Latest Trends In iOS App Development That Will Rule 2019

So what’s new in iOS app development? A lot it seems, since last year and it has to be new and innovative to stay relevant. Apple is considered the hub of pioneers in technology.

Apple keeps on reinventing and rebuilding everything they know to make the best and contemporary products be it a device or software. Since the first Smartphone was built it was destined that Smartphones will be the primary option for internet access. Hence there is always some iOS application development trend in talks all around the year.

This year was no different in this matter. There were some revolutionary changes and upgrades done by Apple in terms of iOS application development trends. This blog is dedicated to iOS application development trends that will be massive in the coming year of 2019. 90% of all the apps downloaded this year depend on the internet to work. This seems to be a problem in the markets of African and Asian countries where internet infrastructure was limited till now. Then again with the 5G network on trials, internet connectivity and speed may not be a problem in 2019.

With new hardware and software upgrades, our devices are getting more capable for future advancements. Implementing technologies like AR/VR, IoT into iOS app development was either not possible or limited by the device limitations until now but innovations of 2018 have almost solved all these limitations, beginning a new phase for iOS app development. So without wasting any further time, let’s look at the best iOS application development trends that will rule 2019.

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iOS Application Development Trends For 2019

1. iOS App Security

What’s the worst nightmare that someone can have with technology? That one would lose all the personal data or worse, someone hacks your data and misuses it. This has happened to many people but mobile companies are hot to trot trying to avoid such mishaps. With every passing year, the hackers are getting more advanced and Apple is continuously improving their security to keep their attacks at bay. For Apple, its platform security is not just an iOS application development trend but a mandatory aspect while releasing an update. With this aim in mind Apple made, App Transport Security (ATS) mandatory for every newly published iOS app.

Every app that runs on iPhone or iPad is permitted to read and write files only inside a virtual “glass case” that the operating system creates for it. Any attempt to access data outside of this glass case is rejected outright. This gives the apps only one channel to interact with each other that is approved by Apple. In addition, there is already a two-factor authentication rule prevalent for almost all iOS apps nowadays. Besides all these approaches the in-built security features of iPhone are also updated to withstand any new age cyber threats. So if you wish to hire iOS app developers to build your iOS app make sure they are well versed with Apple’s security policies.

2. AR/VR and 3D

What screams modern technology more than a simulated environment where you can experience a whole different world, it’s the ultimate Sci-fi dream, a virtual world of wonders. iOS has always felt proud to build the best framework graphic design tools in mobile app development. By the same token, ARKit 2 (for AR/VR app development) and SceneKit (for 3D graphic designing) are breaking boundaries with amazing advancements and will make simulated environment apps, a top iOS application development trend for 2019.

Apple released ARKit 2 just a couple of months back. With the latest ARKit 2 developers are not just limited to developing stand-alone AR apps but build an app that can give a shared experience to multiple users of the same AR environment or object. Each of the users will be seeing the same AR object through their devices but from different angles, this integration can now enable iOS developers to build multiplayer games and simulations which was not possible earlier for AR apps.

Also, other companies are interested to join hands with Apple’s ARKit, Amazon being the prime contender for this deal. Amazon’s Sumerian app platform joined with Apple’s ARKit 2 will embark the most ambitious iOS application development trend for 2019.

3. Mainstreaming Swift 4

Every iOS developer who has ever worked on Swift programming language loves it. It is the official programming language created by Apple for iOS app development. Swift 4 was released in last year’s WWDC event and since becoming a favorite among developers. One of the USPs of the recently launched Swift 4 (latest version of Swift language) is that it supports not just iOS but Linux OS. In addition, it can also be pre-compiled for macOS and tvOS.

Using Swift 4 for programming will be top iOS application development trend among developers. Swift 4 will be a massive hit because it’s easy to learn and understand easily scalable and robust in security. It also allows faster development of the applications and most importantly it occupies very less device memory as compared to earlier versions of swift. It has made significant improvements to the standard library with new features like archival and serialization. It includes an easier String implementation that maintains Unicode correctness while adding support for managing substrings. You also don’t need to modify your codes to use swift 4, the compiler supports Swift 4.0 and Swift 3.2.

4. IoT and Wearable devices

Cisco has predicted that we will have 50 billion Internet-connected devices across the world by 2020. This amount will be 10 times the human population of that year. In simple terms, it means that in 2 years every person on the face of the earth will be connected with an average of 10 IoT devices. iOS is not at all behind is this IoT race. Digital signals recognition using sensors and transducers, and secure exchange of data over Wi-Fi networks are just some of the focus point for IoT based app development.

iOS application development trends are incomplete without the mention of IoT devices. All the IoT devices normally work via their companion apps, which means that for every IoT device there is a unique mobile app. With the launch of Apple’s HomeKit, developers can take the next step to home automation and IoT device development. HomeKit will help iOS developers in building apps that can easily connect with IoT devices, especially smart home devices.

Imagine IoT and mobile devices talking to each other and sharing information and commands and at the center of it is Apple’s AI, Siri. You can switch off a light, turn on the AC or even lock your doors miles away from your home with one voice command to Siri on your device. IoT innovation is the next logical step in home and office automation and a strong contender in the list of iOS application development trends for 2019.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Siri

Do you like Iron man? Which is the most important power that he has?

No, it’s not plasma blasters or mini rockets. The best weapon he has is his AI friend JARVIS: the computer that can do (almost) anything. From Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk, from Alan Perlis to Stephen Hawkins; Artificial Intelligence has intrigued brilliant minds and rich businessmen for years. If we specifically talk about Apple, Siri is the AI based assistant that every Apple device user gets. Siri has been a very big reason why people choose iOS over Android.

Apple released its latest SiriKit for iOS developers to integrate Siri with their apps so that your user can access app features via Siri. There are many benefits of integrating SiriKit with your app, like user access from the lock screen and hands-free use. The integration is possible for all iOS device apps and WatchOS apps (for iWatch). All the learning is done locally so Siri can be useful for your app even without internet (if your app doesn’t need internet to work).

Your app, if integrated with Siri will also be available in the new shortcut app section. You may be aware of the reach and abilities of Siri, now just imagine with above features how much can your iOS app achieve for the user and for you. SiriKit can also be used for Apple’s HomePod. So, Siri can understand requests given from the HomePod and send those requests to the iOS device. So the craze of having an AI assistant integration to your app will definitely be an iOS application development trend for 2019.

6. Apple Pay

Majority of apps in the app store need some kind of payment integration for services or products. For this purpose, some apps accept 3rd party payment apps and while some accept credit/debit card, net banking. But for iPhone users, there is a universal mode of online payment. Apple Pay, a digital wallet created by Apple Inc. Apple Pay will change the whole perspective of future money transaction for iPhone users.

Apple Pay can be used for any type of payment; food ordering, ticket booking, table reservations, bank payments, online shopping, etc. Apple Pay is supported by all Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, desktops, MacBooks, iWatches, etc. A plus point with Apple Pay is its security; you don’t need to save your credit/debit card details. Due to such secure payment option, the transactions on Apple Pay have raised by 500% since its release.

7. Cloud Integration

Don’t we all suffer from low storage space in devices at some point in our life? How many memorable pictures and important files had to be deleted to make room for more? But, what is the solution to this problem?

Introducing, iOS 12’s new app specifically for file management. This app is cloud-based which stores all the user data in a single file which can be accessed at any time from any device. This is a much-needed boon for enterprises and also for individuals who don’t have the heart to delete old pictures.

Introducing cloud storage solutions to your app will be a sought-after iOS application development trend for 2019. For the users, it’s as simple as setting up a dashboard for your account and store all your pictures, music, videos, and documents. By having a single cloud-based folder you don’t need to search for things separately. Integrating cloud storage to your iOS app development has many benefits like reduced cost of hosting, better storage and backup data infrastructure, faster-streamlining operations, etc.

8. Core Machine Learning

A sub-type of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning is a science that uses statistical techniques to make computer systems “learn” about the user and data, without being explicitly programmed. In simple terms, it’s the ability of a system or program to adapt to new data independently, without any input given to its programming.

Apple launched a framework, Core Machine Learning (CoreML) to be used to build apps across various Apple devices. Such type of framework can create apps that are very fast and highly responsive as compared to general iOS apps. CoreML mainly shines in its integration with QuickType, Siri, and the iPhone camera. For the past two years, CoreML has made a huge name in iOS-based game app development with AI-enabled apps accessing face detection and voice recognition technologies.

These advancements have opened an endless string of opportunity for iOS app developments. Without any doubt, Core Machine Learning is going to be a huge iOS application development trend for 2019.


Trends are meant to be changed every year, and being in a technology industry you need to stay with if not ahead of the trends. 2019 will be a really big year for iOS app development and if you plan to build an iOS-based app then you should hire the best iOS app developers for the task.

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