Create and Publish Interactive Magazines with FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is designed to be the best digital flipbook tool for creating engaging eBook and related documents.

Other documents include e-brochures, e-magazines, photo albums, etc. With stylish templates and customizable layouts, you can design, produce and publish any printed document to publishing online.

Why use FlipHTML 5 as a publishing tool?

User Friendly and Quick

As it’s designed with functionality and user-friendliness in mind, FlipHTML5 makes it extremely easy for any user to upload PDF documents on the go. Streamlined coding and procedures means that PDF can be converted easily into a page flipping digital book. They also have a desktop version where documents can be uploaded and bulk and converted. Since more and more users are getting discouraged from using PDF because of its limitations, converting it into a digital flipping book seems to be the practical solution.

Unlimited Cloud Hosting

Create and publish interactive magazines

FlipHTML5 has a great cloud storage system for online publishing. This allows a user to store all digital books and manuals created using cloud hosting technology. There is even an option for editing titles, descriptions, keywords, categories, and even book cases. All of these are required features if you handle marketing, as it helps people find documents easily. The bookcase can also be embedded into a website without any additional plugins.

Social Media Integration

In the world of marketing, social media has become an indispensable part. A lot of today’s marketing efforts are focused on social media in the form of likes, shares, and subscriptions. As social media is ever present in any marketing sector, proper integration gives users a lot of benefits. FlipHTML5 digital magazine maker allows users to make marketable documents available to the public via social media. The built-in provisions for social media integration form an important part of marketing content effectively.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Publish and Share An Online Publication

Sharing and sending files and documents by email becomes inconvenient at times, especially when documents are of large sizes. However, when documents especially the large ones need to be sent quickly and successfully, the problem arises. Email messaging also has some limitations, as some email servers block certain kinds of documents by default.

The practical solution would be to use the FlipHTML5 to publish them online and provide the intended recipients with the download link. It even has its own domain, so the user does not have to acquire one. This makes FlipHTML5, not only a good sharing device, but a complete online publishing tool for numerous applications. The transfers are done quickly and can be shared by email and social media networks. It also has advanced tracking options to monitor all file sharing activities.

Publishing and sharing a document is pretty easy in FlipHTML5, thanks to the user-friendly interface it possesses. It can be easily completed following these three simple steps.

Step #1 : Uploading

Create and publish interactive magazines

  • The first step is to register your account with the site for sharing convenience.
  • Drag and drop the files (PDFs) from the desktop into the interface.
  • Select the upload option, where the files will be uploaded to the FlipHTML 5 online server.
  • In about a couple of minutes, the publication will be converted into a page flipping format that is ready to use.
Step #2: Enriching

Create and publish interactive magazines

The FlipHTML5 site allows users to customize the uploaded documents according to their preferences. What’s more, publishers are able to enrich eBook content with rich media and animation. YouTube video, Vimeo video, audio, music, photo gallery, slideshow and more, all of these elements can be added to the publication to creative interactive reading experience for readers.

Step #3: Sharing

Create and publish interactive magazines

After uploading and editing is complete, there is an option to share the eBook instantly over email. There is another option that automatically generates links when the transfer is completed. To make the process streamlined and easy for the user, there is a “Share” option under the publication option. Using this option will allow the user to instantly share the publications to various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, etc.

Create and publish interactive magazines

The FlipHTML5 application provides a cutting edge platform for uploading and publishing content. This has immense implications for digital marketing efforts, which are increasing at an alarming rate. Of course, like most industries, the internet is filled with a number of similar applications from different brands, each claiming to be the best at what they do. All of the above evidence is reflective of FlipHTML5’s ability to be the best online publishing tool available. To know more about them and explore the possibilities, visit

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