How Does AI Affect Web Development and WordPress Website Building

Only a handful of technologies will be able to transform our lives more than the artificial intelligence (AI).

Machine learning is developing at a relatively fast pace than before, processing information and providing opinions similar to humans. While this can be considered as the groundbreaking innovation, but various experts are concerned about the fact that soon these machines will be hijacking various jobs of humans.

Till now, we have been hearing a lot about the autonomous technology and self-driving projects by Google, Uber, and Tesla’s which will soon take over the transportation. Interestingly, artificial intelligence will soon step into the digital industry and take over the tasks such as website and application designing. Some web designing platforms such as WordPress have already introduced the AI plugins.

In this article, we will be discussing about how the AI will transform the web development and WordPress website building in the upcoming days. We will be covering the areas including the AI-centric website designing, WordPress AI web designing, AI in Ecommerce, and AI in Web Content Development.

Now, that you know about the AI in web and WordPress designing. You are just a step away to discover how AI will take over the web designing by storm in near future. Read along to discover everything:

Where Did It All Begin?

Initially, the web developers had constructed websites through using the HTML. At that time, internet wasn’t about the creative and compelling website designs. In reality, even the most popular websites of the time were dull and lifeless. With the passage of time, media has become essential for the stylish and modern website.

Website designers have spent countless hours to come up with the best web designing practices and build engaging designs and templates. However, artificial intelligence has taken the web design to a completely new level.

Through understanding the rules and implementing them effectively, artificial intelligence will soon become able to automate a large number of web designing tasks. Thought leaders will come into the bigger picture and introduce the digital disciplines.

Netizens around the world have started to walk up to the potential of artificial intelligence. Discussions revolving around the automation may lead to various sweaty palms; however, people might embrace the technology as the ideal assistant for designing tasks.

How Does AI Affect WordPress Web Development

What Exactly is Artificial Design Intelligence or ADI?

When talking about the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), the concept leverages the power of machine learning to determine and implement the leading web design trends. In other words, ADI can develop websites automatically. The netizens just need to mention what they want and ADI will generate custom designs.

Interestingly, ADI development has taken hold in recent years. Various platforms such as The Grid and more have come up with the in-built design assistance solutions. On another hand, dominant names in the website development industry have taken the similar approach, where the Wix has released the Artificial Design Intelligence Interface in the 2016. Moreover, the GoDaddy has begun working on the website generation projects.

Will the Designers be Soon out of Job?

In reality, the capability of ADI are quite limited and these websites fork out the cookie cutter sites. For instance, the Grid has received mixed reviews from the users i.e. some are satisfied with features, while others become frustrated.

However, in the near future, users will likely tell an AI assistant about the type of WordPress site that they want to build, and the rest will be done by the ADI assistant. Though there is time for this to happen, but steps have been already taken. In addition, you can outsource the different components in a website to artificial intelligence. Likewise, more projects are under development for the print designs, unfolding how AI could overturn the traditional graphic design approaches.

AI and WordPress Website Building

Various companies have started working on the AI-centric website generation solutions. The Wiredelta stands among the providers who plan to leverage the power of AI focused WordPress web development as per the visitors’ instructions. These solutions will not only provide a website with designing elements, but functionalities too.

WordPress is undeniably the mainstream Content Management System that is opted by almost the one-quarter of overall websites around the world. The number is expected to increase even more with the launch of AI based users’ commands for website development.

On another hand, the Wiredelta aims to transform the web development through introducing the website creation from scratch to finalized site by itself, without requiring users’ contribution. Through this way, Wiredelta will make it possible for almost everyone to develop a WordPress website in the hassle-free, convenient, and time saving manner.

  • WordPress AI Plugin: A few WordPress plugins are available that utilize machine learning. However, many users raise queries on various forums about the difference between the AI focused plugins and the non-AI ones.

    Considering the users’ query, the AI WordPress plugins can simplify the complex website building processes that would otherwise require the designers’ efforts. These tasks cover areas such as the responsiveness and real-time experience. Robust security is yet another benefit offered by the AI plugins, as these plugins can identify vulnerabilities and suspicious activity on a website. Moreover, the AI plugins are capable to curate content in a website.

How Artificial Intelligence will transform the Web Design and Development

When talking about the web design and development, the artificial intelligence has gained control over both – increasing the online presence of brand and deriving in more customers’ engagement.

  • Website Building Machines: You might be surprised to hear about the machines that could build website. However, various development companies are working on the algorithms of artificial intelligence for building websites. These companies include the Grid, Firedrop, Wix, ADI, and more.

    In every case, these companies tend to provide the users with an AI assistant that can identify the individual type of website that you might be looking for. The AI assistant can begin questioning about whether you would opt for autonomous decision making for the design, layout, branding, content, or for all of these. Moreover, the Firedrop can work as a professional designer and provide you with real-time suggestions for designing processes.

    On another hand, the Wix can search over the internet for useful information on an individual website that you are looking to build. All you need to do is enter the content, and you are done with building a website.

  • Adaptive Web Design: Websites can gather huge data and then utilize it for processing and presenting users with the useful information in an effective manner. It can offer a personalized experience to the users, where a website can satisfy customers’ needs in the best manner.

    Through utilizing the data, machine learning can identify various patterns and aspects that can lead to more conversions. These patterns can be combined to form models that can be utilized for classification of the users. The categorized user models can witness various designs customized for them based on interactions. This process is similar to the A/B testing, but follows a structured approach.

    Interestingly, the AI doesn’t only offer website development, but could help in adapting a design and content as per individual specifications of the users. On top, the AI can leverage the user analysis and ability to process huge amount of data and predict visitors’ intent, delivering superior experience.

    For instance, you are allergic to gluten or lactose; a website could automatically provide you with recipes and menu that are befitting to you. In reality, we are seeing customized ads and search results today that are influenced by our browsing behavior.

  • Machine Learning AI & E-Commerce: Ecommerce stands as one of the best sectors to be empowered by the AI. According to the Business Insider, about 72% of the retailers tend to invest on the machine learning by the 2021.

  • Customized Users’ Experience: Similar to the web designing, artificial intelligence along with machine learning will soon be able to understand the customers more, providing them with customized experience. For instance, fresh development in the image recognition will allow the virtual shopping AI assistants to suggest not only the similar products, but also the matching ones. It will be able to determine individual color, fabric, size, and brand.

    Did you ever think of a robot speaking something will “look perfect on you”? If this happens, you will save a lot of time by getting rid of browsing clothing unnecessarily. Some retailers have implemented the personalization and witnessed twice to thrice increase in the sales. Having said, it’s just a matter of time when someone will actually build this plugin for the WooCommerce.

Artificial intelligence and the Web Content Development

A large number of content producers worldwide are concerned about how exactly artificial intelligence will influence the content writing and proofreading work. Having said, artificial intelligence is making its way into the content writing and marketing through various applications. Many writers are posting queries on various forms about “If artificial intelligence will replace me?” Read along to find out:

  • Machine-Aided Research: Similar to a professional content writer, the AI assistant will perform one of the biggest part of the writing that is the research. Considering the tiresome tasks for reading and compiling information, and later, bringing them into life, the AI will be able to perform these tasks without any hurdle.

    For instance, various salesforces make use of algorithm that is capable to summarize and recap lengthy content. Currently, this system works through machine learning and assistance from humans. However, the technology has not reached to the point where you can get a meaningful content produced by an AI assistant.

    When this concept will turn into a full-fledged AI centric app, it won’t only perform the article writing tasks but offer message skimming through analyzing the best responses.

  • AI Based Proofreading Services: Though we have the spell check in Microsoft Word for a long time now, but now, users crave for an ideal assistant that can understand the squiggly line beneath the misspelled terms. In essence, machine learning can do a lot more than just proofreading.

    AI is increasingly becoming seamless in understanding the content and writer’s intent behind the words. Thus, AI can now offer the correct style and grammar corrections, providing the writers with text suggestions for improvement of the content. In the previous year, the Yoast SEO introduced the readability panel that checks for passive voice in a content. It also looks for prolonged sentences and more flaws in the writing that could affect the content digestibility.

    AI can take the content writing and proofreading to the next level, through offering the active-voice alternative sentences. Through this way, AI can reduce the workload on the editors and proofreaders. The Grammarly and Atomic Reach stand as the industry leaders in the area of content. Also, users can check the “After The Deadline” plugin in the WordPress that aims to facilitate the writers.

  • Content Producing Robots: When talking about the content creation and AI, there are algorithms that have already enhanced the online writing. The Google updates have made the content to switch from keyword-focused to value delivering to the humans. Now, netizens expect to see the robots creating the quality-focused content by themselves.

    The AI journalism will soon allow the machines to develop content including the Stock Reports, Business Reports, Press Releases, and much more. According to the predictions, by 2018, the robots will create about 20% of the business content. Today, you can find various content spinning services, but, in futures, you will be able to get quality content from the AI-driven writing services.

AI Centric Web Designing Platforms

We have gathered the platforms that are into the AI based web designing. You can discover more through clicking on them below:

  • GoDaddy
  • Wix
  • The Grid
  • Firedrop
  • Bookmark

Final Words

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making their way into lives rapidly. Be it the medical, food, or technological industry, AI is transforming every field. Soon, the AI will be able to web designs that will be compelling, functional, and responsive. Also, AI will be able to present Android and iPhone app ideas.

The WordPress AI plugin has already shown how AI will facilitate in web designing. In addition, AI will be able to produce content for the websites as well. Now, all we can do is wait and see if AI will influence the various job roles in different organizations.

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