How Responsive Web Design helps You Get More Business

As a designer or a business owner I am sure you have been browsing around the web on your mobile phones or tablets and while running those sites you must have to zoom in or out the content, run your palm or fingers across the device, select the link and if the link is not suitable have to move back and repeat the process.

Well, the responsive design aims to get rid of the whole problem by presenting the best website possible depending on the device the user is using to access your website.

Now what we can question is that “Is it possible for responsive designing to reach all kinds of devices??” Well, the answer to this question is Yes, sort off. We want to use responsive designing to deliver the best possible website according to the device of the user. Normally, if we design something in a piece of paper of size half by 11 then we shall be working always in that diameter only.

We can’t change the size of the paper. Whereas, something on a web it could be on a 2048 pixel wide resolution screen or a 420-pixel wide resolution screen. So instead of being frustrated by the constraint accept it and recognize the awesome thing that you can really do with that. In fact, a website like that is more accessible than a standard printed page because you can access the web anytime you want but you don’t just carry a book everywhere in your pocket.

So what exactly is responsive designing?

Responsive design is a website which adapts to its environment to provide the best possible web experience to the person accessing your site. You are using a big screen device or a small screen device, or you are accessing a slow or a fast network or may be the location from which you are accessing the website all kinds of things like that don’t come in between the concept of responsive designing. Responsive design is going to continually be moving to change and adapt whether or not a person is accessing the site from a desktop computer or a small laptop or a mobile device or even a reasonably sized tablet.

Responsive web design is going to provide a much pleasing website system which is going to respond to the different needs and things that are required for the different devices in the hands of the different user. Like mobile device usually need different buttons, large thumb-friendly buttons that help the user to select the appropriate link or images. The important information should be displayed first and definitely, it should be a faster loading website. If a user has to wait for a long time to access a particular site then surely they will switch to other competitor sites.

For example, if you have an airline website and a user is using its mobo version, then they will surely not be interested to browse through the picture gallery of your airlines or crew. While designing the website one should be clear as to in which situation a user can use which device. Like a passenger might be in a hurry while checking the website on his mobile phone to know about the arrival or departure of the flight or so. In that case, we just can’t expect him to wait at the busy airport, keep his belongings down and browse through the site to actually find the information he is looking for. So a website should be designed in such a way that it can understand the requirement and situation of the device in which it is being used.

In today’s world internet is one of the most important forms of media and the internet mostly consumed using desktop computers. But how about mobile devices, and tablets. The share of internet usage on these devices is growing every day. From a research, we can say that in 2001 mobile browsing took a share of about 11 % which consistently increased up to 46% in 2015-16. These percentages mean that if you don’t want to lose any potential clients then you need a great looking website which is also optimized from mobile browsing because the problem with many client websites is that the user experience on mobile devices is terrible. And we can say that this is the mission of Responsive design. Responsive websites respond to the screen size of the device you are viewing it on. So instead of creating different websites for different devices, your responsive website rearranges the elements of the website to fit any screen be it desktop or laptops or smartphones. So you can get more happy visitors which can also lead to more happy customers.

Why does your business need responsive web design?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. A responsive designing changes its layout based on the screen size of the device is displayed on. In today’s world, it’s more important for your websites to be mobile responsive. Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of responsive design and as to how can responsive web designing can help you to get more business:

  • Better performance: A responsive site allows for easy navigation. This means that the visitors will be more likely to return to your site after using it for once. Customer satisfaction is seen more evidently in a responsive designed website than a normal one.
  • User-friendly: The responsive sites helps the clients or visitors to access and use the sites from whichever device they want. It is not necessary for the clients to use a particular site on a particular device. Like the same website can be viewed in a desktop as well as in a tablet screen with adjustments according to the device screen size. Hence making it user friendly.
  • Improved SEO: Search engines are able to discover your content more efficiently. Thus helping your site to be able to be more accessible and popular amongst users. The responsiveness of the website is termed as one of the signals that do determine the rank your website will get in the search engine’s results page. If it’s seen that the website is not much responsive then it will be displayed very low in the search engine result page.
  • Saves time: Making changes to a responsive website is an incredibly easy one-step process. It can be done in no time. Thus helping you to keep your website updated all the time.
  • Saves money: Responsive site keeps your web design cost way down. And what can be better than this that you can get access to a huge customer base with a very little investment. It helps to saves are business and sales thus increasing the graph structure of any company.
  • Increase in mobile traffics: Statistics of the last quarter of the year 2017, show that nearly 52% of the world internet traffic originated from the mobile devices. This percentage indicates that a businessman should not take responsive web designing lightly. One should notice that how many visitors visit the site and how much time do they spend on the sites. He should do the same investigation after applying responsive designing and then compare the two data. It will be proved that the same customer spends more time on the websites which are a responsive design.
  • Easier maintenance: If you have different types of websites for different devices then the development team will have to work the same thing on more than more website. Rather fix problems and maintain all the websites, develop all websites etc which will definitely be time-consuming. To your ease, if you have a single responsive website than the development team members of your business can spend less time on maintenance work and focus more on marketing and strategies plan, customer support, product development etc.
  • Better website loading time: It is a proven fact that websites that are responsive tends to load faster on all devices especially on mobiles and tablets. This helps the visitors to access the site in no time thus making them spend more time on the site than the load process. It is often seen that if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load a mobile user cancels the page and shifts to other sites. Thus to retain and attract customers businessmen should have a responsively designed web page. This shows the importance of responsive design in today’s market.
  • Lower Bounce Rates: The number of visitors who reject a website after seeing a single display page in it is termed as bounce rates. Responsive website makes sure that the visitor stay on your web page for a longer time thus reducing the bounce rate. If you have a website which is designed in a responsive way it offers a variety of information to your visitor. Visitors often become inquisitive to clink into what you want them to see and hence helping you to promote and convey your ideas and innovations to them.
  • Higher rate of conversion: If a visitor spends more time on your site is less likely to avoid your site. This helps in improving the visitors experience and building trust on the brand promoted by the website. Thus the improved experience of the users and their trust on the company ultimately leads to better conversion rates. This would mean a number of clients signing up for product purchase, service booking etc according to website provided services. It is seen that the conversion rates by a mobile phone or a tablet has increased by 64% compared to desktops rates . This shows us why a responsive web design is a must for a business.

Proper web page designing for a website is as important as roots are for plants. Web pages that are designed properly help to create a foundation to keep the business alive and see through it that it is functioning in its best way. It can be framed as “If one wants more customers or clients to be attracted towards their websites, they will need a powerful and impressive web design to do so”. The homepage of your website plays the most important role in web designing as it is the first page the visitor will look into. The homepage design should be the center of all your design efforts as the overall site shall be judged by the homepage design itself.

A Responsive web design helps you to bring the outcome that you want to see. But for this to happen one must be willing and appealing to critically view their web page and see through it that it is adapted to the user trends which are running in the market. Your website is the first impression that your brand creates on the visitor. If you hit the hammer on the first time then your business will grow without any difficulties. In today’s era, multiple devices are the main factor. So if you have something that is accessible on any device a visitor uses then your business hall boom and will get the most loyal and apt clients. If we, the business owners give the clients a path which is easily accessible to find and follow be it on any device used by them, then targeting and gaining new customers will not be a difficult task at all.

Some of the examples of Responsive web designed sites are:
  1. BMW: Its websites is seen filled with numerous images and background videos, which is one of the most challenging parts of responsive web designing.
  2. KlientBoost: An attractive background which Is illustrated significantly is what one can notice while serving this site no matter what is your screen size.
  3. Willow Tree: This site is of a digital agency which uses many images and a clean layout to display their matter and portfolio.
  4. Field Notes: This site can be portrayed as the best example of an e-commerce site which is beautifully displayed both on the desktop and mobile devices.

Your targeted clients might not know what responsive web design means actually. What they know will be that either your website works on their phones or other devices or it takes a lot of time and hard work to make it work on their devices. Responsive web designing is all about ensuring that your user gets the best possible experience, enjoyment, and satisfaction while surfing your website. Don’t let your business fall behind just because you don’t have a user-friendly mobile, tablet, different device friendly website.

We hope that the article served your purpose and that you could actually be motivated to have a Responsive web designed the web page for your business.

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