experts’ Global – The Top Choice for GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting

In the world of GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting, there is one firm whose high-quality products and personalized services have marked them as a true industry leader.

The name of that firm is Experts’ Global. The reputation of this firm has spread far and wide. Students from across the globe have been coming to them, to improve upon their GMAT performance and getting into their dream schools.

The Company

Established in 2008, Experts’ Global is a premium EdTech firm. Through the usage of technology in imparting education, Experts’ Global has bought thousands of students one step closer to their dreams. The company’s primary products and services include- a GMAT Online prep program, 15 GMAT Practice Tests with Video Explanations, MBA Admissions Consulting, and a GMAT Classroom Program in Noida. The firm’s alumni base includes students from 50 different nationalities and can be found in each of the world’s top 150 universities. A large percentage of these alumni are Indian, in fact, one out of every ten Indians studying in the top 50 American B-Schools have availed of Experts’ Global’s services.

GMAT Preparation Online

GMAT Preparation Online

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Preparation Online program is, simply put, the most extensive and robust GMAT prep program that there is. This program’s 300+ conceptual videos, 4000+ practice questions, and 15 full length practice tests with video explanation, all of which are on a truly GMAT-like interface, put it leagues ahead of every other GMAT online preparation program that the world has to offer.

The core idea behind this program is brilliant in its simplicity- a student watches a short video based on a specific GMAT concept and then solves a short exercise based on that very concept; then the software provides the student with textual and video explanations. After this, the student may repeat the whole exercise or just the questions they got incorrect. With this approach; the student works on one concept, masters it, and moves on to the next. This is a very efficient approach to understanding the complex and intricate GMAT syllabus. This approach allows the student to make brisk progress, through the syllabus, without ever getting overwhelmed. The program’s thorough analytics and insightful diagnostics make it very easy to identify and overcome one’s weak areas, while its numerous interesting innovations make the preparation fun. One of the most unique features that one will find in this program is the deployment of artificial intelligence techniques. These techniques are used to analyze user behavior, in order to identify preparation needs and make appropriate study recommendations.

GMAT Test Series

Experts’ Global’s GMAT practice tests together make up the world’s single most intensive GMAT mock test series. This product includes 15 full length tests, on Experts’ Global’s GMAT-accurate interface, and video/text solutions for every question. These tests are paired with rigorous analytics that provide students with clear insight into their preparation and let them know which areas they struggle the most in. In addition to these features, these tests’ scoring system is also very close to the GMAT’s. Thousands of students have noted a remarkable sync between their scores on Experts’ Global’s mocks and the real exam. Furthermore, Experts’ Global’s range of innovative and smart features make learning very interesting.

GMAT Classroom Program in Noida

In addition to their online program, Experts’ Global also offers live GMAT classroom prep too. They only teach one or two batches, as the organization’s founder takes up these classes out of a sheer interest in teaching. These batches are kept quite small, as well. Typically, the classes include no more than 12-13 students. The classes take place in the business center of a premium Noida hotel. In addition to the classes, this program includes all of the required study material and access to Experts’ Global’s online GMAT preparation resources. These resources include 300+ instructional videos, 4000+ practice questions on a GMAT like interface, 15 full length tests, video explanations for those tests’ questions, and some very useful analytics and diagnostic tools.

MBA Admissions Consulting

MBA Admissions Consulting

When it comes to Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting, the priority is providing each student with the maximum amount of attention. In order to do so, the firm follows a boutique system. Experts’ Global’s admission specialists only work with a small, select, number of students every year. Experts’ Global is unique in that they provide, what they call, “End to end MBA admissions consulting”. This means that, unlike other admissions consultants, Experts’ Global helps its students through all aspects of MBA applications- school shortlisting, essays drafting, getting the recommendation letters, filling the online applications forms, preparing for interviews, and solving any doubts that the student may have. This comprehensive approach has really paid off for Experts’ Global’s students; since 2008, Experts’ Global students have secured admission to every one of the world’s top 150 institutes. Experts’ Global’s skills are quite sharp when it comes to winning its students hefty scholarships. Each year, since 2010, the firm has helped students secure scholarships worth more than 10 million dollars. Considering this, it is no wonder that Experts’ Global has become a global favorite, for MBA admissions consulting.

ISB Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global’s admissions teams are familiar with the admissions processes of countless business schools, with a special understanding of those of the ISB. Indian School of Business is one of India’s most prominent business schools. ISB has an annual intake of more than 900 students, this makes it a very popular choice for Indians looking to pursue management education. In fact, many Indian students take the GMAT for the sole purpose of gaining admittance to ISB. Ever since the firm was founded, Experts’ Global has helped a great number of students apply to ISB every year. This has given the firm’s admissions teams a very thorough understanding of the approach that works best in applying to this prestigious university and what it has to offer its students. As a result, Experts’ Global has a truly stellar track record in getting their students ISB admissions. Every year, almost 90 % of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants receive interview calls and approximately 40% of them end up securing a final admit from ISB.

MBA Interview Preparations

One of the most common services that MBA aspirants look for, in an admissions consultancy firm, is admissions interview training. Experts’ Global understands just how vital this is, so the firm has put together a highly effective MBA interview preparation regimen. This regimen consists of three stages. In the first stage, the student receives rigorous training, through a set of 15+conceptual videos. In the second stage, the student answers an exhaustive set of frequently asked MBA interview questions. In the final stage, the student goes through several mock interviews. These interviews are conducted by the interview mentors, someone who carries rich industry experience and is well versed in providing interview training. Each mock is followed by a feedback session that covers all aspects of interviewing- content, style, body-language etc.

Android and iOS Applications

Experts’ Global is a firm believer in utilizing cutting-edge technology, in order to impart education. The firm has one of the world’s best GMAT prep and MBA admissions mobile phone applications. These applications allow Experts’ Global’s students to access the firm’s programs from their mobile devices, letting them study whenever and wherever they want. These applications also have some very unique features that make the learning experience rich, efficient, and interesting.

A YouTube Channel with more than 3000 Free Videos

It is doubtful that any other YouTube channel could have more information on GMAT prep and MBA admissions than Experts’ Global’s. With 3000+ videos and counting, this channel has a lot of really rich and organized content. With this channel, Experts’ Global educates and empowers countless students across the globe. The best thing about these videos is their crispness; Experts’ Global’s videos are usually 1-10 minutes long. These videos avoid extraneous topics and focus only on one specific concept.

Free Resources

As a thought leader in the fields of GMAT prep and MBA admissions, Experts’ Global has dedicated a great deal of time and energy to developing resources that can educate students, worldwide, on their pursuit of management education. These resources clear up misconceptions and help students take well informed decisions. These resources include an excellent set of videos that can help the student with their GMAT preparation, MBA applications, as well as interview preparation. The firm also provides a free GMAT practice test that can help the students understand their current readiness level and determine their five weakest quant and verbal areas. These insights are provided to the test taker by the online platforms, well designed analytics.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One very interesting thing about Experts’ Global is its long-running philanthropy. Beginning with its its very first enrollment, the firm has set aside 200 Indian Rupees to fund worthy social causes. The firm has adopted a number of children in need and sponsors their education as well as their upbringing.

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