7 Easy Tips to Help Create a Perfect Business Name

You probably already have a business idea maybe even a product but one thing is missing and that thing is your company’s name.

Picking the right name for your company is crucial. It might mean failure and success in some cases. You need to keep in mind that your brand name must reflect your mission and goal. Also, do not forget that your name is your primary keyword for search engines to recognize. Thus, do not try to pick the most competitive one.

If you have found yourself stuck in a process of creating a name for your company, I can help you with several simple tips that can kick-start your thinking process.

Identify Your Business Main Goals

Before we dig deeper into choosing a business name. It is really important to know what you are seeking to change by your business. Identify your target audience, culture, and mission as mentioned before. This step is really important because you want that people would see your company the right way. You should want that the name would represent your company’s identity and would be perceived positively.

Get Loose with Brainstorming

Get Loose with Brainstorming

Do not be afraid to brainstorm any ideas. No matter how silly it sounds still keep it in the brainstormed ideas list. However, do not brainstorm for a day or week, try to set a specific timeframe for brainstorming like 5 minutes. Also, if you have a business partner, ask them to help you. The main rule to keep in mind is that the name must be related to your business mission and identity.

Use Online Tools for Help

If your brainstorming did not go well, you can find various online tools to help you. There is one in particular that I like, this business name generator asks you for one keyword and then gives you hundreds of possible business names. You may not find your final business name there but surely it will give you some ideas. Maybe it will even generate your final business name, who knows?

Try Using a Thesaurus

Try Using a Thesaurus

Okay, you already have a bunch of possible business names. Now, to expand the list use thesaurus and try to find synonyms for those names. Also, if the name is hard to spell, pronounce or hear circle it out and try changing it with the synonym. However, do not go too far because there are many words that can have another primary meaning that your intended one.

Try Mixing Words with Foreign Languages

Another great idea for creating an interesting and appealing business name is translating your word into a different language or combining two words one from your native and one from a foreign language.

The first option is relatively simple you come up with an English word that represents your company and then you translate it into a foreign language like Spanish.

However, the second option is more interesting but more tricky as well. First, you think of two or three words and then you pick which one you would like to translate to other language and combine them. For example, I have a name “Inside Computer”, I take word “inside” and translate it to Latin word “interius”, and now I combine them and can get something like “Cominterius”. I believe that combining English words with Latin is the best way to perform this.

Just Take a Break

Just Take a Break

After the long process of thinking about the name, just stop and go for a walk in a park, meditate or go for a jog. Sometimes the best ideas come to mind when we least expect that. Also, you can try to postpone the final choice to the next day. As the famous saying goes you can “sleep on it”, after a good night sleep you will feel more relaxed and your mind will be clearer which may help you to come up with the best possible name.

Do a Trademark Search

No one wants to get into legal problems in the first months of their business. Thus, when you a final list of several business names do not forget to do a trademark search this might save you a lot of nervous. Just try to Google search the name as well as check for the registered trademarks in your country’s registry site.

It is Time to Work

Do not be demotivated by the business name choosing process. Try to make it as creative and fun as possible. Also, try to avoid those several company’s naming mistakes that I pointed out in the text. I hope that these tips will help you to come up with the next successful business name.

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