Data Science & Web Development: The New-Age Revolution

The eminent business magnate surely knew what he was talking about, for truer words have seldom been spoken when it comes to reaping the benefits of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

A clever marketer deftly combines the best of technological tools with data-driven market research results to form a fabulous campaign for their trade.

Taking a leaf out of Buffet’s book, the advertisement campaigns of Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks thus have a worldwide appeal. The marketing teams at each of these industry biggies work tirelessly to blend best marketing practices with insightful data gathered from adequate research. However, a lot of the credit of the roaring success of the mentioned business campaigns must go to the abundant resources that data science presents us with.

Both web development and data science have got crucial roles to play in your advertisement strategies, and investing in a data-driven web development campaign is just the way to go. This post walks you through the intricacies of data science and its points of convergence with web development along with a special emphasis on the emerging trends of current times.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffet (American investor)

Convergence of data science and web development

Most web developers are not quite comfortable with the idea of using data for their designs for they feel it might become way too complicated to fit into the marketing scheme of things. However, as we progress towards a more digital age, web developers should come forth to take the responsibility of creating data-driven and awe-inspiring designs that never fail to engage.

Data science has emerged as the next big thing, and is making its presence felt in the web development spheres too. Hence, the need for web developers to educate themselves with the effective results that data science produces is the need of the hour. The following are some points of convergence between data science and web development, and the various ways it has become one of the indispensable tools in current times.

Improving data presentations

What you do with the insightful data about your target audience directly determines how many people are likely to visit your website regularly. Knowing how to interpret and use the data should come as second to web developers of the current times, for presenting data in an appealing manner to your clientele can bring in more business for your company. “Make sure that your website has what the techies like to call data-driven design, and you are sure to score high on revenues” says Martha Roberts, an Academic Expert in Marketing, working with Dissertation Providers.

Taking UX to the next level

Enhancing UX to a whole new level, data science enables developers to identify areas where they can bring in more interactive designs. The same goes for presenting information and delivering messages as per the consumer data that web developers have access to, all thanks to data science advancements. In fact, automating certain web development functions is also possible through data science insights.

Convergence tools for web development

Web development already has its own fair share of tools to aid in the creation of smarter and better designs. However, data science tools can come in handy for web developers too. They can make deft use of data visualization tools like Dygraphs, Raw, Tableau, Timeline and Modest Maps to map data in appealing manners. Analytics aids like Crazy Egg and Clicktale have all got different stories to tell about optimizing your website, so web developers should be looking to befriend them as well.

Identifying problems and suggesting solutions

Are you using the right color for the CTAs? Is the background image or product description appealing to the users? How are customers responding to the new font you chose the other day? Data science tools can present answers to all such questions, and can help you solve web development and design issues while catering to the needs of your customers accordingly.

Revolutionizing web development: how data science figures in the equation

Data science has uses aplenty, and web development is just one of the factions of digital marketing that has the power to revamp entirely. Automation and machine learning are gradually making their presence felt in web development. Gone are the days when programmers were required to spend hours perfecting a code. The near future will have bots figuring in the relevant code into the machines and matching the same with respective data-driven solutions to reach the users through marketing and advertisement campaigns.

It could actually ring at the end of an era for advanced web developers for automation is about to give them a run for their money. The best way to go from this point on is to upgrade your skills and learn about data science and its uses in web development. Bringing better tools and providing insightful suggestions apart, here are the ways that it is gradually transforming the realm of web development.

Bolstering software production

Earlier, web developers would use their own sense of creativity and common sense to design a page layout or menu details. However, data science makes the task a lot more complex (but fun and effective) for them. Web developers of the modern times have to figure in the menu details or page layouts of the competitor apps or websites, and then think of what will appeal to the users the most. Data science can thus drive several web development features and decisions, and bolster production of better and faster software solutions that meet the growing demands of the consumers.

Making way for enhanced personalization

As we are moving towards a more AI-enabled future, personalization remains one of the best targets for raking in more revenue. Your Smartphone is sure to know a lot more about your spending habits and preferred websites to shop from than your immediate family, and that goes a long way to show how one can take advantage of that data to personalize the advertisements. Transferring all the data gathered about a certain user and creating a personalized advertisement structure that appeals to them is a sure-fire way to drive home more revenue by the day. Web developers should thus be keeping this factor in mind when looking for a futuristic approach to marketing.

The age of automated updates

Data science has brought us to the age in which updates do not have to be manually administered into the systems anymore. Machine learning can easily compile data generated by users of a specific app and make version upgrades available to them when the time comes. AI and machine learning functions are present in almost every Smartphone of the modern era.

Hence data science-powered updates are to be fully automated in the coming days for almost all applications that we use on a daily basis. It is almost akin to the app learning from your behavior and adjusting itself to suit your needs better. Since apps are developed with the sole purpose of making our lives more efficient and smoother, automated updates can be a great way that helps the apps to be at our service at all times.

Revamping web development skill sets

This one is sure to be a tough blow to all those web developers who shied away from coding in class. Developing a basic sense of data science and learning how to use tools such as Google Analytics and Crazy Egg is just the start to what is to come in the web development industry. With automation taking over a large portion of repetitive tasks in web development, the need for more skilled and diverse web developers will gradually be on the rise in the coming years.

Hence it is imperative that web developers gain prior knowledge on data science tools, the ways they can interpret the data and the many ways that they can use the same to create a user-friendly website or application that appeals to all consumers. Upskilling is thus one of the most important factors that web developers must keep in mind if they want to stay ahead of their competitors in the industry.

Taking productivity and digital assistants into account

Making sense of data is about to become the minimum operational requirement, hence productivity scales might take a hit if you do not know the basics of data science. Developing apps that remember our preferences and buying habits are a rage right now, and with the right kind of data fed to the system through AI, developing the same has become the real challenge for web developers.

You can also get your very own digital assistant to help you with the coding part while you work on the design and development features to make the apps even more useful for the clients. Data science can have a multi-pronged effect on your work schedule for it helps you finish it in less time with more insights and keep procrastination at bay with the help of digital assistants.

Predicting impact of data-driven web development

Every website that you visit these days, as well as the apps that you keep installing on your Smartphone uses cookies to store necessary information. Changes that data science brings to web development will thus not only affect the consumers but the developers as well. Developers can benefit from the data stored in their systems regarding their web behavior so that their preferred modes of design and applications customize themselves, best suited to the developers’ needs.

The same goes for developing apps and websites for the customers who are part of a large database with distinct buyer personas that the developer can refer to while creating an application or designing a webpage. Data science can thus stay a step ahead to help web development using predictive analytics features of AI.

Parting words

Impressive foresight and improved UX are just some of the advantages of bringing in data science in web development. We are moving towards a progressive age of technology with IoT taking center-stage, and the time has come for web developers to sit up and take notice of the abundance of resources data science offers them. Developing more engaging design formats and improved software functions for smoother app and web experience for the users, web developers of the modern age should all thus move on to data-driven work patterns. If you are a modern-day web developer, update your skill set and learn a thing or two about data science so that you can face the changing times in your industry with style!

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