How Could Your Online Business Benefit from Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing means that instead of saving all your data on the hard drives of your computers, it is stored and managed on the internet and accessed online.

You could already be using some cloud services without even realizing it, but if you are more aware of it, you will soon get to know the benefits it can have for your online business.

How Could Your Online Business Benefit from Cloud Storage

It Keeps Things Simple

When you have spent time looking at reviews for some new software your business needs like VPNs or POS systems, you then have to purchase it and get it installed. It could be that you have an IT expert within your company, or that the supplier will set it up. Whichever way you go it will be an extra cost and a time commitment that perhaps you cannot afford.

Using cloud-based software is much easier. Any updates are handled automatically by the cloud services provider who will have staff that are IT experts and are up to date with all the latest technology.

It Is More Secure

The media seem to often be reporting breaches of online security that affects large companies. As a smaller business owner, you are not immune to these attacks; in fact, hackers prefer to target smaller businesses as they are usually less protected. If you store your data in the cloud, you can be sure that it is in the hands of experts who are trained to look for all the latest security threats. No one can ever guarantee 100% that you will not be hacked, but the chances are much more remote if your data is stored in the cloud.


If your data is stored on the hard drives of your computers and you have a break in where the computers are stolen, or there is a disaster such as a fire or a flood and the computers are all ruined, you might as well close the door on your business. Research has shown that about half of businesses affected in this way never restart trading. As they have lost everything they needed.


Cloud storage means that no matter what the disaster is, your business will be able to carry on as the data will be safe from a disaster of any kind. In fairness, the problem does not have to be major for you to feel the benefit of the cloud storage, or the automatic backups that take place. A power outage that lasted a few hours could cause your business problems, but at least you will know your data is available when the power returns.

Remote Workers

Working remotely is an option that many workers have taken to and this can be great for a small business owner. It can help to make the overheads of running your business come to a lower total, which has to be good news for you as a business owner.

This also means you can use freelancers who you will only pay for the work they complete. This can be a better choice than employing people and have to cover all the costs associated with being a boss. You can get any work to them quickly and safely and access it yourself at the same time.

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