15 of The Best Free Typography Tools for Designers

Typography simply means adjusting the appearance, style, and arrangement of a text within a design or a website. It is not just confined to the font you use, but also the length of content, size of the text, and its style.

In order to create a powerful content, strong emphasis should be made on typography. It helps in preserving the aesthetic value of your content and provides an attractive appearance to it. Typography is an art in itself that sets the tone of your website, presents the information in a professional way, and ensures a great user experience.

Every designer should understand how important is typography and at the same time, take the advantage of using certain typography tools that will help in saving time, prevent you from using the same old fonts, and most importantly establish a user-friendly and designs for websites.

Go through these free typography tools that I have listed below and make the most out of them:

1. FontFace Ninja

Free Typography Tools

FontFace Ninja is a free browser extension for buying, bookmarking, trying, and inspecting any fonts on any website. You can try any font without even leaving the website that you are browsing. Free fonts are available with a download link, however, if you like a font and wish to buy it then you even get a link to choose and buy from over 30,000 fonts. Get name, line height, letter spacing, color, and size of any font by hovering it. A new feature of bookmarking any font you come across a website would also be coming up soon.

2. Calligraphr

Free Typography Tools

Transform calligraphy or your handwriting into a font with Calligraphr. With it, you can create your own font quickly and easily. Having your own fonts lets you create calligraphic artwork and genuine personal designs. All you need to do is fill out the template, get a real font of your handwriting, and be creative!

  • Character randomization
  • Standard font files
  • Ligatures
  • Persistent storage
  • Modify characters after scanning
  • Customizable templates
3. Type Nugget

Free Typography Tools

Type Nugget is a fully responsive typesetting tool which generates browser compatible, semantically sound, accessible, and maintainable CSS which you can include in your site. It lets you generate and typeset bulletproof and beautiful CSS in the browser. It gives you a fine control through a pleasant user interface over a robust base for hella fine web type.

4. Google Fonts

Free Typography Tools

Google Fonts lets you make the web open, fast, and more beautiful through great typography. It offers you a robust and an intuitive directory of designer open source web fonts. With the extensive catalog of Google Fonts, you can integrate and share typography seamlessly into any design, irrespective of where you are in the world. The font directory consists of fonts in more than 135 languages and is free to use. It takes care of licensing and hosting and ensures that the greatest and the latest version of a font is available to the users.

5. Typekit Practice

Free Typography Tools

Typekit Practice is a collection of resources. It is a place to stay sharp, try things, and hone your skills. It lets everyone practice typography on it, irrespective of whether you are an expert or a novice. Browse useful references such as advice about the hierarchy of typography, use shades for eye-catching emphasis, or even use the library of recommended books on design and typography.

6. Prototypo

Free Typography Tools

Prototypo lets you create unlimited typeface variations with only a few swipes. From A-Z, tweak every letter, in real-time. Prototypo makes typography more approachable to you than ever. You can make design adjustments in an intuitive WYSIWYG mode and see changes instantly in all glyph sets. It lets you intuitively customize the basic shape of diacritics, serifs, letters, and other tiny details. Visualize any font in real time on any website with the free web extension of Prototypo. The fonts of Prototypo are under the Creative Commons 0 License.

7. Gridlover

Free Typography Tools

Gridlover helps you establish a typographic system with vertical rhythm and modular scale. Fiddle with the line height, scale factor sliders, and font size and see the typography dance. The app even loads at a faster speed than a demo video.

8. Mixfont

Free Typography Tools

Mixfont is a modern font generator. It is a simple and fun way to visualize and discover new fonts. It helps you find a perfect font for every project. Whether it’s for a paper, a greeting card, or even for your website, Mixfont puts the right font inspiration at your fingertips. Over 1k+ unique Fonts are available in 132 languages with 600k+ pairings. It is indeed an easy and fun way to generate fun font pairings.

9. Canva Font Combinations

Free Typography Tools

Canva Font Combinations makes typography easy by helping you find a font combination for your design needs. It draws inspiration from around the web. When you select a font initially, the tool picks a set of corresponding sample and possible matches screenshots as evidence. It might not necessarily be what first comes to your mind but it will definitely give you a direction and an idea for future use.

10. FontJoy

Free Typography Tools

FontJoy makes font pairing simple. It generates font combinations with deep learnings. The text on it is editable and you can replace it with your company name. You can create new font pairings, edit and choose them manually, and lock the fonts that you want to keep. FontJoy applies machine learning to font pairing. It finds complimentary and contrasting typefaces to produce beautiful and unexpected combinations. Whether you are a typography nerd, a newbie, or a design vet, you will surely have fun playing around with the body text, introduction, and headline text font combinations.

11. Fontstruct

Free Typography Tools

Fontstruct is an easy to use and a free tool that lets you download, build, and share fonts. With it, you can easily create fonts using geometrical shapes. Once you have built the fonts, Fontstruct generates TrueType fonts which you can download and use in any Windows or Mac application. You can either share your creations on FontStructions or choose to keep them private. The fonts that you create from FontStruct are arranged in a grid pattern like bricks or tiles.

12. Pair & Compare

Free Typography Tools

Pair & Compare lets you find best font-pairings and fonts easily and smoothly for your next project. It is a web application, wherein, you can try all the Google Fonts on your text with just a click without even installing or downloading any of them, without switching refreshing browsers or Windows, without editing or adding HTML link tags, without copying or pasting font names, and without any hassles. You can also compare font pairings and fonts on the same page. It is free to use and lets you control a lot of settings such as font color, background color, font size, text width, and line height smoothly and quickly.

13. Online Font Converter

Free Typography Tools

Online Font Converter is a 100% free service. You can convert fonts from/to: pdf, dfont, eot, otf, pfb, tfm, pfm, suit, svg, ttf, pfa, bin, pt3, ps, t42, cff, afm, ttc, woff. It has a simple API that has no cost and is quite easy to use. It is available as open source on GitHub.

14. YourFonts

Free Typography Tools

YourFonts is an online font generator with the help of which you can create your own OpenType fonts in just a few minutes. Making your handwriting as a font was never this easy! You can create fonts with over 200 characters, preview them for free, make any many fonts as you like, use your fonts on Linux, Mac OS, Windows, use fonts in Powerpoint, MS Word and every other program that you own, and so many other features. YourFonts has the most advanced raster to vector conversion algorithm and it also lets you upload large templates. Digitizing your handwriting is really fun. Try and make your own font on YourFonts today.

15. FontFriend

Free Typography Tools

FontFriend is a bookmarklet for web designers who are typographically obsessed. It let you rapidly check fonts and font styles in your browser without even refreshing pages or editing code. It is an ideal companion for creating CSS font stacks. To begin with, you just need to drag the ‘FontFriend’ link to your browser toolbar and start using its new version.


I hope these tools help you out in a way or another. Use them to make smart font selection choice and also to make the most of your time. I know there are so many other amazing typography tools that I have left. Mention the ones that you like and use the most in the comments section below and also any other typography tools that you are aware of. Hope the curation helped!

Be creative and have fun!

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