Everything That You Need To Know About Logos

What is a logo? You might have heard about the logo and probably you see it every day but do you know what actually a logo is?

A logo is a symbol or a graphic mark that is used to explain a number of things within a small image. A logo is used to represent thoughts, ideas, brand, product or such other things to people in an attractive and eye-catching way.

What is logo used for?

A logo could be used for a number of things from representation to communication and from marketing to branding. A small graphical image which is commonly known as logo could have different purposes with respect to how you want to use it. Companies use it for different purposes however the individuals could use it for different purposes. Here below we have mentioned how a logo could be used in different dimensions and how it can become important for a brand or an organization.

Brand identity

A logo could be one of the elements that could contribute to your brand identity. Possibly there would be a number of brands that might be similar to you and might product things as your brand here people might have confusion at times with respect to names and products. However, a logo here could be able to create a difference between your brand and other brands. This way the logo could be important to contribute in making your brand to be identifiable.

Makes you memorable

Images, in fact, attractive images or graphics have the power to make it to people’s mind and they might be able to increase the memorability. Logos can also serve this purpose. What does a big red make you remember? Almost 80 percent of the people here would have answered McDonald’s. This is what a logo does. It makes the memorability to be increased in such a way that every time customers see something similar or see the logo they remember the brand that is connected to it.

A logo communicates the company’s values

The logo is not only about what is shown through the graphical image it is also about what is hidden behind it. The colors, icons, shapes and everything have a psychology and these elements are able to make the communication with the customers about what the company values and what their ideology is. This way the logo that you makes could be one of the ways or mode to communicate with the customers.

Could be used for marketing

Everything that brings the attention of the customers towards the brand could be one of the tools of marketing and the most important purpose of the logo is said to bring attention and attraction of the customers towards the brand. Thus, it is said that a logo could be made with a purpose of marketing the brand or product. Not even for brands but it could be also used for anything that you do. Such as if you are a YouTuber you can even have a logo for marketing your this talent. A YouTube logo maker free can help you in this.

Can create the first impression

The first thing that a customer sees in the marketing campaigns or advertisements or the company’s representation is the logo that they have made. You can create an impression with the logo and by making it attractive you can probably make the best attraction to be made on the customers that could make them use your product or services that you offer.

These were the five basic purposes for which a logo could be made. However, this was only about what a logo is used for. Now let’s take a look at what a logo could be made of, the elements that are used in logos and how do they contribute in the making of a logo.

Elements of a logo

Everything That You Need To Know About Logos


One of the most important things is the color of the logo. Too funky and people might not like it, too dull and people might lose interest. Thus, the color of a logo must be just perfect according to the brand or product that you are representing. Also, there are hidden messages behind every color and thus the color must be used according to what is required for the brand.


It is often said that shapes are there to keep the logo structured and organized. However, it is also said that shapes might be also able to give the concepts to a logo. Such as if we take the example of the Toyota they have used these shapes effectively. The oval logo of Toyota does not only gives it the structure but also carries a meaning and explanation about what they are trying to bring to the market.


Icons at times are used in the logo or at times they are not used depending upon the design of the logo. However, icons are said to express the ideas of the brand or product for which the logos have been made. These icons might have a resembling figure with respect to the brand such as sports teams might have animal to show the characteristics of the team such as Chicago Bulls have done.

Apart from this what a logo must have is mentioned below. These are also included in the elements of logos however these elements are a bit different than the ones that are mentioned above. These are also the ways to add value to your logo.


The more complex a logo is the more difficult it is to understand what is said behind it. The complexity might become a reason for losing the attractiveness and people might make an impression that is not actually about the brand thus a logo is required to be simple. Simplicity could be one of the best things to make a logo understandable.


It must not be too out of the context. Cohesion is one of the most important things to make something connected and in order to make the customers to be connected to the brand or product. The cohesion of logo with the brand might become a rationale to make the customers to be connected to the brand.


Do you ever think why logo designing is said to be a creative field? Well, it is because it requires creativity and uniqueness in everything that you make. Being too cliché with a logo could make your brand to be impacted badly and thus you are required to bring some innovation and uniqueness in the logo that you are making.


Adding a concept to the logo makes the connection with customers to be strengthened. This can give depth to your logo. The logos are often used to communicate or deliver the hidden messages and thus the conceptuality could make the logos to be used for the same purposes.

What skills do logo designers require?

The things that were mentioned till yet were about what you need in the logo but the one who makes the logo must also have a few things and these things are explained here. A designer might not have a degree but a number of skills are required for him to get productive work in the field. These skills are:


One of the most important skills that a designer requires is creativity. Being able to implicate creativity and uniqueness of ideas in the designs and logo that you make will create a good chance for you in the field. You would not be able to survive the field if you are not creative enough because being cliché is not in the trends of the market.

Conceptual thinking

As mentioned being conceptual makes the logo to have increased value and thus the designers who are designing the logo must have the ability to think conceptually. Not only their logo must have the best design but also it must have the depth.

Knowledge about elements of the logo

The elements of the logo are said to be the most important part of a logo and having the knowledge about them becomes mandatory for a logo designer. They must know the meaning and idea behind the color, shape or icon they are using and nothing must be a mismatch against the requirements of the brand. Not having enough knowledge about the elements of logos could make a trouble for the designers as their idea of elements and the ideas that customers might get could differ which could result in a misrepresentation of the brands.

Knowledge of software

In the contemporary days, logos are made through software or applications to give it the inch-perfect design and effectivity. Thus, a designer in the current days must know how to use the software which will give his or her logo the best and inch-perfect design.

Communicate effectively

Communication skills of a designer must also be effective and excellent. It requires a designer to communicate to the client for getting the details or explaining why a logo is made in such a way. Explaining the concepts and ideas could be important for a designer to get the trust and confidence of the client and consequently he or she must have effective communication skills that will give him or her a chance to make things right in the first go.

These are the skills that a designer requires to get a logo done effectively.

Ways to get a logo if you do not have these skills

It is not possible for everybody to possess all of these skills and people might have a problem with getting the creative ideas with respect to designing a logo or might have problems in the making of a logo through a software. If you do not have these skills here are two ways of how you can still get an amazing logo.

Hire a professional designer

One thing you can do to get a logo with having the skills is to find somebody has these. The logo designing has become a professional field in the current days and people with such skills offer their services to get the logos done for others. They design a logo as per the requirements of the clients and charge a money against it to get their bread and butter. These designers have all of the mentioned skills and can provide you with amazing logos for your brand, product or any other need.

Online logo maker tools

This is another way of getting a logo. Although, this is a newly launched idea and is a result of the infusion of technology in the field of logo designing. These tools are one of the best things that have been brought by technology in the market of logo designing. These tools have such mechanisms that people without having the knowledge of logo designing could make the logos for themselves with a number of clicks and within a few minutes. These tools are easy to use, handle as well as easily accessible and at times they are even free which means these are probably the best solution of getting a logo.

This blog has everything that you need to know about logo designing. From what a logo requires what a logo can do and finally how you can get a logo. Everything has been mentioned in this blog and the same could help you out in getting the ideas and insights of the logo designing.

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