How to Record High Quality Videos with a Screen Recorder

Are you trying to use a screen recorder to capture video footage from your screen but are disappointed with the quality of the video?

Despite the fact that there are fewer factors that will affect the quality of screen recording videos, it is still important that you cover all your bases.

Regardless of the screen recorder that you’re using there are a few ways that you can ensure the videos that you record have top notch quality:

Record at a high resolution

As with any video, a higher resolution will mean greater definition – and a better overall quality. However when you’re recording your screen the resolution of the video will be determined by the resolution of the screen or the frame that you’re recording.

While there are ways to virtually increase the resolution beyond that limit, they are performance intensive and generally not worthwhile. Instead you should just try to record at as high a resolution as possible.

Increase the frame rate

Another factor that will have a big part to play in the quality of the video is its frame rate. Generally for videos any frame rate above 30 is good, but if you want the best quality you should shoot for a frame rate of 60 instead.

Having a high frame rate will make your video look fluid and smooth, but the file size will also be bigger.

Check the audio quality

If you’re recording a voiceover or any kind of audio via a microphone or some other device you should check on the audio quality. Poor audio quality will drag down the overall quality of your video, and turn viewers off.

While some issues with audio such as background noise and sound levels can be adjusted in post-processing – it helps to record good, clean audio right from the get go. As such you should try to record in an otherwise quiet setting, and possibly invest in a good microphone as well.

Be careful when encoding

A lot of the time the raw quality of the screen recording is good – but it all goes wrong when the video is encoded. That is normally the case if the wrong settings are used.

When you encode your video, check that the resolution and frame rate match the settings of the video that you recorded. Additionally make sure an appropriate bitrate is used, or artifacts may appear that ruin the video quality.


Record High Quality Videos with a Screen Recorder

If you take into account all the factors listed above, your video screen capture on Mac or PC should live up to your expectations in terms of its quality. That being said you should make it a point to find a screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac that allows you control over the recording parameters – in particular the resolution, frame rate, and encoding settings.

With the right approach there’s no reason why you can’t record videos from your screen that are as good as professionally-created videos.

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